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    Host cannot ping Guest when in same VLAN (but only *one* VLAN) via ovs

    Problem Statement PVE Host cannot ping or communicate to VM on same host, only when that VM is in a specific vlan (that is shared with the host). Issue persists across hosts, but always only the one specific vlan has issues - guests in another vlan (also with a vlanX interface on the host) work...
  2. W

    Too many open files and VM crash

    HP DL380P G8 CPU: E5-2650L x2 Memory: 384GB PVE 8.0.4 ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 3.1.0 So recently i have been running into an issue on one of my proxmox servers. From time to time when trying to modify a network adapter i will get an error saying the guest is not running and then the change...
  3. G

    How work OvS with ifupdown2 in proxmox

    Hello, I would like to know how the ifupdown2 and OvS implementation in proxmox works because on a VM of my pve, I have a trunk that comes from the OvS of my PVE but when the VM is restarted the OvS service requires a restart for the flows to work whereas when I restart the pve it works...
  4. F

    How can I route between OpenVS Vlans?

    Hello, before I was using a traditional setup with Linux Bridges and a pfSense VM. Recently I made the switch to OpenVS (mostly because I just wanted to try it out). I now have the following setup: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp1s0 iface enp1s0 inet manual auto enp4s0 iface enp4s0...
  5. B

    NAT + IPv6 for containers on OVH Host with 1 Public IPv4 + IPv6/64

    Hi, I have a Proxmox host running a dedicated server from OVH. They provide both a single public IPv4 address, and a IPv6/64 block. I'd like to route all the IPv4 traffic from containers on my host through NAT, but set a proper public IPv6 for direct access. I've succeeded in getting the IPv4...
  6. V

    Network issues on ovs switch

    I have a Kubernetes VM and an unrelated VM on the same host in a cluster using an ovs-bridge. I'm able to ping between the two VMs but when I try to ping from a kubernetes container it fails. Using tcpdump on the ovs-bridge interfaces I can see ping and response on the unrelated VM's interface...
  7. S

    IPv6 only works after pinging the default gateway

    Hello community, we observe a strange problem here (Cluster on PVE 7.2-3 with open vSwitch): The ICMPv6 NS (Neighbor Solicitation) packet does not seem to arrive inside the VM (it is a Cisco C9800-CL Wireless Controller) when the vNIC has "firewall=1" set. As soon as we remove the "firewall=1"...
  8. M

    OVS RSTP 1Gbps+10Gbps interconnect mesh

    Hi! I am building a 3 node testing cluster where each server has 2x 1Gbps ports and 2x 10Gbps ports. 1Gbps ports are connected to different switches within same network (simulating a real environment) and 10Gbps ports are connected directly between servers. I read the following guides and my...
  9. M

    OpenVSwitch Proxmox nicht erreichbar nach reboot

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe vor Kurzem OpenVSwitch auf meinem (einzelnen) Node installiert, die Bridge und IntPorts für die einzelnen VLANs eingerichtet. Der PVE Host sollte auch über ein VLAN erreichbar sein, dazu habe ich beim entsprechenden IntPort mit dem VLAN Tag die IP-Adresse und das...
  10. M

    Network down after updates openvswitch

    PVE 7.1.1 5.15.27-1-pve openvswitch-switch openvswitch-common
  11. Z

    OVSPatchPort patch ovs_type availability for OpenVSwitch

    Would be nice if Proxmox add option to handle patch ports for OpenVSwitch in UI. I achieved a working configuration by: /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp2s0 iface enp2s0 inet manual ovs_type OVSPort ovs_bridge vmbr0 auto vlan100 iface vlan100...
  12. L

    Upgraded from 6 to 7, now networking on VLANs doesn't work, openvswitch or linux

    As stated in the title, I upgraded last night. I made no changes to my network interfaces file, and now my network is inaccessible. The only way I can get networking to work between my LAN network (and none of my others) is reverting to the original network config provided when I installed PVE5...
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    QoS or Proxmox traffic marking

    Hi guys! We use PVE 6 (pve-manager/6.4-13) with openvswitch network configuration and use ceph. And now we having problems with network routers. There is a buffer overflow on them since the traffic from the cluster is not marked Is it possible to configure traffic marking, for example, ceph...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] ifupdown2: ovs_extra parameter

    After upgrading to ifupdown to ifupdown2 (as part of PVE7), I have a problem to configure NetFlow with ovs_extra in /etc/network/interfaces. Following statement worked in ifupdown: ovs_extra --id=@nf create NetFlow targets=\"\" active_timeout=60 -- set Bridge vmbr0 netflow=@nf In...
  15. Z

    PVE 6 to 7 Update OpenVSwitch

    Hello, I just updated PVE from 6 to 7 with an OpenVSwitch configuration. With ifupdown it seems like my /etc/network/interfaces will be ignored. Installing ifupdown2 solved the problem - though you have to setup a temporary internet connection to download the package. It's odd that ifupdown2...
  16. E

    dropped over-mtu packet: 1501 > 1500

    After recently upgrading to the latest version we started seeing these errors in the kernel on a few nodes. We are using openvswitch, the only thing I found using google that might explain the problem is this: Before the update we were running kernel...
  17. M

    how to communicate vm's through vSwitch

    Hello all, I suppose that my knowledge about switching is strong for physical switch, but when i start use proxmox i feel a little confuse :( Initial setup is quite simple: 1. vSwitch 2. 1st VM 3. 2nd VM Actually i created some VM with debian on the board. Installed vSwitch from repo, and...
  18. T

    OpenVswitch bridge for Cluster VMs across private network

    I have set up a cluster with VMs on different host nodes: h1, h2, h3, h4 I have used a OpenVswitch bridge (vmbr2) defined on h1: auto vmbr2 iface vmbr2 inet manual ovs_type OVSBridge post-up ovs-vsctl add-port vmbr2 gre1 -- set interface gre1 type=gre options:remote_ip=''ip...
  19. P

    Openvswitch performance

    Can you please tell me how much the bandwidth drops when switching from the classic network design in Proxmox to openvswitch?
  20. D

    Proxmox node GRE tunnel over public IP

    Hi, I have 3 servers: server one, public IP: server two, public IP: server three, public IP: All of them have set up private network: I would like to set up GRE tunnel between them for this private network, using public interfaces (through NAT). 1) Is...


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