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    Configure VPN for Proxmox hosted on

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Proxmox and I wonder if it's possible to configure OpenVPN straight to my Proxmox VLANs. I got a Proxmox server hosted on I have a public IP address and Gateway address to connect to the Proxmox dashboard and SSH to the server. The IP address is a...
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    [Proxmox VE 8.1.3] Unable to use TUN (/dev/net/tun) in Debian 12.2-1 container

    TL;DR: I am trying to install OpenVPN in a Debian 12.2-1 container (Template used: debian-12-standard_12.2-1_amd64.tar.zst). Neither in an unprivileged (preferable) nor in a privileged container I am able to use the TUN adapter, no matter what I try. Update 1 (see at the bottom of this too long...
  3. K

    CIFS backup to NAS over OpenVPN hangs up

    Hi All ! I've just configured a new Proxmox installation -7.4.16) and tried to configure the backups. I've mounted a CIFS share hosted on my NAS over an OpenVpn tunnel. Tunnel is stable, CIFS share is created properly. However when trying to backup VMs, it works... files are transferred to the...
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    Proxmox and OpenVPN and pfsens

    Hi everyone, I have a question about using Proxmox and OpenVPN together. Here's the scenario: I have an OpenVPN server in Germany and a Proxmox server in Hungary. The goal is to enable users to connect to the German OpenVPN server and have their requests forwarded to a virtual machine running...
  5. Q

    Problem: Speedtest extremely slow in lxc or host shell, but ok in VMs

    I created a VPN service using OpenVPN and I was trying to figure out where the bottleneck is because it's very slow compare to the internet speed I have on the server. But during the process I found things very confusing (the sevice is in LXC): 1. speedtest in the PVE host and LXCs have much...
  6. M

    Openvpn stopped working in unprivileged lxc container after upgrading from pve 7.3.8 to pve 7.4.3

    Openvpn in the LXC container (Debian 11) is configured according to the following instructions ( After upgrading from 7.3.8 to 7.4.3 it stopped working. The same container on the host with pve version 7.3.8 works without problems. On host...
  7. K

    OpenVPN - Unprivileged ubuntu CT, connection to local network

    Hey All, I'm running OpenVPN on ubuntu 20.04 CT Unprivileged. I could connect and ping from client the server, but when I want to access the local network(of the server) i can't. Probably I'm missing something. Any ideas? My server conf: port 1194 proto udp dev tun ca ca.crt cert...
  8. S

    VPN Probleme nach Update pve6to7

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe das System von pve 6.4.x auf 7.2.11 nach der offiziellen Anleitung per In-Place Upgrade aktualisert. Das hat soweit auch bestens geklappt, alle Container und VM's ließen sich danach normal starten und laufen bis auf den VPN auch wie gewohnt. Als VPN hatte ich...
  9. B

    OpenVPN in LXC container - no connection posible

    Hey friends of Proxmox, I am trying to get OpenVPN running in a lxc container. I followed this guide: My Problem is, that I can't establish a connection to the vpn server. I'm trying to connect from my iPhone via cellular. The error I receive on the...
  10. H

    Proxmox through openVPN tunnel

    I have a openVPN tunnel to a vps for forwarding content or websites through to without having the need of port forwarding, i have recently tried to do this with proxmox, i got the gui to show up and everything on the ip of the vps and correct port after a nginx proxy. But i keep getting "the...
  11. P

    OpenVPN in lxc, got connection but not internet access

    Hey friendly folks, I did set up OpenVPN in a lxe container (ubuntu 21.10 template), so far everything is good: i followed the "OpenVPN in lxc" tutorial, did some port forwarding created a profile and connected everything worked out flawless, besides having only access to local servers such as...
  12. S

    PVE 7 OpenVPN (LXC) problem: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev

    Just want to share the working configuration. I wanted to run OpenVPN in Docker container inside LXC and got the following error: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: Operation not permitted (errno=1) After some research, I found that adding the following to /etc/pve/lxc/xxx.conf solves the...
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    How to setup a VM with OpenVPN interface?

    I want to setup a VM with all Traffic going through a VPN Tunnel, without having to set anything up on the Guest. So the final setup should be something like this: LAN -> vmbr0 -> other VMs -> OpenVPN Tunnel -> vmbr1 -> VM but I can't figure out how to setup OpenVPN to do this, as I...
  14. L

    Proxmox 7.1 + OPENVPN Info

    Hi guys I just checked this but i find it very incomplete. -No start / stop commands info -No auto-start on boot info -No "how to access openvpn webgui" info Basically this tutorial is useless for me. Anyone can help or provide me a complete...
  15. O

    HELP: Wireguard and OpenVPN cap out at 23mbps

    Hi, I am running Proxmox on a HP Thinclient T630. The internet connection of the server is 100down/50up but over both WG and OVPN I get maximum 23-25mbps either way. I tried them in both a VM and a LXC with no change. I played with the MTU from 1420/1500 all the way to 1200 - again no...
  16. R

    OpenVPN Issues

    Hi i have been trying to get openvpn to work with my PIA subscription but i keep hitting dead ends. I essentially get the following error message on all the different ways i have tried this. root@PIA:~# openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/uk_southampton.ovpn --auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/login.txt...
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    Beginner's questions concerning PVE networking, assigning a public IP, and connecting to a VPN Server container

    Hello all, I'm new to proxmox and its way of managing VMs/containers and am struggling with setting up my desired networking strategy. I have 2 VMs and a container. I want the container to act as a VPN server and be exposed to the public internet so that I can access my local network through...
  18. D

    Using OpenVPN to connect Local PBS to offsite Remote PBS

    Hi Everyone, I've done a lot of searching on the forum for this answer. But nothing quite matches what I THINK I want to do. Here's my basic setup now Local Proxmox Host with PBS running on Proxmox (NOT as a VM) | Local PfSense Firewall (NOT On Proxmox) | Internet | Remote PfSense...
  19. K

    OpenVPN über Ubuntu Container

    Hallo Leute, ich versuch mich neuerdings mit dem Proxmox Server. Jetzt wollte ich einen VPN einrichten. Über OpenVpn als Container klappt es nicht bei mir. Mein Notebook konnte keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen. Jetzt wollte ich es über einen Ubuntu Container herstellen. OpenVpn zu...
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    Hallo, ich habe mehrere Proxmox installationen. Dabei ist mir gerade folgendes aufgefallen: Auf einem PVE läuft eine PFSense die einen OpenVPN Zugang zur Verfügung stellt. Das funktioniert so weit ganz gut. Wenn ich nun den lokalen Browser öffne kann ich die Oberfläche der PFSense öffnen. Auch...


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