1. I need NoVNC script API

    i am developing API , i need NoVNC code to run anybody can help me
  2. Proxmox apache2 proxy novnc

    Hello! TL;DR: Using this link I configured access to proxmox by apache2 proxy. Is possible to allow only for novnc console without exposed to the world through proxy my proxmox? Full description: I have thirdy-part app to manage Proxmox by web gui. In that app, when I create VM (by that app)...
  3. allow noVNC consoles for Proxmox_VPS_For_WHMCS

    Hello I used Proxmox_VPS_For_WHMCS and I want users can use noVNC, in installation guide say this: If you wish to allow noVNC consoles, you need to configure a product using the PVE realm and set user permissions to 'PVEVMUser.' What exactly should I do? Is there a detailed training link? Thanks
  4. Proxmox VE 6.3-2 - Console connection timeout, task type: vncproxy

    Hi, This will be my first request for help regarding Proxmox VE, so please be gentle with a noob! I have a brand new installation of 6.3-2 (latest build), and I have performed apt-get upgrade to get latest updates. However, this is my third attempt at a new build (previous was with 6.2 &...
  5. aPollO

    [SOLVED] @, | und andere Zeichen unter noVNC gehen nicht im Firefox

    Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen, dass einige Kollegen immer wieder Probleme mit VMs gemeldet haben, bei denen Sie kein @ oder | eingeben können und stattdessen nur ein "q" oder ein "<" erscheint. Da das Problem bei mir nie aufgetreten ist habe ich jetzt mal etwas probiert. Und mir ist aufgefallen...
  6. noVNC config

    Hello. At my company we use the proxmox console (noVNC) to view virtual machines for internal use only. We host a lot of VMs for customers, which they can access through our website in a similar fashion, we also have a "console" button which links to our own noVNC server and opens a browser...
  7. Open noVnc from command line. (from nodeJS code)

    Hi, I would like to make a script to connect to the display of all my proxmox VMs within a command line. for now I can easily connect to my VMs using spice with a code like that: const data = await api.nodes.$(this.hostname).qemu.$(realVmid).spiceproxy.$post({proxy: await this.getIP()})...
  8. [SOLVED] Unable to type special characters/symbols in NoVNC web console

    I have a VPS (QEMU 2.11.1, Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, Kernel 4.15.0-117-generic x86_64), which I access from my VPS host's NoVNC web console with Firefox 68 (Ubuntu 20.04). The VPS host runs Proxmox with NoVNC 1.1.0-1. Because it is a VPS, I can't change anything on the host (QEMU settings, Proxmox...
  9. noVNC connect to Proxmox failed: HTTP authentication failed; no valid credentials available

    Hello, Im use noVNC lib, and Im trying connect to Proxmox then have error: HTTP authentication failed; no valid credentials available Please check help me!
  10. NoVNC Keyboard layout issue.

    Hello forum, First post here as I simply can't find an answer to this specific issue and seems most people haven't come across it. When I go into noVNC I can't type ':' when I hold Shift and click the ';/:' key it just types ';' as if the Shift key wasn't held down. In general some characters...
  11. Windows Server 2016 can't login via NOVNC

    I can't enter login detials via novnc for a while. The remote desktop working well, in safe mode the login working well. I try all monitor adapter, and googleing couple of hours to search the error, without luck . Turned off press ctrl+alr+del for login but nothing happend. Anybody has idea?
  12. Problem with VM - garbled novnc

    Hello, Suddenlty one of my VMs isn't working properly. I get garbled output in novnc (attached image). This happens on 2 separate computers (one of which had never opened pve web ui). After few reboots the VM finally started working (at least - accepting ssh connections), however, the noVNC...
  13. NoVNC VM console graphics corruption (Default VGA)

    I'm running a couple of Ubuntu 18.04.4 server VMs. The VMs run fine but when I try to view the VM using the "NoVNC console", I get the attached screen corruption? When starting the VM, the "Proxmox" splashscreen is shown fine in the console, but as soon as the VM commences boot, the display is...
  14. Install WINServer 2019 on old HP Server without virtualization

    Hello, Beginner question here so sorry in advance! I am currently trying to create a VM running WINServer 2019 on proxmox on an old HP DL360 G7 server (Intel XEON E5450). Unfortunately the processor doesn't support virtualization - so there obviously isn't any way to activate it in the BIOS...
  15. blank/black/empty console issue since update

    I installed proxmox 6.1 and created 2 debian 10 containers and one debian 10 VM. For the whole first day I could just select console from the left sidebar and it would just work. Then I did an update/upgrade and after that I could no longer console into containers. VM still worked just fine. I...
  16. Dvorak layout

    I use the US Dvorak layout by default and have been struggling with a couple places where it doesn't seem supported. I'm having an issue with noVNC where it seems to force the qwerty layout and the choices I can change it to don't include dvorak. Is there a workaround that I haven't found yet?
  17. Zerschossene NoVNC Tastaturbelegung auf Deutsch

    Hallo, seit ich Proxmox nutze funktionieren ausgewählte Funktionen der deutschen Tastatur auf keiner einzigen VM (etwa Alt Gr + q für @). Seit zwei Jahren googele ich jetzt schon "at sign" und kopiere dann immer wenn nötig das Unicode @ an die gewünschte Stelle. Möchte man auf einer VM aber...
  18. Proxmox noVNC stürtzt die ganze Zeit ab.

    Ich habe nun schon zum bereits 5 Mal Proxmox neuinstalliert, denn Server 50 mal neugestarted aber jedes mal wenn ich auf einen KVM oder LXC Server auf die Konsole gehe macht sich die selbständig und tut was sie will. Anklicken um ein Video zu sehen wie der Fehler aussieht
  19. [SOLVED] Console noVNC Authentication failed because of custom sshd_config

    Problem Open console (noVNC) does not work. "New connection has been rejected with reason: Authentication failed". It does NOT fail if the virtual machine is running on the same machine as Proxmox WebGUI. Only open console between baremetal machines is a problem. Setup Three virtualization...
  20. noVNC sticky key on pve 6.0

    Hi! I notice that on the new pve 6.0 with noVNC keys like ctrl, shift, and altgr get stucked in the vm when i press them longer then 2 seconds. For example when i press the shift for 2 seconds then i release it, after that every other key works like shift+KEY and i need to press once more the...


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