1. L

    Mobile app noVNC cannot be shifted.

    When viewing a QEMU machine console with noVNC, the options are to either scale the screen locally, or not. When scaled locally, the text is so small that it's not practically usable. Disabling local scaling fixes that, but then the view screen cannot be shifted left / right or up / down, so...
  2. 4

    noVNC Console showed a broken display on Windows VM

    Everything was working well before the last time I shut down my server. But now noVNC Console for my Windows 10 VM is always showing a broken display (Starting from the BIOS screen like the images below). Oddly, using remote desktop software, such as todesk, the display is working properly. I...
  3. R

    noVNC failed to connect to server on latest proxmox version

    Hi, i am new to proxmox and i got the latest proxmox 8.0.3 running on one of my home server (not clustered) but while the connection and the pve node itself seemed fine(the proxmox can start just fine as well as the web and it can communicate just fine with other machines on my place), the VMs...
  4. C

    Problem Console noVNC, pfsense, termproxy

    Hello, i installed a Pfsense 2.6 in proxmox 7.4 ( Edge configuration), routing all Wan trafic to Pfsense and add some rules after activating the rules i had this issue : failed waiting for client: timed out TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/proxmox-01 --perm Sys.Console...
  5. L

    Issues with Keyboard Input on the Proxmox 7.4-3 Console Tab

    Dear Proxmox Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to report an issue I have encountered while using Proxmox VE 7.4-3. The problem is specific to keyboard input when using the "Console" tab on a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine. This retired VM contains a virus...
  6. M

    Getting a '502 - Bad gateway' when proxying the vncwebsocket.

    Hello, I am currently using Nginx to embed a console onto an external webpage. To accomplish this, I am proxying the content to the Proxmox host. Please refer to the Nginx configuration below: Nginx configuration: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server...
  7. P

    Cluster failed

    I have 6 nodes in my Proxmox cluster connected over OpenVPN through pfSense. The nodes are located in different locations except Node1 and Node2. Nowadays few nodes come and go offline. Sometimes I have to restart the OpenVPN server to make the nodes back online on the cluster. Im using Proxmox...
  8. B

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox console connection on 3rd party application

    Hello, I would like to share with you a problem that I could not find the answer to, but I solved. I hope it helps someone. I have developed an application with Laravel so that my clients can manage virtual machines and I don't want to share the proxmox node ip information.I followed the...
  9. L

    Proxmox noVNC Source Code

    Is there a repository for the noVNC web client source code similar to the xtermjs web client?
  10. A

    I can't connect to my nodes

    Hello, I have a cluster, with 5 nodes. I use a wireguard VPN to go on my proxmox cluster because I connect remotely (I don't know if this is the problem). But I can't connect to the shells of my nodes in noVNC and xterm.js. Here is the error message: failed waiting for client: timed out TASK...
  11. H

    noVNC weird problems (containers console is blurried and on VM keyboard layout it's almost unable to write anything that isn't letters & numbers)

    I have a single 6.4-15 proxmox node with some containers and VM. For all my containers console look like: For all my VM I can only write the following characters: I can't write "/", which limits a lot to navigate through the FS or to set IP/CIDR. This is locking me out of a backuped VM...
  12. J

    Embed proxmox console into an iframe

    Hello. The following scenario is given: I have a page on domain A, and this page is being served with nginx to domain B. Proxmox is also available at domain B:8006 Embedding domain B:8006 /?console=lxc&vmid={vmid}&node={node}&resize=scale&xtermjs=1 to an iframe in domain A is the thing I'd like...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Websocket connection invalid pvevnc ticket

    Hello Reading through the API call I can successfuly make request to the following endpoints: post - api2/json/access/ticket post - api2/json/nodes/node/lxc/vmid/vncproxy get api2/json/nodes/node/lxc/vmid/vncwebsocket From these (besides other things) I have the pvevnc-ticket, the websocket...
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Console is using SPICE instead of noVNC

    Hello, when opening a console of a VM, it used to open noVNC per default. Now, probably after the update from 7.1 to 7.2, PVE downloads a spice file "pve-spice.vv". According to "Spice is not enabled by default. To enable it set the Display in the Hardware...
  15. V

    Proxmox API - get Console working

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox VE 7.0 and I'm trying to write my own GUI interface. I have Proxmox on the local machine with Nginx proxy with SSL. Everything going well, all API endpoints are well documented and working fine, but I'm stuck on to get noVNC console to work. ---------- For auth I'm...
  16. S

    noVNC Host key verification failed.

    I've just installed my 6th node in my cluster and am having an odd phenomenon after creating my first VM. I've not experienced this before on any other node and am using the same process I always use when adding a new node. I always access my gui via the node Server 1. The new node is Server 6...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] while in noVNC i see alot of udp_in blocekd and tcp_in blocked? it wont allow me to login

    Hello, really weird issue I have proxmox installed and have 1 vm installed and everytime I am logged into proxmox I go to my VM and try to login via noVNC. Update: PS. I have most up to date Pve installed and Vm is almalinux 8.5 and cPanel 100.0.9 with CSF firewall installed Every time I open...
  18. jwacalex

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE Cluster: noVNC console does not work for other servers

    Good Nighttime, I've set up cluster with three proxmox ve servers and joined them as a datacenter. to secure ssh I've restricted the root login via ssh with the following setting PermitRootLogin no in combination with Match Address PermitRootLogin yes PasswordAuthentication...
  19. N

    noVNC keeps disconnecting every minute or so

    Hi everyone! So I've just reinstalled my Proxmox cluster and I'm encountering an annoying issue with the noVNC console for both VMs and the Hosts. It keeps disconnecting every minute for 5 to 10 seconds or so. I will attach a sample from the node's Syslog. Nov 20 22:43:24 pve3-g5...
  20. F

    Embed Proxmox noVNC on external Website

    Hello, i have searched for a long time, but have not found an answer for this problem. The goal is to include a noVNC instance on a website where the virtual machines can be controlled. However, the Proxmox server should not be accessible from the outside, but only the page with the novnc...


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