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  1. L

    Proxmox in Contabo - VM hasn´t internet

    Hi, I've been struggling for 3 days and trying to set up the network in different ways, I don't know what to do anymore :( My VM (linux or windows) does not have internet or probably because Contabo does not allow access to other MAC addresses than the legacy server? Could I ask someone more...
  2. B

    Keine Internet Verbindung

    Hallo, ich habe einen Hetzner Server Debian V12 und habe nun Proxmox erfolgreich installiert und wollte nun mehrere VMs erstellen. Dies habe ich auch getan bis ich während der Konfiguration der ersten VM bemerkt habe, dass ich Probleme habe eine Internet Verbindung herzustellen. Ich gehe davon...
  3. A

    is it possible to set up proxmox via phone hotspot?

    hello fellows, I'm so new to this community, so sorry for some beginner/noob activities <3 I'm so interested in home labs and bc of it for both fun and gaining experiments I'm trying to install proxmox on my old laptop until the time that I manage to get my hands on a workstation and real-world...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Doesn't see The internet

    So i have been using Proxmox for a while and i did not need any of the features that access the internet (It couldn't access the internet since fresh installing it). But now I need a package from apt and it can resolve hostnames after setting the DNS server to my routers IP address, but when i...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Not connection to router after installing proxmox on debian 11

    I installed debian 11 on my system and wanted to install proxmox on top of that. I've done this with debian 10 before. This time around, I had internet connection. I followed the guide from the proxmox wiki but after running the apt install proxmox-ve postfix open-iscsi and rebooting, I couldn't...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] No internet on host after VLAN configuration

    Hello everyone! I followed the wiki on VLAN-configuration for the host, but the host has got no internet connection anymore afterwards. I can ping my OPNsense-router on and other devices on the subnet though. This is my config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp3s0 inet...
  7. I

    New VMs don't have internet

    Hello, if I create a new VM it doesn't have internet. I can ping other devices in the same network, I can ping my gateway, but I can't ping outside of it. First I assumed it's my network configuration, but the weird thing is my existing VMs work just fine. They are all part of the same network...
  8. S

    Pfsense with VLANs migration from ESXI

    I have been using ESXI for 5 years now on a 2011 mac mini with no issues. The setup is: - Dual NIC (one on board, one thunderbolt adapter) - One NIC is dedicated to WAN - The other NIC goes to a managed switch in a trunk port that has 3 VLANS + untagged for LAN - The switch connects to a unifi...
  9. M

    can't ping gateway ! no internet access no gui access

    hello guys ! well i have some issues with fresh proxmox installation on my hpe proliant dl380 gen9 ! i cant connect to internet ! and i cant even ping my gateway wich is it had windows server 2012 before works fine , but i wanted to do things right and i have a fixed public ip ...
  10. floh

    [SOLVED] Network at host (Proxmox) isn't working

    Hello! I have installed my Proxmox host in a extra network where no internet access exist. There I configurated Proxmox and managed the network cards. At this time I have 1 network card with 2 Lunix Bridges These two Bridges are for my VLANs 1st vlan: management-network, so no internet access...
  11. W

    Can't download templates. Help!?

    Hi. This is my first post here. I'm also quite new to virtualisation. So pls cut me so some slag. So Inwanted to download some templates but I got en error that it couldn't connect to proxmox server. I made a clean install of proxmox but the issue is still there. The I thought maybe the server...
  12. Z

    proxmox host problem

    Hi. I have proxmox 4 + debian 8. I was able to ssh into my host machine from another computer with no problem then all of a sudden today I can't. Normally a restart will fix the problem. The host is showing up on my router just like it always was. Now I can't ping google anymore or access my...
  13. T

    Containers & vm's take 'forever' to get network connectivity

    I'm running pfsense on a proxmox 4 install. 99% of it is running great. However, when I reboot a vm (havent' checked with real hardware yet) it takes over 10+ minutes (sometimes much more) to get network connectivity outside it's lan. All my vm's are on, gateway .5.1 and are...


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