nginx proxy manager

  1. I

    Error 401 - No Ticket when running behind nginx in container

    I have proxmox running a container that runs nginx. When I try to connect to proxmox web-ui through the nginx redirect, I get a "401- no ticket" error a bit after logging in. I'm pretty new to dealing with ssl/tls, but it seems really confusing (both ssl and the error). I've found...
  2. D

    Using external NPM to proxy traffic Proxmox web interface

    Hello all, I have currently running an LXC on proxmox for hosting nginx proxy manager. (deploy with a script from the fantastic website) I use NPM succesfully to proxy traffic from my personal domain toward different services running in LXC containers / VM's on...
  3. F

    IP forwarding with DDNS:port to LXC

    Hi, i am completely new to Proxmox, LXC and network management, it's just a hobby for me. I've installed Proxmox VE on an home server and create 2 LXC, so far so good. Now I want to use a DDNS (provided by noip) to access all my server remotely by changing the port used. Previously, on a...
  4. A

    proxy https

    Hello, I have a server under proximox. everything works correctly, I can connect locally. But I implemented Nginx Proxy Manager on docker. But when I connect with my domain and using https (with Nginx Proxy Manager) I can connect to proxmox all preconfigured, but I cannot display the vm...
  5. O

    Help. Can't NAT Nginx Proxy manager on pfSense

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, and I hope I'm following all the rules correctly. I've recently migrated my Proxmox to use pfSense as a firewall(I was previously using OPNsense). However, I'm running into issues getting the Nginx Proxy Manager to work with pfSense. I have a domain...
  6. L

    Set-up with PiHole DNS & Nginx Proxy Manager

    Not neccessairly a Proxmox question, but I'm curious as to how you would set-up Proxmox where there are 2 LXC's, one with PiHole for DNS and the other with Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) for reverse proxy. My current set-up is fully functional except that certain local web services won't load. When...
  7. tweans

    [SOLVED] Proxmox mit nginx proxy manager und Website mit mehreren Websockets

    Hallo allerseits, erstmal ein fettes Lob an das Team von Proxmox. Ich habe es als "Nicht-Nerd" tatsächlich innerhalb weniger Tag geschafft, auf einem Rootserver mehrere VMs ans Rennen zu bringen, großartig! Momentan hänge ich aber leider seit Stunden an einem "klitzekleinen Restproblemchen"...
  8. Y

    move Nginx proxy manager to new proxmox then get 502 bad gateway

    Hi I'm new here I have installed ct turnkey-core and installed nginx proxy manager by docker docker run -d \ --restart=always \ --name=nginx-proxy-manager \ -p 1280:80 \ -p 1281:81 \ -p 12443:443 \ -v /docker/nginx-proxy-manager/data:/data \ -v...
  9. R

    nginx proxy manager, nextcloud, letsencrypt, double certificate

    Hi, I posted this in national german forum und I would like to aks also here in the international forum: I had first installed a Nextcloud with Letsencrypt in proxmox and enabled port 80 and 443 in my FritzBox for this IP address. Works! Now I want to set up a second Nextcloud with a different...
  10. mir

    Docker under Proxmox

    I have read numerous times that people request support for Docker in Proxmox so I use some time yesterday to find a solution. The basis for the solution was this on Youtube: I have tested his solution and it works great - I have decommissioned my home...


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