nfs storage

  1. R

    NFS an Synology HA-Cluster

    Sehr suspekt - ggf. hat ja jemand eine Idee NFS-Connect Synology HA-Cluster Proxmox NFS Mount per Web-Interface oder auch Eintrag in storage.cfg geht nicht (syslog storage is not online) Aber Debian Mount direkt möglich und einwandfrei, obwohl showmount -e Fehler zeigt (RPC ... No route to host)...
  2. R

    Is NFS sharing only works on CentOs?

    Hi, just think of a question. So today I want to create a backup folder using nfs. Imagine I have 2 vms (debian and proxmox). nfs server is in debian, and proxmox is the client. i have tried some tutorials, and for the backup (nfs systems is working), folder is already backed up itself. as a...
  3. F

    Remove all traces of old NFS connections

    Hi, In the syslogs I am seeing continuous entries on the main node only in a Cluster attempting to connect to NFS servers that do not exist anymore, I removed these NFS shares months ago. Below is a sample of the syslog. Can anyone advised were to look to remove all old traces of NFS client...
  4. S

    error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg'

    Hallo, Ich habe einen Cluster mit 25 Knoten. Auf Knoten 25 habe ich einen Hardware-Raid 6 auf /dev/sdb1. Diese Platte habe ich auf /mnt/backups gemounted. Dann habe ich einen NFS Server auf dem Knoten installieren und /etc/exports so angepasst, dass alle Knoten die Erlaubnis haben den Share...
  5. K

    Remounting NFS storage

    Hi, we have changed the IP of a remote NFS storage in Proxmox, how to tell this o hardware node ? or should we re-add it ? thanks :)
  6. X

    Mount point still exists after deleting in FE

    Hi there I tried to add a NFS storage over the frontend without success. I deleted it in the frontend but it still exist in /mnt/pve/xxxxxxxxxx. How do I remove it proper from there? Best regards
  7. B

    [SOLVED] NFS ISO's not showing in UI

    Hello, I have a QNAP SAN with a specific folder full of ISO's. I configured this on my proxmox server and the NFS mount shows up, and the ISO's show up on disk on the pve server. I can also see ISO's when I browse: Yet when I attempt to create a new VM, and set the ISO: I am unable to...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] access VM (NAS) storage from LXC

    Hey everyone, need some help in trying to figure this out as I have been banging my head on my keyboard for a week now trying to resolve my issue. The app I am running is a simple light weight program that preforms a single function with no user interactions and I have it configured to run as a...
  9. A

    NFS storage not work but on shell work

    On one of my Proxmox system, NFS does not work natively If try mount after activate on ftsab, work perfectly cat /etc/fstab # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass> /dev/sda1 / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1 /dev/sda2 swap swap defaults...
  10. J

    pve stalls when restoring gz compressed backup over nfs

    On a pve-4.4 server, hosted VMs stalls while restoring a gz compressed backup from a nfs connected storage. According to 'top', gzip uses 20-50 %CPU (Intel Xeon E3-1270 V5 3.6GHz 8 cores), so there should still be plenty of room for pve. The OS itself does not seem to be hogged in any way, but...
  11. P

    Disable NFS Storage --> Mail error.

    hello ! I have unlinked my NFS storage from my array of 3 proxmox servers (4.1 ver) After i have free it of any VM. the storage was totally empty. but now all of the 3 proxmoxs send me every 24 hours an error mail: content: "run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/mlocate exited with return code 1" and...
  12. B

    Update Broke NFS Mount HELP!!!!!

    We updated recently and suddenly our NFS mount will not mount. This has worked for months but after this update we no longer can mount our backup storage and we cannot access our backup images. Desperate help i needed!! This is part of the error mount.nfs: mount(2): Permission denied...
  13. DynFi User

    ZFS volume to NFS migration (KVM)

    Hello, We have setup a three nodes cluster that's up and running. All nodes are using local ZFS storage (a bit annoying because PVE expects datasets to have the exact same name - which is not the case in our install). We also have 2 NFS servers (based on FreeNAS) : 1 used as a ZFS backup...


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