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    WI-FI Nic showing 3 different transport id {Device id}

    There was a problem with my network controller so i opened up cmd and started to check for interfaces. I noticed a strange thing that my Wifi network controller had 3 different Device ID (Transport id's) When i tried to disable the wifi card the different id's went away. On my other computer i...
  2. V

    Network issues with Windows Server 2012 R2

    Hello! I'm trying to setup windows server 2012 R2 with proxmox. Everything has worked fine and setup fine but the network in windows is showing up as "No Internet Access". I assume there are some wrong settings somewhere. In Proxmox, the network device is vmbr0, model: Intel E1000... It was...
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    PCI Passthrough: AMD-Vi: Completion-Wait loop timed out

    Recently I installed a QLogic BCM57840 10 Gigabit Network Adapter on my AMD EPYC server and try to pass it through to a VM. Before this, a Intel I350 network card was successfully passed through to this VM. I am trying to replace the old Intel card with this QLogic card. When the system was...
  4. W

    network with 2 external IPs and NAT

    ### ip's have been changed ## Not necessarily a Proxmox problem, but I hope someone can help me (sorry for my bad englisch) My problem is that my ports released in NAT are also released on the 2nd IP Example <- (NAT) can also be reached on the 2nd ip...
  5. C

    No interfaces shown on Web GUI after NIC change

    Hello, I had to change the NIC in my server running proxmox 6.1-3. New nic got named enp1s0 while the old one was enp4s0. From cli I updated /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/hosts accordingly and can now access web gui correctly. However now it does not show any network interfaces. What am I...
  6. K

    install PVE in DELL MX740C

    Hi guys, I want to install PVE on DELL MX740C. With configration: CPU: Intel Xeon Bronze 3204 1.9G RAM: 32GB RDIMM Network card: QLogic FastLinQ 41232 Dual Por t 25GbE Disk: 300GB When the intsall message appears "no network interface found"
  7. M

    Networking requires restart after boot

    Hello all, I've lurked for a while, and benefited from the wisdom in these forums many times, but now I have hit a wall that I can't get past. Problem Description: After a fresh install of PVE6.2 my node's networking doesn't start unless I manually log into it and run /etc/init.d/networking...
  8. R

    Network Adapter in Windows Server 2019 greyed out

    Hey Guys, we had a Problem with a Network Adapter on a Windows Server 2019 Guest, the Network Adapter wasn't present, instead there was a Network Adapter called "RAS (Dial In) " without connectivity. Inside the Hardware environment of the Windows Server, the Network Adapter was present as...
  9. E

    [PVE 5.4] Problems with adding virtio net interface

    Hi! The last few weeks have begun to observe problems with the addition of the VirtIO (Paravirtualized) network interface in the win 2019 guest system in live mode. When we add a new interface, bluescreen is called in the guest system and the system restarts. After restarting the system, guest...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Kein Netzwerk nach der Installation

    Hallo, ich habe gerade einen Proxmox, mit ZFS RAID1, aufgesetzt und habe nach der Installation kein Netzwerk. Auch die Leuchten an der Ethernet-Schnittstelle blinken nicht. Gibt es hierfür eine einfache Lösung? unter /etc/ gibt es den Ordner Network nicht. Danke schon mal für Hilfe.
  11. L

    CEPH network configuration (3 servers without switch)

    Good afternoon, Hope someone over here can give me some advice. We are testing with a 3 node Proxmox cluster with Ceph. All three machines have a dedicated NIC for Ceph with 2x 10Gbit. Our idea is to connect all server directly to each other, without a switch. Server 1 eth0.1 to Server 2...
  12. L

    Connection lost when high traffic

    Hello! Proxmox newbie here. Got Proxmox 6, some windows 2016/2019 VM with virtio net driver. When the traffic on the network is high, the connection randomly drop. I must the disable/enable the device and it restart. I've tried everything i could find on the web, but every solution fail. The...
  13. K

    Proxmox link through bridged router port

    I have a Ubuntu Server 18.04 trying to connect to the internet via bridged port on my router. when I first installed the server using the normal setting for the VM, getting a Dynamic IP worked great, then when I use the configuration eno3 bridged to MBR01 as example no IP info entered and all...
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    [SOLVED] bridge can't be found and VM failed to start

    Hi community, I'm facing an issue that VMs failed to boot due to bridge not found. Here is the error message And here is my config I also noticed that every time I applied the network configuration change, all the VMs will lose connection. I have to reboot them or the PVE host to bring...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.0-9 DNS Host settings reset every time

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem with DNS Settings in Proxmox 6.0-9. If I edit DNS Settings via Webinterface (Host -> System -> DNS) every time the settings will be erase after 1-2 minutes. I enter two other DNS Servers and save settings, now for about 1-2 minutes settings work but after...
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    Netzwerk mit nur einer public IP

    Hallo Community, ich bin neu im Forum und habe auch schon direkt eine Frage ich bin momentan dabei mein Proxmox für private Testzwecke aufzusetzen und habe dafür einen Root Server bei Hetzner gemietet. Dazu habe ich eine Public IPv4 Adresse bekommen und ein IPv6 Subnetz(IPv6 kommt bei mir nicht...
  17. M

    Proxmox 6.0 renames network card and can not use it

    I just installed a clean proxmox 6.0 on a machine and the network card does no longer function properly. It worked with Proxmox 5.4 Hardware: HP server with 2x gigabit on-board card + HP NC364T PCIe (4x gigabit card, with 2x Intel 82571EB chips). The problem is, that 2 of the 4 ports get...
  18. F

    How to change virtio-pci tx/rx queue size

    Hello everyone, i'm having issue with RX drop on the guest vm ifconfig interface after do some searching, it might caused by the virtual interface ring buffer because default value is 256, i want to try to change the value to 1024 as suggested at Intel Networking Documentation i also already...
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    virtio network cards don't work with ssh

    I'm setting up a new proxmox cluster. If I use the virtio network card, I cannot ssh into the virtual machines. If I switch to e1000, it works. By not working, I mean the ssh connection just hangs. It never shows a login prompt. I see packets traveling back and forth, but it never completes the...
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    Anfanger - Sichtbar machen und Share aufsetzen - Howto?

    Hallo Liebe Leute, Ganz neuer Benutzer [eher Installierer ;-) ] und hab mich Proxmox auf ein HP 6300 mit 32GB ram installiert. Die Machine hat 3 Netzwerkkarten. Ziehl war/ist einer fuhr WAN (vmbr1 - eno1), zweiter für LAN (vmbr0 - enp2s0). Die dritte hätte Ich gedacht für separates netzwerk...


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