1. I

    Proxmox with single IPv4 address and NAT VMs

    Hello all, I have a rented dedicated server with a smaller provider solely used as a Proxmox host. As the title states, I have a single public IP on the machine that is being used on the physical/main port (vmbr0) in Proxmox. I have it all set up, and it worked fine until I recently added a new...
  2. M

    Proxmox Mac Filter & NAT

    Hello Everyone, i stumbled across an issue with Mac filter and hoping someone will be able to advise if there is a workaround. Also searched the web and forums with no luck I have firewall and mac filter enabled for datacenter and vm's VM-1 has 2 ip addresses, one public and one private, VM-2...
  3. G

    NAT-ed VMs and LXCs with a single public IP on the host -- help

    What I'd like to do: Migrate away from a host with about 15 public IPs to a single public IP with all VMs getting static or DHCP addresses in the 10.10.10.x space. Many of these VMs serve up multiple services -- for example, a dozen WordPress sites on a single Webinoly or WordOps VM. Where...
  4. G

    Proxmox VE behind reverse proxy (Real-IP)

    Hi, I access my PVE behind a reverse proxy. here is the conf server { listen 80; server_name myfqdn; set $primary_domain myfqdn; if ($host != $primary_domain) { rewrite ^ $scheme://$primary_domain permanent; } location / { return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri; } }...
  5. G

    Proxmox in NAT but no internet on VM

    Hi I'll make it very simple, I've been stuck on Proxmox for a very long time, I'm desperate. Currently, I have a network configuration with a physical card in DHCP and a vmbr0 virtual card which is in NAT on enp2s0 I then set up a DHCP server on the Proxmox so that an ip was automatically...
  6. P

    Nat port and remote vm inside LAN

    I want to use computer in LAN connect all VM in proxmox using IP_LAN: PORT. I have no experience in networking.
  7. K

    nftables vs pfSense

    I am planning on configuring a single public IP dedicated server at OVH, every how-to I have read describes using pfSense, I am not against using pfSense, however I like to keep things simple, secure and reliable. So, I can't help but wonder, how will things go, if instead I install nftables...
  8. T

    Iptables chains and tables traversal

    Hi, I'm trying to learn a bit more in-depth about networking in Proxmox in order to diagnose some connection issues I'm having. I thought maybe to just get confirmed how I believe packets are processed when sent to a container or VM. Say I have a host with a single public IP and some guests. I...
  9. T

    Getting client services to talk to each other correctly

    Hi all, hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. I've realized that I'm obviously lacking some fundamental knowledge with how to set up networking in a virtual environment, using bridges etc. I've had issues with several projects now, with getting VM or LXC services to talk to each other in...
  10. S

    Is the Doc about NAT maqueraded trafic wrong ?

    Hi, I've PVE installed on a debian VM (A) on VMWare for testing purpose, before doing it on bare metal. Inside Proxmox, i've another guest debian VM (B) with which I try to access the internet thru a natted and maqueraded interface configured on debian A, but can't. I've followed the official...
  11. L

    two public IPs for one server with one nic

    Hello guys, Couldn't delete this post, so I corrected it in place. got a "little" issue with 1:1 Nat on pfsense/opnsense, feels like one little piece on the proxmox side is missing. I hope someone can point me into the right direction. From hetzner, I ordered a second public IP address, which...
  12. M

    Evpn SDN with NAT-like routing

    Hi all, I recently discovered the SDN feature of the Proxmox Virtual Environment. So far it looks great for separating all guests into different networks, but I ran into some difficulties / questions: So far https connections to given domains, neither IPs outside the local network (containing...
  13. Z

    Homelab: can't ping VMs behind Router VM

    This is 4th try after getting no responses from Stack Exchange sites [1, 2, 3] and I've been fighting with this issue for ~2 weeks. I really hope someone can help me with this issue. --- I have a setup like this (this diagram is also available here): I'm running a single PVE host in my...
  14. B

    NAT + IPv6 for containers on OVH Host with 1 Public IPv4 + IPv6/64

    Hi, I have a Proxmox host running a dedicated server from OVH. They provide both a single public IPv4 address, and a IPv6/64 block. I'd like to route all the IPv4 traffic from containers on my host through NAT, but set a proper public IPv6 for direct access. I've succeeded in getting the IPv4...
  15. S

    How to enable loopback (hairpin) NAT so that a container can reach another container via PVE public IP?

    Preface Hi together, this thread is highly connected to the issue I explained here: Connected issue I think it has the same root cause but since I got no answer there I tried to narrow down the problem, reframe it. So now I have a different symptom that is based on a more "common" scenario, that...
  16. S

    Use PVE node's external IP address to reach service of a internal network via DNAT

    Hi everybody, I am struggeling with a problem where I did not figure out yet if it is a "basic" networking problem or something that has to do with my SDN configuration. The setup is the following: I have two VEs ( and .11) coupled as a cluster. Within this cluster there is an...
  17. M

    Port Fowarding

    I am trying to port foward HTTP:80 to IP: I can access my website from since it on the internal network shown below, but when its time to access it from outside the private network I can't access it. (The unnamed router at the top is my home network with the subnet...
  18. L

    Proxmox cluster iptables nat rules when using vpn

    Hello, I'm experiencing a pretty strange connection issue when connected to the second vpn VM (wireguard). I got two proxmox nodes, each do have a VM with wireguard, a VM with a dns server, a VM with traefik proxy, both nodes have the same etc/network/interfaces files. Both wireguard VMs are...
  19. hoffmn01

    PVE with Hetzner and additional subnet

    Hello everyone, I have looked around and did not find the one solution that fits my current setup. Maybe you can help me what needs to be done to enable the additional subnet for my instance. Here is the general network layout: I would like to use the additional subnet for several servers...
  20. F

    Iptables NAT not working from vmbr with bridged port

    This is my current network setup on host one (vm01). I have a public network available over vmbr0 and a private network connected to a nic over vmbr1 (used for cluster traffic and VM private network via a vlan). Now I want to NAT the vlan onto vmbr0 so that the vms can have limited internet...


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