1. A

    Netconf, Restconf, gRPC configuration in PVE

    Hi Guys, Do anyone know about how to enable Netconf, Restconf, gRPC in Proxmox VE networking. Thanks and cheers for this wonderful platform.
  2. N

    Proxmox VE monitoring

    Hi to all, i'm looking for a monitor software for my cluster proxmox, for VMs, perfomance and with alerts capabilities. I've test: Zabbix ( but doesn't do autodiscover for VMs) , Graphite with Grafana o with InfluxDB but i wasn't able to create alerts. Is there someone that found the best tool...
  3. S

    S.M.A.R.T Monitoring

    Hallo Forum, wie überwacht ihr eure Laufwerke hinsichtlich der S.M.A.R.T Werte? Gibt's hier quasi einen "Gold Standard", wie man einen PVE Node dahingehend einrichten sollte? Und als Zusatzfrage: gibt's eigentlich eine Möglichkeit, das Seagate IronWolf Health Management zu nutzen? Viele...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Best way to monitor PVE node system processes

    Hello, We have recently configured a Proxmox cluster and are wanting to monitor these new nodes, specifically the processes that appear under the "System" tab when viewing a node in the web UI. Is there a standard way to get alerts on these services to ensure they are running? Additionally, is...
  5. H

    Monitor emails received and sent from Proxmox by Zabbix

    good afternoon, I would like to monitor with Zabbix the emails received and sent by Proxmox Mail Gateway. Has anyone implemented this type of monitoring? Which command on the Proxmox Mail Gateway can I check the quantity in numbers of emails received and sent? Thanks in advance for your...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] Issue setting up influxdb

    To my understanding, to send metrics data you need to follow these instructions : I have followed these on one of my machines : cat /etc/pve/status.cfg influxdb: xxxxxx server 172.30.x.xx port 8089 xxx are...
  7. ssaman

    Node aus CEPH und Cluster entfernen

    Hallo zusammen, wir sind gerade dabei unseren Cluster Stück für Stück abzubauen. Es ist ein 5 Node-Cluster. Davon wollen wir 2 entfernen. Bisher haben wir keine Erfahrung mit der Entfernung von Nodes, deshalb wollten wir auf Nummer sicher gehen und fragen hier nach. Wir würden wie folgt...
  8. D

    Updating Python from 2.x to 3.x in Proxmox VE 6.1-7

    Hi all, I am currently running Proxmox VE 6.1-7 ( Linux proxmox1 5.3.18-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.3.18-2 ) which includes Python 2.7.16. As I also run Zabbix 4.x as a monitoriting tool in my environment (in a VM) I would also like to monitory my Proxmox hosts. I stumbled upon this article/solution...
  9. D

    Monitoring Backup job

    Hallo, wir haben einen Backup job eingerichtet der alle VMs einmal in der Woche sichert. Falls ein Job fehl schlägt gibt es ja eine notification per email. Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten sich über Fehler beim Backup informieren zu lassen? Was ich bisher gefunden hatte ist das es sich nicht...
  10. V

    SNMP Monitoring

    Hi Team what's the recommended way to monitor PMG? We where going to download and setup SNMP to monitor CPU, Storage, Memory from PRTG or other monitoring system. Are there any recommendations or does PMG already have a monitoring system or SNMP setup? this is a preliminary question to start...
  11. A

    Single Node Backup and Monitoring Suggestions

    Hi guys, now that I'm comfortable with my VM setup, I want to explore monitoring solutions that will alert me via email/text on critical events such as a hard disk failing SMART tests, unexpected reboots/shutdowns on any VM or the Proxmox node itself, etc. Also, I want to buy an 8TB external and...
  12. P

    Minimum configuration needed to configure e-mail alerts

    On a fresh install what is the simplest, cleanest, most beginner friendly way to setup e-mail alerts to a remote e-mail address? (assuming a single node on a home LAN)
  13. R

    monitoring lxc container with Mackerel.

    Mackerel( is monitoring service as SaaS. It's very useful and easy to use. And it supports custom metrics via mackerel-agent.conf. So, I created script for monitoring lxc container with it and I want to your opinion. Welcome PR...
  14. D

    [TUTORIAL] maxView Storage Manager with Proxmox

    Hi, I am trying to arrange some management/monitoring for my Adaptec RAID 8805 controller. Therefore I installed the latest maxView Storage Manager on an Ubuntu (18.04.2) VM. Unfortunately, the software does not show any information about my controller. It seems that the topic has received...
  15. I

    Cluster resource usage per VM?

    Hi everyone! as far as I know, proxmox doesn't have a tool which shows overall cluster or at least server resource usage per VM/CT. For example, cluster experiences performance degradation and I want to see if there is any VM/CT which is using to many IOPS and RAM, what would be the easiest way...
  16. P

    Monitoring with nagios/check_mk

    I want to monitor the amount of blocked/greylisted mails via nagios/check_mk. Did anyone do this already? I guess (hope) one can use the postgres db, but I still don't know what table to use (best). Can someone give a hint or point in the right direction?
  17. J

    SNMP Monitoring

    I'm currently evaluating proxmox and so far am really impressed. One thing that seems strangely missing tho is performance monitoring. I've installed snmp on our 3 test nodes and can collect node related data, but it would be fantastic if i could collect data relating to the virtual machines...
  18. G

    Email notification of significant events

    Having only recently migrated from vSphere, I havent been able to find any equivalent of the alerts in Proxmox. As I am not watching my cluster all the time. What if any alerts can be configured in Proxmox? I'd like to know (by email) if a node goes down or a VM is restarted on a different host...
  19. D

    Monitoring ZFS

    Hi, when I was using hardware RAID controllers on old servers I was using the RAID controller commands (megacli for LSI, arcconf for Adaptec and so on) to monitor array and drives status. What I should use for ZFS? Are smartctl, zfs-zed and zpool status enough to be alerted and to predict...
  20. M

    Monit PVE daemons + VMs

    Hallo Ich möchte einen Standalone PVE Host (5.0) auf dem ein paar VMs laufen mit monit überwachen, da ich eine einfache Lösung brauche, die effektiv Prozesse und das System überwacht und reagiert, falls gewünscht. Monit läuft so far gut. a. Welche pve daemons soll ich nebst pvestatd für den...


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