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Mar 27, 2022
Hi there,

I have Proxmox 7.2-4 running on a Dell R520 with a 10G connection Unify switch 1-2. The 24-POE switch is connected with a 10G connection to the UDM - Pro Router.
I wanted to give access to the Jellyfin content (on a ZFS dataset on the same R520). Pihole and Traffic provides the Https access together with a Authelia SSO.
In house everything works fine. The moment I use 4G over Wireguard, video and even websites are to slow. I wanted to start trouble shoot this and stumbled upon Prometheus.
The question is can I monitor the apps running in their docker(container) from within an other container or is this better directly installed on the Proxmox host.
If somebody has a better idee to trouble shoot this workflow please shoot. For completeness I include a diagram of what I think is happening

best regards,

Rather than resort to monitoring right away, assuming you haven't done so already, I would do some good old fashioned manual troubleshooting.

The first thing that comes to mind is you said it gets slow when you use it over 4G and Wireguard. This leads me to two questions.

Have you tried a speed test over 4G and wireguard?
Have you tried a speed test over 4G without wireguard?

If the speeds are slow over 4G without wireguard then your cell service is simply too slow to handle the load.
If the speeds are good over 4G but then are slow over wireguard then wireguard is the bottleneck.
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The speed tests over 4G with or without Wireguard where satisfactory.
I changed the location of the VM's/LXC's to a fast NVMe witch changed things to the better.


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