1. S

    [SOLVED] rbd mirror - cannot setup peer on site-a

    Hello, I would be very grateful for some help, I have been trying to setup an rbd mirror on a pool between two proxmox ceph clusters. I have followed the instructions here : https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Ceph_RBD_Mirroring And also here : https://satishdotpatel.github.io/ceph-rbd-mirroring/...
  2. T

    Best Practice with Two Hard Drives on a Remote Server

    Hey There - Been running Proxmox at home for years and probably not in the best configuration. Now with a 1U server being colocated and setup remotely, I want to make sure I wire things up right before shipping it off. My thought is to have two drives - in a hardware RAID 1 configuration, and...
  3. L

    Proxmox backup server

    Hello everybody I'm trying Proxmox Offline Mirror and I have some doubts. My main objective is to create a mirror in the company where I work, to speed up the updating of production and approval servers. I managed to configure the mirrors and take their snapshots, what I still don't...
  4. A

    [SOLVED][Proxmox Offline Mirror] Can't mirror ubuntu repo

    Hello, I'm trying to mirror the ubuntu jammy repo with Proxmox Offline Mirror tool version 0.6.2 on a debian bookworm host. The URL of the repo is https://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu, a french mirror of the official repo. - First I downloaded the Ubuntu GPG signing keys from the latest...
  5. S

    INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store ENOENT: No such file or directory

    Hello guys, I've searched now more than a hour for a solution in the internet and also by myself for this problem: INFO: Error: inserting chunk on store 'mirror-backup' failed for e1be7f4dd47704ed17a28398ae375859b61bbaeba9e6b2976ef09d0cf3cb9712 - mkstemp...
  6. V

    Changing OS-installation disks

    Hello I have an installation where the OS runs on a raidz1 and has one bad disk: pool: rpool state: ONLINE status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An attempt was made to correct the error. Applications are unaffected. action: Determine if the device...
  7. K

    Fujitsu RX300S7 with FC connect to disk array Eternus DX90 s2

    Hello, i need some help, i have 3 node Fujitsu RX300S7 connected to Eternus DX90 S2 by fibre channel (2 FC connections each node). I need to do replication ( when suddenly first node poweroff ---> fast switch to second ) service is very important. Which Storage Type i need to use? ZFS ? or...
  8. D

    New vm can't configure package manager

    Hello everyone, i'm facing an installation issue. I'm running proxmox and trying to run a small homelab, I managed to install a pfsense on my host with wan/lan interfaces on vmbr1 and 2 (I kept vmbr0 as proxmox wan interface) and it has full access to internet. I set up a few iptables rules for...
  9. D

    Mirrors of operating systems with GlusterFS or not?

    Hi I'm new to virtualization and servers. I have a system running on Debian. This system runs a Radius Server, WEB Server, SNMP and a SQL Database, all in a single virtual machine. Question: I want to fully mirror this Virtual Machine (system) on another Virtual Machine (Another physical...
  10. W

    How to add new mirrored disks to an existing zpool?

    I'm currently running proxmox on two 8TB drives, using zfs, and they're mirrored. My `zpool status` looks like this: pool: rpool state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 1 days 03:13:29 with 0 errors on Mon Nov 14 03:37:30 2022 config: NAME...
  11. F

    System did not find BTRFS root after removing one disk

    Hi, I have installed pve 7.1 with btrfs mirror using 2 SSD's. During installation these SSD's are /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. After base Installation I added 3 HDD's with an existing zfs. The device names of the SSD changed to /dev/sdd and /dev/sde. No problem so far. To check what is happening when...
  12. M

    Add another drive to VMdata

    I am running a small server with only 2 drives. 1x60GB for the Proxmox installation, and 1x500GB for all the VM data. The 500 disk, is reporting 81% wearout, and I have begun to experience issues the last couple of days, which I suspect has to do with this wearout. Please correct me if that is...
  13. G

    UEFI: Install on 2 SSD ZFS Z1 - "unable to init esp and install proxmox-boot loader"

    Hi I am running into a weird issue while trying to install PVE 7. I have a Dell R520 with and HBA (H330, IT Mode) and 2 Samsung SSD (consumer grade) connected to it. The system was set to BIOS boot mode and I was able to install Proxmox with ZFS RaidZ1 on those two SSDs, everything worked so...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] PBS root disk on ZFS (mirror)

    Hello everyone, In the PBS installation interface, it is possible to install the system on a ZFS pool (Target hard disk / Options). But which Advanced Option to choose to have two mirrored disks : Do I have to select 2 disks with Raid1 option and 2 copies ? I actually don't understand the raid0...
  15. mattlach

    Migrate Host ZFS Boot "rpool" from MBR to UEFI booting?

    Hey all, I run a standalone Proxmox server which I have been upgrading in place for years. I am currently on 6.x, not having upgraded to 7 yet. It was a clean install on Proxmox 4.2 I believe. When i initially installed it, I set it up to boot from a ZFS mirror of two SATA SSD's using...
  16. S

    command '/sbin/zpool create -o 'ashift=12' nvme mirror failed: exit code 1

    Hi, I installed Proxmox 7, and I am trying to create a new ZFS using two 1TB NVME drives via the GUI. However, I get the below error: command '/sbin/zpool create -o 'ashift=12' nvme mirror /dev/disk/by-id/nvme-Sabrent_1765071310FD00048263...
  17. D

    Port Spanning, Mirroring or Monitoring Within Proxmox for NIDS

    I'm attempting to set up network intrusion detection on my LAN. I plan to do this in two steps. First, setting up a SPAN port on the physical switch will will be connected to a NIC in my single-host Proxmox server, which will then be passed through to the VM in Proxmox running Ossim. That SPAN...
  18. T

    Which disk configuration should I use?

    Hello together, I have a dedicated server with 64gib of RAM and following disks: 500gib ssd 2x 2tib HDDs no raid controller i am planning one vm with a Nextcloud installation, one Apache vm and a Game Server vm on my proxmox installation. my question is, how I should configure my disk...
  19. F

    Convert ZFS Mirror (RAID1) to ZFS Striped Mirror (RAID10)... Is this possible?

    Hi all, I'm going to be using 4x 1TB NVMe M.2 drives as my VM storage which I plan to run as a striped mirror. Currently, I only have two installed as I won't have the other two for a week or so. I'm eager to get going with the setup though. If I were to create ZFS mirror of the two installed...
  20. U

    Need help with configuring drives for redundancy

    I have an old AMD Phenom x6 PC and figured I'd tinker around with it. My disks are as follows 3x1 TB (currently in zraid) 1x2TB 1x8TB ( newly acquired and shucked from a WD black) I don't need more than 5-6TB of storage atm. I'm thinking there is a way to mirror the 3 1TBs and the 2TB on the...


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