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    Migration from RAID to Ceph without outage

    OK, so I’m fairly new to Proxmox and Ceph. I need some advice on how to migrate to Ceph. Current Layout: SERVER01: (Same exact hardware as SERVER02) Production - hosting 20-30 VM’s Storage Hardware RAID 2 - SSD’s setup as RAID1 6 - SSD’s setup as RAID5 This storage is hosting the VM’s Needs...
  3. M

    ZFS Filer als VM Store sinnvoll?

    Hi Hatte bislang einen ESXi mit einem ZFS Filer für die VM's, welche per NFS zurück an den Host gegeben wurden. War vorteilhaft, dass man VMs komfortabel direkt am Storage rum kopieren konnte. Da ist z.Z. noch napp-it im Einsatz. Erst versuchte ich, eine .ova für ESXi auf Proxmox zum laufen zu...
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    migration from xen preserving hardware info

    Hi, I succesfully migrated a VM from xen to proxmox on the same host (I mean the same physical hardware machine). The VM is a Win 2008 R2 with terminal services and Office 2013. Now the problem is that after the VM migration, Office 2013 requires reactivation but it is no more possible to...
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    Migrate entire cluster to a new VLAN

    Hello Support, I have a cluster made up of two nodes and I would need to migrate the cluster nodes to a new VLAN (changing the IP addressing) How can I do? Do you have a guided/recommended procedure to follow? Is there a service interruption? Thanks
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    Moving boot drive

    Hi, I have tried cloning my boot drive with the help of clonezilla but with no luck. I don't have any ideas anymore what could it be. Currently I have a 500GG HDD drive and I what to move to 500GB NVME. I am replacing it because my HDD have a lot of bad sectors and 25000 hours. I do not have...
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    Boot same Windows on real hardware and in VM

    Hi. Thanks for the great product. I run a Proxmox server, some times I'd like to play games on the same machine. So I installed a real Windows on it. 1) /dev/sda: EFI and LVM partitions for Proxmox-on-Debian. Windows EFI bootloader resides here too (as I see it mounted at /boot/EFI. GRUB has...
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    Live migration failed - There's a migration process in progress

    Currently we are trying to live migrate a VM to another server within the same cluster. The first migration successfully migrated all the attached disks and got a hangup at the "VM-state" migration step. After 15 minutes of no progress I pressed the "Stop" button to abort the migration. Now...
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    How to do migration to new server?

    I do have Proxmox server Some VMs, some containers Everything is on lvmthin using locally-attached SSDs. Backups are to Proxmox backup server (which is located on other machine and uses usb-attached hdd). There's is also Synology box which was used as old backup target. Server still sees it as...
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    Migration of Windows Server 2008 R2 to proxmox gives BSOD

    Hello, I am new to proxmox and wanted to migrate my physical server running Win 2008 R2 to proxmox. I converted the C:\ drive using disk2vhd, then converted the vhdx file to qcow2, via qemu in proxmox. My physical server is connected with raid, but I assumed that wouldn't be a problem. I have...
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    Wie VMs migrieren auf neuen Proxmox Knoten

    Hallo zusammen, ich migriere derzeit meinen ESXI zu Proxmox - mittlerweile habe ich einen temporären Proxmox 8.1 installiert und auch schon alle VMs von ESXI zu Proxmox migriert - mittels scp und vm importdisk. Alle VMs laufen nun auf dem temporären Proxmox Server und meinen alten ESXI habe...
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    Problem: PVE 8 migrating a replicated VM causes the VM to get 3-10x less IOPS

    Didn't know how to label this issue really. I couldn't find any similar post on the forums either. Two identical DELL servers, same specs. I am running PVE 8.0.4, updated to latest version. Servers are in a cluster (no QDevice yet, it's being prepared and is in testing at the moment). I have HW...
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    Proxmox iSCSI Migration funktioniert nicht.

    Moin, bei der Migration eines LXC-Containers, tritt folgendes verhalten auf, Migration läuft für ca. 5m, bei voller Geschwindigkeit auf das iSCSI-Share, danach passiert "nichts" Das ist der Output: Wiping ext4 signature on /dev/Proxmox-LUN-1/vm-155-disk-1. Logical volume "vm-155-disk-1"...
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    [SOLVED] Migration of VM from virtualizor to proxmox ve

    Hello , I have a VM in Virtualizor and i want to migrat it to proxmox envirenement ( i use Virtual Environment 7.3-3). I create a backup of the image ( with extension .img.gz ) and i want to find a way to convert this format to be used with proxmox . Any suggestion please .
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    Migrating VMs and OpenVZ containers from Proxmox 3 VE to Proxmox 8 VE

    Hello forumers, I am working on the migration from old Proxmox 3 VE to the newest version. As I know one of the simplest ways to move KVM from old environment is using backup and restore options: In case of containers it should be converted from OpenVZ to LXC because OpenVZ isn't available...
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    Best way to separate VMs?

    Hello, I have a situation where I share a server with another business and it has come time where we need to part ways and so I need to transfer my VMs off of this server and onto a separate server. I would need this separate server to be stand-alone when all is said and done. How would I go...
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    Moving a node from one cluster to another

    Hello, I've searched and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Apologies if I've missed it. We're running PVE 7.4-3 and we have a cluster of 11 nodes in various data centres around the world. We're having some corosync problems and also 3 of the nodes really belong in their own...
  18. J

    Having Issues after node & cluster rename ~ Can't connect to destination address using public key

    Hi. I followed the guide https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Renaming_a_PVE_node, and renamed my main node, and also my cluster name. When trying to move a vm back to the newly named node, I get the error 2023-09-04 21:09:39 # /usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 'BatchMode=yes' -o 'HostKeyAlias=ravenclaw'...
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    Corosync Best Practice

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to ensure corosync has its own network. Please let me know if any of these points weren't ideal and why: I created a VLAN with no gateway (just a space on my switch with a unique subnet) 10.5.0.X and set all 8x of my nodes to addresses on that subnet. I...


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