1. R

    Not able to get metrics from clustered server INFLUXDB2

    I have three clustered servers, each with a distinct public IP address: Datacenter (Connected via InfluxDB) Server 1 Some Machines and containers Server 2 Some Machines and containers Server 3 InfluxDB (Configured with the default port) Some Machines and containers Although I am...
  2. R

    Not able to access metrics from a clustered server

    I have 3 servers all 3 having different public IP - All 3 servers are clustered. > Datacenter (InfluxDB is connected via metric) ~ Used Public IP in metric to connect influxDB >> Server 1 >> Server 2 >> Server 3 >>> InfluxDB (Setup on server 3 on port 8086) In influxDB I am getting data of...
  3. A

    Error: metrics send error

    Hi everybody, I am in the process of setting up metrics tracking with influxdb. This worked very well for 1 month then following a restart of the server nothing happened I got the message "pvestatd[151121]: metrics send error 'influxdb': 422 Unprocessable Entity". root@ns3215662:~# pveversion...
  4. T

    Sending metrics to Influxdb2

    Hi, thanks for any help and comments in advance. I am using InfluxDB and Grafana to visualize server metrics. While using a standardized type of installation, the Proxmox host has different FQDN pve.x1.domain.local and pve.x2.domain.local etc. but the short name is always only "pve". While I...
  5. J

    PVE Metrics with Graphite

    Hi All, I created a small container to run Graphite for collecting PVE stats. Everything runs, except I am getting an Operation Not Permitted when sending metrics to graphite. root@toxuthat:~# systemctl status pvestatd.service ● pvestatd.service - PVE Status Daemon Loaded: loaded...
  6. M

    Influxdb Tag Values

    I'm currently running a PVE Cluster (4 nodes, 6.3-3) and have the external metrics server configured (influxdb), and measurements are being sent to it successfully. However, a lot of the grafana dashboards created by the community make use of Tags (host=<<hostname>>) yet when I explore the...
  7. S

    Cluster Status Missing From External Metric Server Metrics

    Hello, recently i have deployed allot of small Proxmox VE Clusters which now have a need for monitoring. I have used Influx and Grafana to monitor Containers and VM's in the past and was very surprised to see that the External Metric Server doesn't supply any Metrics about the Cluster status...
  8. N

    External Metrics dictionary and VM disk size/usage?

    Hi There, Is there a dictionary which defines the external metrics (and their meaning) that PVE pushes out to (for example) InfluxDB? For example, It's not clear to me how I'd get the VM disk size (and ideally usage but I suspect this is not possible from the metrics alone?) for the disk...
  9. F

    Proxmxo External Metric Server - list and explanation of metrics

    Hi, I am in the process of re-organizing my Proxmox Grafana dashboard and would like to display some storage metrics, similar to what's shown in Proxmox's "Summary" screen: Where can I find a list of all the metrics that get written to InfluxDB/Graphite and their explanation, so I can identify...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Connect to Grafana: /etc/pve/status.cfg file missing

    Hi, I want to connect my proxmox cluster (4 nodes) to grafana using an InfluxDB: On the wiki, i read that I must change the content of the /etc/pve/status.cfg file ( I am now quite confused...
  11. I

    External monitoring with authenticated infuxdb

    Hi, is there any way to send metrics to authenticated external influxdb to a database? Thanks
  12. N

    Can't export proxmox metrics in influxdb

    Hello, I recently started to implement a supervision solution onto my proxmox server, Seeing strange cpu usage of my containers by gathering data from telegraf (inside the containers) I have decided to use proxmox metrics. I have followed the "tutorial" ...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] External Metric Server with authenticated influxdb

    Hello people, good afternoon from the sunny, hot, melting Amsterdam. I have an influxdb server here used by a lot of metric collections and would like to push proxmox metrics there, however I didn't find a way to configure the username and password. Do you know how to do it? I'm aware of...
  14. T

    External metrics server and missing data

    I'm currently setting up external metric and have some issue with data that I was expecting but there is no data. I'm using Grafana with influxdb and use this wiki page for guidence influxdb: server
  15. P

    Invalid lines sent to Graphite as external metric server

    Generally sending metricks to Graphite works, of cource. Metrics are successfully exported and displayed. But there are many (tens of millions per day) invalid metricks. Here are examples from Carbon listener.log with different formats: 01/03/2018 12:43:50 :: invalid line...
  16. D

    Proxmox + Graphite + Grafana

    Hello, I wanted to collect VM metrics for a 4-node cluster in an easy way (by not deploying collectd on each VM) so I found in the documentation that Proxmox can be configured to send this exact data to a external metric server. So I configured it, everything works fine, Proxmox successfully...
  17. G

    Cluster metrics, only reporting CPU and memory

    Hello, I have enabled external metrics via Graphite, and all is working. However the only useful metrics it reports is really only the CPU and memory usage. We have 4 nodes in a cluster and it doesn't even separate out nodes. I've attached what it reports so far, the only useful metrics being...
  18. M

    Need Help getting metrics into Graphite

    So I found this: and made the status file just as it said but I still dont see any data in Graphite The graphite server is resolvable to the host name I put in the conf. I'm not sure If I have graphite totally installed correctly but I was...


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