1. out_of_memory with no peaks in usage

    Hi, have a strange problem with one PVE (V. 6.1) host and its Debian 8 (old version for technical reasons) Guest. The guest crashes every now and then with no apparent reason, sometimes runs fine for weeks. The PVE logs say out_of_memory : Dec 10 18:09:39 pve kernel...
  2. LXC RAM Verbrauch nicht nachvollziehbar

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Community! Ich beobachte seit Längerem ein Problem mit LXCs bei Proxmox. Nach ein paar Tagen unterscheidet sich der Speicherverbrauch laut ps_mem (welches den Speicherverbrauch der einzelnen Prozesse in der VM addiert) und der zur Verfügung stehende Speicher laut free...
  3. Help with zfs memory management

    I installed my proxmox server on a two 250 gb ssd with raid1. My vms are stored on another zfs storage pool. The box has 64 gb memory. My memory usage is constantly past 90% despite having a few containers and vms setup with about 30 gb usage between all of them. I am having to do this daily...
  4. Memory use of containers and tmpfs

    We are trying to debug some memory issues with a container and best practices to monitor Within the PVE interface I see Memory usage 11.59% (949.30 MiB of 8.00 GiB inside the container: cat /proc/meminfo MemTotal: 8388608 kB MemFree: 2967096 kB MemAvailable: 7401044 kB...
  5. Proxmox mailgateway on LXC memory usage

    The OOM killer kills the CLAM daemon on the proxmox mail gateway. root@antispam1:~# dmesg -T | egrep -i 'killed process' [Mon Jun 15 11:02:06 2020] Memory cgroup out of memory: Killed process 195913 (clamd) total-vm:1939452kB, anon-rss:1387168kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB, UID:100108...
  6. High memory usage with ZFS

    Hello, I'm having a issues regarding the ram usage on our hypervisors. It seems there is ram going I don't know where. The hypervisor has 70GB of usable total ram. The current arc usage is 9GB according to arc_summary. I've calculated the amount of ram used by each LXC containers on the host...
  7. How to increase "max locked memory" (ulimit -l) on a LXC container ?

    Hello, How to increase "max locked memory" (ulimit -l) on a LXC container ? Thanks!
  8. Guest OS does not see all memory

    Hey. I noticed a strange one. Added 8 GB of RAM to the virtual machine. And inside she sees only 7.8 GB. What could be the problem? Virtual Machine is Ubuntu 16.04 Machine configuration agent: 1 boot: c bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 4 cpu: host hotplug: disk,network,usb machine: q35 memory: 8192 name...
  9. Wrong Memory Stats on VM from Proxmox 6

    Hi; I saw few post on this in the past but no answer make really sense. Here Proxmox tell me my OpenMediaVault use more than 90% of the allocated memory (independently how much I give to this VM) but in reality OMV only use 5%. There is a way to fix that ?
  10. grin

    corosync 3.0.2-pve4 memory leak

    I have a (possibly unrelated) problem where one cluster member's TOTEM keep generateing retransmits from other nodes or local timeouts. When I checked nodeC kept joining and leaving the cluster, about 50 per seconds. Restarting corosync resulted the same. It turned out however that on other...
  11. RAM Usage Why memory usage looks more than real usage?
  12. Force Stop Causes Systemd Timeout

    Hi, I've been having an issue on one of my proxmox servers lately, but I've been unable to recreate this on my other server: I run a set of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server VMs. When I launch VNC to access the VM shell after some time running, I encounter a spam of this error: INFO: task...
  13. Memory issues

    I have been trying to figure this one out by my self but I think I need some help with translation. One of nested Proxmox servers that has 4 LXC servers running (each using ~1G RAM) claims that it is using 14G out of 16G. What is the rest of the memory being used? root@vh0:~# cat /proc/meminfo...
  14. Help Debugging: Plex server keeps crashing and then "Cannot allocate memory"

    Hi! I just setup Proxmox for my home server last week. Here is my setup with relevant info before I jump into the problem Note: everything is isolated because I've been trying to debug for the past week. Computer: 16gb memory VM for Plex: 4gb memory VM for...
  15. [SOLVED] Memory used - where is truth

    Hello. I have VM with debian and 10Gb memory for this machine. Proxmox GUI says 7.8Gb used Inside vm htop says 1.42Gb used What shoud I think on it ? Thanks!
  16. Problem with GPU sharing

    Hi guys, I want to share my GPU (Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080) between all of my VMs but the amount of shared GPU memory is 512MB but I want to increase this limit to 8GB! Can anyone help me?
  17. What is best swap configuration ?

    Hello. How do you configure swap on porxmox host machine ? I read different recommendations from: turn off swap at all to keep asa it is. I have 64 Gb RAM and 16 is used by containers and 1Gb swap in the same time. Is it good or not ? What do you advice to do or not with swap ?
  18. GUI Memory indicator

    Hello, I noticed my Proxmox GUI Memory is on yellow: RAM usage 87.12% (82.17 GiB of 94.31 GiB) Using CLI free -h gives: total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 94Gi 70Gi 11Gi 1.2Gi 12Gi 23Gi...
  19. Memory Upgrade Troubles

    Hi, I recently increased the memory in my home server and can see the full 32 GB in the bios but I am not able to get ProxMox to see more then 16. The system is a Ryzen 1700 with 4 8 GB dimms. The mother board is an Asrock Fatality x370 K4. I have checked through the bios but I do not see...
  20. [SOLVED] Guest memmory size differs from what is configured

    HI, I have set up a VM with 2GiB of memory [node6@09:31 ~]# qm config 108|grep mem hotplug: disk,network,usb,memory,cpu memory: 2048 [node6@09:32 ~]# But the guest claims it has only 1GiB memory Handle 0x1000, DMI type 16, 23 bytes Physical Memory Array Location: Other Use...


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