1. S

    Forensics - Obtaining Disk and Memory Images

    The TL;DR I'd apperciate any comments on the below notes for capturing forensic data. I've highlighted a few specific questions, but any other notes, comments, corrections, or insight would be welcome. Background I work in the digital forensics field and, given Proxmox's recent jump in...
  2. D

    TASK ERROR: memory size (65536) must be aligned to 2048 for hotplugging

    I have created a VM through the GUI and using "qm create" and "qm set". I want to assign it 64 GB of memory. Here is the conf file: agent: 1 bios: seabios boot: order=scsi0;ide2;net0 cores: 4 cpu: host hotplug: disk,cpu,memory,network ide2: truenas:iso/golden2.iso,media=cdrom,size=1011M memory...
  3. H

    Minor request on qm --memory setting

    In my attempts to write a shell script to create VMs quickly I've got oneliners working fine i.e. # qm create 9999 --name vmtest --bios ovmf --efidisk0 data:0,efitype=4m,pre-enrolled-keys=1 --boot "order=net0;scsi0" --cores 1 --sockets 1 --cpu host --memory 2048 --net0 model=virtio,bridge=vmbr0...
  4. B

    PVE uses 80% of memory

    Hi everyone, I have a server with 2 x 1TB storage - raid 1, 64GB of ram, AMD 5600G CPU. I created 1 VM where i use cPanel with 16 GB ram, and i can see that the PVE host jumped up to 80% (almost 50GB) RAM usage. What can cause this? I went through the forum posts and i see this can be just...
  5. C

    Unexpected shut down, out of memory?

    I've had an unexpected shut down on a VM that hosts a web server 2 times. Both at 6am, so obviously the first thing I need to do is find whats running at 6am on those days. The shut down appears to be more of a Kill than a shut down. From syslog it appear to be saying it's out of memory and...
  6. C

    NUMA questions again

    I've read the NUMA wiki here: and the admin guide regarding NUMA here: however I still have some questions. * Is NUMA only useful if your PVE *host* has more than 1 physical...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox - RAM usage

    How much in theory PVE 8 requires RAM for its own usage? It runs on 1 TB SSD with ZFS. If I remember it correctly, the rule of thumb says: 1TB of storage equals to 1GB of RAM usage for ZFS based system... I have on server with 32 GB of RAM and mentioned above drive installed Proxmox 8 with 3x...
  8. T

    Corosync using 30% of memory from all nodes

    Hi guys, In the company where I'm working, we have a Cluster composed of 8 nodes that are connected through a 1Gb ethernet network directly to a Switch. On the nodes we mostly run Kubernetes, DNS Servers and some other services. The problem is that on each node, the process corosync is using...
  9. O

    Wrong memory usage reported in Proxmox interface even with ballooning off?

    Hi all, one of the problems I am trying to get to the bottom to is, Proxmox thinks my OPNsense VM is using 6 gigs of RAM when it's only using 400mb or something? I first simply assumed this would be something to do with ballooning feature, and working as intended if that were desired - but it's...
  10. L

    Proxmox memory bar separated by type

    Hello! Is there any way to make memory bars colored by type of data that's stored in it? I mean, currently it shows you almost 100% of RAM if you use half of RAM by VM's and other half is ZFS cache. My point is to separate bar into multiple colors to make it clear what is cached and what's not...
  11. M


    Hi all, Have the backup server working, but one thing which seems odd, the amount of memory it's using while there is no running tasks. the server has 32gb in total and it's using 16.82gb. It seems high to me with no jobs running. Rebooted and memory was around 1-2Gb (would need to reboot...
  12. S

    Difficulty with OOM / CGroups

    Hi All, Coming from 20 years as a professional in Windows (2 years of hands-on Linux) I'm having issues with fully grasping cgroups. I recently upgraded my server cluster and am I encountering OOM kills regularly (a few times per day). I have a single cgroup (just out-of-the-box config). My...
  13. K

    Sudden pve restart

    Hi, We had recently a node that restarted suddenly without any warnings. The machine was running pretty capped RAM wise. I downloaded the logs from the node in question but i don't see any trace in them. all i see is the start phase, nothing interesting before Can you lead me to a log file...
  14. M

    Memory Usage stats different from Guest OS stats

    Hi, I have some Ubuntu 22.04 VMs with qemu-guest agent installed and I've notice that the memory usage shown in the GUI is completely different from memory stats within the Ubuntu guest OS. Is it a problem of the guest agent? Does it computes memory usage as (used+buff/cache)/total instead of...
  15. J

    Can't get memory properly passed to OPNsense VM

    Hello everyone, I'm not used to the forum and it's rules so very sorry if make a mistake or if my thread is not at it's right place... So I have an issue with a little pve host that is actually a sort of mini network oriented computer with 4NICs and the following CPU : 4 x Intel(R) Celeron(R)...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Can Ryzen 7 3700U run smooth on Proxmox?

    Saw a mini PC with a Ryzen 7 3700U. I know that this processor is outdated, may this device consider small power consumption but big processing power? My main purpose is to install OpenWRT on the Proxmox as a Internet router. May simply learn docker, container and linux, use the virtual machine...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] VM Memory difference between proxmox and VM

    On PVE 7.2-3, I created VM (linux Debian) with 4 GB of memory for example (or more), but inside the VM, this is only 915 MB. debian@test:~$ free -mh total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 915Mi 113Mi 759Mi 0.0Ki...
  18. W

    RAM memory above 80%

    Hello, server with 32GB of memory and made 16GB available for the VM. But in the web interface it shows the graph with memory above 80%. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?
  19. powersupport

    Memory usage showing High from the outside and the server keeps stopping

    Hi, We are experiencing an issue that one of the VM (windows server) in our Proxmox cluster keeps stopping at regular intervals. We have checked the Syslog for OOM messages 'cat /var/log/syslog | grep OOM'. But does not get any output. On checking the summary in the Proxmox interface, we could...
  20. CH.illig

    [SOLVED] OPNsense fehlerhafte Memory Erkennung

    Ich betreibe 2 mal eine OPNSense als KVM auf unterschiedlichen Servern Bei beiden habe ich das Problem das innerhalb der Opensense lediglich 1 GB Memory verfügbar ist obwohl mehr zugeordnet ist. Dies egal ob mit oder ohne balooning hat jemand vielleicht einen tip?


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