1. V

    [SOLVED] Cluster wide networking management with SDN

    Hi, I just want to know how do you guys manage the networking for big proxmox clusters ? In my case I need to have multiple external networks for my VMs. For that, I create a dedicated vlan on my network switches and then configure a linux vlan interface on top of my linux bond and then add a...
  2. P

    Two IPs for node, port 8006 is working only to one.

    Hello, Please help understand the correct setup. Current config: PCI shelf with one installed G25A - EMBEDDED SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER. Two IPs are defined: for eno1 I/F for enp4s0f1 I/F #ip a (only relevant): 3: eno1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc...
  3. L

    Storage Management - Help required

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this Forum and hope to receive some help with my Storage Management. I am aware of the basics and different types of storage and so on, but i don't know how to manage all of this in a "real life usecase". My Setup: 1x Nvme - 250Gib -> Proxmox OS installed (Ref. as...
  4. C

    Proxmox management interface and pfsense

    Hello everybody and happy holidays :) I got an intel nuc 10th gen with 1 ethernet and 1 wifi card, my goal is to install pfsense and use it as router for my real hardware pc/consoles etc as well for my vms. I got a USB type C 2.5gbps nic and passed it to the pfsense vm but here is my problem: My...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to proxmox server directly using an ethernet cable from my pc but CAN connect IF proxmox server is connect to my router

    Ok, this seems really silly, but I am really out of ideas... I have a 6 port mini computer that works well with OPNSense but I wanted to use OPNSense in proxmox and replace my old router/switch. It happens that during its configuration (when it's connected to my router), I can connect via web...
  6. C

    HDD Storage Verwaltung Strategie

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe vor ca. 2 Jahren meinen ersten Proxmox Server aufgesetzt um zu lernen. Mittlerweile ist er gewachsen und ich mache so ziemlich alles mit dem Server. D.h. auch alle meine Daten sind dort abgelegt und können von jedem Gerät genutzt werden. Ich denke aber, dass ich das...
  7. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Roadmap multiple Cluster Management.

    Hallo zusammen, ich hab da mal eine Verständnisfrage. Auf der Roadmap steht ja als "geplantes" Feature die Möglichkeit mehrere Cluster zu verwalten. Ich konnte da jetzt in den Mailinglisten auf die Schnelle nichts finden, ob das schon in der Entwicklung ist oder nur eine Idee? Hintergrund: Wir...
  8. L

    cannot access Management GUI via xfce+chromium directly on host server

    Hello everyone, i just installed proxmox for the first time and after the installation followed since i needed to get some vms going for work and didn‘t have any client on hand. Now whenever i open chromium and navigate...
  9. J

    Changing proxmox management ip

    I setup proxmox with ip on a supermicro box with ip I have a default linux bridge vmbr0 with a cidr at and gateway of I am thinking of changing all the above to the following: keep the supermicro box in the 172 subnet. So it remains
  10. A

    Two IPs for management

    Hi to all! I am in the middle of a project in which I am using ESxi and Proxmox. My problem arises when I want to configure two different ips from different sub networks to access the web gui. This I could do without problems in ESXi simply by adding a VMkernel and assigning it to the...
  11. R

    Building ProxMox on Devuan

    Hey all! Long time ProxMox fan, have used it to great success in many scenarios. I'm very interested in migrating all of my backend servers and services to Devuan as it is far more stable and easy to manage than Debian. I know I'm going off the reservation here, but is it possible to build...
  12. M

    Proxmox from the cloud

    Hi, So my question is if there is a solution for managing Proxmox Clusters on multiple locations. One simple way would be to set up SSH, but I wish for something more like a control panel that I can access from anywhere. Is somthing like that possible? Kind regards Magnus
  13. P

    VLAN Network configuration

    Hello, I'm facing some network issues regarding the proxmox management interface. Indeed, I can't reach the interface and I can't ping the gateway from the server. The management IP address must be in the VLAN 200. My configuration is as follows: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1...
  14. D

    [TUTORIAL] maxView Storage Manager with Proxmox

    Hi, I am trying to arrange some management/monitoring for my Adaptec RAID 8805 controller. Therefore I installed the latest maxView Storage Manager on an Ubuntu (18.04.2) VM. Unfortunately, the software does not show any information about my controller. It seems that the topic has received...
  15. F


    I brought in my existing LXC containers into Debian, and they work perfectly, I can manage them with the regular lxc command list. But Proxmox only shows its own containers, not all LXC containers. Proxmox containers must coexist and be managed along with regular LXC, directory-backed...
  16. T

    Proxmox over Private Network

    Hi, i have not found anything on my problem on the wiki and hope someone in the Forum might help me. I have couple of Servers, each have an 10Gbit/s Uplink to the Internet and 10Gbit/s Private Network. Corosync and Ceph are each using their own private VLAN on the Private Network. I can't...
  17. J

    Largest cluster *without* HA

    Howdy all, So I'm trying to get an odd question answered here that I can't seem to find. I know that Proxmox uses Corosync to create and manage a cluster which will let you use a single interface to manage multiple physical nodes, as well as handling HA and live migrations, but from everything...


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