1. B

    macos Ventura stuck on apple logo (1/3 progress bar) with gpu passthrough

    Hello, I am have macOS Ventura installation done. Now I tried to do GPU passthrough via PCI but I have macos Ventura stuck on apple logo (1/3 progress bar). I n Hardware of the VM I have PCI set to RX 580 and Display set to VMware I get the following In the console I get to selecting the MacOS...
  2. B

    Proxmox 7.3-3 and macos Ventura install failing, no iso on fs0/fs1/fs2

    Hello, I am new to proxmox so most likely I am doing something simple wrong! I am installed proxmox 7.3-3 on my machine: ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS dual Xeon E5 20 cores with 128 Gb RAM and 1T NVMe drive. Now I followed Nick Sherlock installation guide for installing Ventura using Ventura.iso from...
  3. F

    macOS 10.13 Ventura hackintosh VM makes passthroughed FL1100 USB controller unusable among kernel 5.13~6.1

    My PC has a B660 chipset and there is only one Intel USB controller which is in the same IOMMU group as System RAM and lacks available reset mechanism. Actually I could passthrough the intel USB controller and use it with all basic USB 2.0 functions work as expected. But USB 3.0 could only work...
  4. E

    output video of VM to host's display

    Hello, First I’m a complete noob of proxmox. My goal is to use macOS ventura on my old iMac late 2013 model that have Intel Core i5 (I5-4570R) with integrated Intel Iris Pro 5200. I succeded to install macOS with OSX-PROXMOX utility by Luchina Gabriel, VM start and run in vnc mode, but I...
  5. A

    3 GPUs Proxmox workstation

    Hi everyone, I'm writing here for the first time, so hopefully this is the right section where to ask. I'd like to build a Proxmox workstation to host mainly 3 VMs: MacOS (my main operating system, I use it for browsing, email, coding, etc) Linux (also for work, same as above) Windows (for...
  6. W

    MacOS VE - GPU passthrough block the host

    some help please I have a MacOS Monterey installed, it works fine, when I add the graphics card via pcie and start the virtual machine, the host crashes and I have to reboot... I have tried with a Windows 11 machine with the same result. ... I am new to virtualization but I have seen that it is...
  7. P

    Bin neu hier ;)

    Moin Leute ich bin das Gollum, jetzt hab ich zum ersten mal Proxmox installiert und wollte mir macOS Monty drauf schieben, aber dann realisierte ich - brauche ich jetzt zwei Computer dafür, weil alles über den WebBrowser gemacht wird, hä? "The Way of hackintosh" scheine ich irgendwie nicht...
  8. S

    Proxmox 7.2 MacOS GPU Passthrough no VNC Pic

    Hey Guys, i´ve installed a Monterey VM on Proxmox 7.2 and did a GPU Passthrough with a Quadro K2200 Card. Everything works smooth on so far. I´ve connected a Monitor to the GPU and get a decent picture and control is smooth too. Now my Problem is i´ve installed Teamviewer on the MacOS but...
  9. A

    GPU can't passthrough to vm successfully with RX470

    Hello everyone, recently I read a post written by Nicholas Sherlock. The post showed a way to install macOS on proxmox. I followed the instructions and was able to install the macOS Monterey on proxmox successfully. When I came to the gpu passing-through part, I tried a lot of methods posted on...
  10. O

    macOS GPU passthrough, but to display on dashboard

    Hello, I see all tutorials online for GPU passthrough on macOS require a physical monitor. I followed the tutorials and successfully setup the VM. The graphics can be displayed on a monitor via an HDMI port of the graphic card(AMD RX580). But this is not truly what I want, One of the main...
  11. N

    Some questions about multiple running OS

    Hi, I'm currently not using a KVM, but I was considering switching to PROXMOX, so I have some questions: Can I dual boot between barebones Windows (using all resources) and the same Windows installation but virtualized + Linux/MacOS (splitting resources)? How? Can I switch between virtualized...
  12. E

    nec-usb-xhci compatibility with macOS?

    I've been struggling to passthrough usb devices to my macOS12.3 VM. Passing these devices to emulated USB2.0 controller is okay but with limited transfer rates: 1. `qm monitor <vmid>` 2. `device_add usbhost,vendorid=<0x0000>,productid=<0x0000>,id=usbreader` However by passing these devices...
  13. L

    GPU Passthrough not working

    Hi everyone! I recently install Macos Monterey on Proxmox 7, everything is fine, i can install it without problem. I use OpenCore and setup OVMF as Bios. The problem is, when i try to passing my GPU to MacOS, i've got a blank screens, nothing happen... But VM start properly ( i guess cause it...
  14. L

    UHD630 Igpu passtrough proxmox macos big sur

    So i installed proxmox on my pc to run macos vm the vm is working but when i try to pass my igpu (uhd630) to the vm i get a black screen. Here are my specs : CPU :i5-8300H RAM :16gb 2666mhz SSD :NVMe Micron_2200_MTFD 480GB GPU :GTX 1050 3gb IGPU :UHD 630 ETHERNETH :Realtek Gaming GbE Family WIFI...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] macOS High Sierra installed but fails to GPU passthrough (no signal)

    Hello everyone, I searched everywhere and tried everything (as far as I know) but it fails to show the display on the host. Here is my config... PC Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE V2 Ryzen 3 3200G 24RAM DDR4 SSD nvme 500GB MSI NVIDIA GTX 1650 SUPER /etc/modules vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci...
  16. F

    macOS Monterey guest tools ?

    Hello, Is there an equivalent to guest tools for Windows on a Proxmox 7 VM with a macOS Monterey? For example to be able to shutdown the macOS from Proxmox Thanks Fabien
  17. I

    [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Hi, I've been trying for a few months to make this work properly and I'm so close but now I have the biggest problem of all Poor performance! So, what I'm trying to do is one Windows VM for games And one more VM for everyday use that MacOS is on and I connect via Parsec to the Windows VM...
  18. X

    Host Crash and Reboot Everytime Running Multiple VM with GPU and iGPU Passthrough

    Long story short, I successfully installed windows 10 with 6900xt gpu passthrough and macos bigsur with igpu gvt-d passthrough (using this vbios compiled by myself, if I use the pre-compile one does not work) Unfortunately whenever I start the 2nd vm...
  19. L

    MacOS GPU Passthrough No Output ( HD 7850)

    Hi ! I'm really new to Proxmox and virtualization. After successfully install MacOS on proxmox at my home, i want to try install macos Catalina with Opencore on an old pc. Installation is a success but when i try to passthrough my GPU i've got a blank screen.. I try with Vmware compatible...
  20. L

    Audio Interface USB sizzling sound macos Catalina/ USB Passthrough not working.

    Hi, I'm really new to proxmox/linux and virtualization. I've installed macos and have a wworking gpu passthhough but i have an issue with my Audio Interface ( Scarlett 2i2). When a sound start ( like a notification or a video/music, the sound is horrible, saturated and sizzling.. So i can't use...


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