1. A

    How to remove a NTFS partition from SSD?

    Brand new n00b to Proxmox. I installed it last night and liked what I saw, so I am going to play with it a bit. Today I swapped out an old Adata SU630 SSD for a new Samsung NVMe on my son's desktop, so I thought I would throw it in this PVE machine. As you can see, it is reading the SSD, but it...
  2. C

    Storage pool shown as full, but its contents are not big enough (newbie)

    Hello all, I am just getting started with Proxmox and I apologise if I am missing something basic. I have one 2TB hard drive for high-io operations. I created a storage pool using just this hard drive. I created one VM to use this storage pool - one disc created using lvmthin. The storage in...
  3. A

    API : Get all LV (disk and snap) to calculate the sum of all thin volume sizes

    Hello, I want to prevent this warning : I can list all LV with : lvs --units=g --nosuffix But, i want to get the list and calculate the sum from the API. I have try : pvesh get /nodes/<node>/scan/lvmthin --vg=<VGID> but the result is : However, the command behind this API endpoint is ...
  4. H

    Strange ZFS performance issue

    Hello, I have old-ish HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8. It has 4x 3.5" bays (currently populated with 2x WD Reds = /dev/sda, /dev/sdb) + 1x old Laptop 2.5" HDD ( I installed Proxmox OS only = /dev/sdc ) My setup is that I have the Proxmox installed on the single 2.5" HDD, where the whole disk was...
  5. maxprox

    Prox7, lvmthin: LV after reboot inactive

    Hello I have a new small proxmox pve System on an old ACER / Gateway Server with an entry level ACER / Gigabyte Mainboard. There is only one Container which does not start. A LVMthin Install, no ZFS. The last thing I have done was to clone the Proxmox System SSD to a second and same SSD, 1:1...
  6. Tapio Lehtonen

    Proxmox on top of Debian 10, lvmthin for data?

    On Hetzner dedicated server I installed Debian 10 using installimage, and then apt-get install proxmox-ve per Hetzner instructions Now /var/lib/vz is on root partition, which is small and most of the NVMe disk is unused. root@hetrauta ~ # pveversion pve-manager/6.3-3/eee5f901 (running kernel...
  7. T

    No such volume group after clustering 2 servers.

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm new to Proxmox and the QEMU virtualization software, so please excuse anything that may seem a bit stupid lol, I've recently clustered my 2 servers for easy management, the host node, aka the owner of the cluster is having issues when it comes to creating virtual...
  8. J

    Metadata Size

    Hello! My problem is, that i wanted to make a backup of my vm and got the error message: Backup of VM 100 failed - lvcreate snapshot 'raid1/snap_vm-100-disk-0_vzdump' error: Cannot create new thin volume, free space in thin pool raid1/vmstorage reached threshold So I think the reason for this...
  9. P

    Duplication of a virtual disk on LVM thin

    Hello. Have a problem. There is a virtual machine which has 2 disks, one for 60 GB, and a drive for 100 GB. Disks are stored on the local lvm thin storage. In the configuration file of the virtual machine, one 60 GB disk is indicated, and on the storage there are two 60 GB disks associated with...
  10. T

    LVM-Thin + Metadata Usage

    Hallo zusammen, habe eine Verständnisfrage bzgl. LVM-thin Storage und dessen Metadata Usage... Ich habe zwei komplett voneinander unabhängige, alleinstehende Proxmox Server, die beide mindestens einen LVM-thin Storage für die VMs verwenden. Server A verwendet einen LVM-thin mit insgesamt 1,79...
  11. C

    device-mapper: message ioctl on failed: Operation not supported

    we have proxmox 4.4, whihc is having 2 LVM-thin Volumes, for some reason we have done hard-restart. After that the 2nd Volume is not working, if we try to create VM in that LVM-Thin it says device-mapper: message ioctl on failed: Operation not supported TASK ERROR: create failed - lvcreate...
  12. S

    LVM-thin / Hard disk partitionning

    Hi all, I'm from another world of virtualization system and I decided to give proxmox a try last week. Oh boy I'm kind a lost. I downloaded the 4.2 iso installer and took an old server and launch it! I'm usually able to decide how my hard drive is going to be partitionned and I'm working with...


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