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    VM disk larger than allocated

    I use LVM-thin on my disk (created a thin pool) and now it shows that the VM disks are larger size than it was allocated (214 and 536 instead of 200 and 500) although actual usage is just 20% of the allocated size. I don't know why and this may lead to "io-error". Please help me out. actual...
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    Is it possible to have 2 Virtual Disks and then combine them in Proxmox? Or is there a better solution?

    I'm looking at upgrading a few of my disks in my Dell R530. Currently, I have 3 x 2TB and then 5 x 4TB. I'll be upgrading 4 drives to 8TB. Currently, in Proxmox, I have 2 LVM Storage groups, 1 6TB, the other 18TB. If I create 2 separate virtual disks on my Dell raid controller, is it...
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    [SOLVED] Can't remove LVM

    Hi everyone ! I have an issue with my Proxmox cluster, I can't delete any lvm. The vm didn't exist anymore, but it say that the disk is used. I try with another disk with dmsetup: I checked the block device in lsof and no output. I don't know what I missed, if you have any idea or if you need...
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    Need help fast LVM problems after powerloss

    Currently struggling to get the VMs datastore up and running after a powerloss last night. The LVM part for the OS itself is ok, we are able to login via ssh and the proxmox WEBui shows and we can login. However whenever we try to start a VM the following error is shown: Code...
  5. A

    Convert storage from local to local-lvm

    Is it possible, is there any way, to convert a local storage to local-lvm?
  6. Z

    TASK ERROR: unable to create VM 104 - no such volume group 'drive2'

    Hello, I am new to ProxMox and currently testing it in my local environment with 3 nodes: i3, msi and smhome. Under Datacenter / Storage I added a new LVM (drive2) which is physically attached to "i3" node but it is also shared with my 2 other nodes: "msi" and "smhome". When I want to create a...
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    LVM drives do not get activated at boot and require to be manually activated.

    Hello, For reference I believe this started after upgrading to 7 (I also replaced my PSU at the time but not sure if that would cause the issue) but before I upgraded, it took a few minutes for my 2 HDDs to activate on boot. Now I have to manually deactivate using lvchange -an HDD-#/HDD-#_tmeta...
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    Corrupted Container Disk Image

    I deleted a container with ID 108, but now when I want to create another container with the same ID, it says that it detected a signature. I checked and the VM folder does not exists and the image is not present on any LVM, what can I do?
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    Raid config and Proxmox VE LVM setup

    HI Everyone, I have a super micro server sponsored to me by my company for educational purposes as we recently moved our corporate environment to the cloud. I have 11x 3TB physical drives setup with redundancy as one 28TB raid6 array. I attempted to install proxmox on this by just following...
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    Hello everyone, I need to know if I can change a HD from lvm to lvm-thin, I have a vm on this hd that is on lvm and its backups are coming from the size of the hd and not from the use of the vm.
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    VM disk moved from LVM Thin to LVM Thin no longer 'thin'

    I wanted to move a VM disk image on a hard disk LVM Thin volume to an SSD LVM Thin volume, because it was too slow on the hard disk. I used the GUI Move option to move it, but once it was moved it was no longer a used space of 23GB but had expanded up to the full provisioned size of 100GB. I...
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    lvm storage

    Hi, I was wondering are raw disk images on lvm the same as as logical volumes? If not whats the difference?
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    How to work in lvm storage.

    Little point to note up front: I come from Proxmox 3 and I'm used to all VM files just sitting some vz directory somewhere in var. These directories on PX5 are empty. (this is a default install) So now i'm trying to move/migrate a VMWare machine to Proxmox, the part that involves converting the...
  14. C

    LVM is pointing to wrong path

    I Restarted the Proxmox server After that the VM s are not stating so when i start searching i saw this thread So i run the lvconvert --repair pve/data lvchange -a y pve/data i have...
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    Proxmox LVM Help Needed

    Hi Guys, I have HP DL 360 - 1U Server which I installed Proxmox ver 4.4 on 2TB RAID HDD. (1TBx4) I need to create a Storage Space for Data. I don't know how. below is some Info. Please assist kindly. Device Start End Sectors Size Type /dev/sda1 2048 4095 2048...
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    How to move disk another machine

    Hello. I'm using proxmox lastest version. I'm using the LVM storage in proxmox. # cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg lvm: local-safe vgname vg-safe content images,rootdir shared 0 dir: iso-backups path /srv/iso-backups content vztmpl,iso,backup maxfiles...
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    How to ERASE LVM-THIN and crete Legacy LVM

    Hi! I install Proxmox 4.3 today I need lvm, instead of lvm-thin. I run lvremove /dev/pve/data Now between the web interface storage > creatre >new LVM storage and I already appears as 800GB available in the new LVM. If i dont delete /dev/pve/data , i have 20Gb free in the new lvm... i dont...
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    Proxmox and RAID

    Hello, I come here after lot of research without success.. I have 4 HDD in my proxmox server. I want use 2 for Proxmox environement and 2 for my VM. For security I want my proxmox environement in RAID 1 and the same things for my VM. Questions: It's possible? If yes with what? (LVM, CEPH...
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    How to mount LVM disk of VM

    How i mount lvm disk used by VM on host machine, so i can copy files. I have some network issue in the VM, can't get eth0 working. The VM use LVM disk image. root@server1:~# parted /dev/pve/vm-104-disk-1 print Model: Linux device-mapper (linear) (dm) Disk /dev/dm-5: 34.4GB Sector size...


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