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    Unable to power on any VM after reboot - activation of logical volume pve/data is prohibited while logical volume pve/data_tmeta is active.

    I ran an update on the Prox host and rebooted for good measure (using the non subscription repositories) After the reboot, none of my VM's will power on, they all show the error. While I can fix this by using lvchange and turning off the tmeta/tdata, the issue happens after every reboot of the...
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    Logical Volume not found after reboot.

    Hello, I have 2 colocated servers. Both have 2 Intel 2TB SSDs in RAID-1 and 2 WD Black NVMEs in RAID-1 (some other spinning drives) I installed the latest Proxmox 8.0.3 yesterday linked both servers and processed to test some of the Proxmov features (ie. migrating between nodes... etc..) Was...
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    [SOLVED] How to use a new logical volume for VM / Container backup

    Hi All, I have created 2 logical volumes (data and backup) from the pve2 volume group. I converted the data lv to a thin pool and on proxmox mgmt gui add it as storage called local-lvm. This local-lvm content type was disk and container image. Question is, how could i create storage on proxmox...
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    No such logical volume pve/vm-998-disk-2 at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LvmThinPlugin.pm line 219.

    Hi Everyone, I created a VM1 with two scsi hard disks (scsi0 and scsi1). It crashed for some reason then I created another vm2 and assigned the vm1-scsi1 disk to vm 2. After that I was able to access all the data present in vm1-scsi1 through vm2. But then I deleted the VM1 and now when I try to...
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    Error Activating LV

    Hi everybody, I wonder if I could get some help please? I have proxmox 7.2-7 installed and whenever I reboot the host I am always presented with the error "TASK ERROR: activating LV 'pve/data' failed: Activation of logical volume pve/data is prohibited while logical volume pve/data_tdata is...
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    Extending Physical Volume (PV)

    Hello. During initial installation, i selected HDSIZE as 50 GB on my 250 GB NVMe SSD. Proxmox did it thing and divided the 50 gigs into all partitions that was needed. However, over time and VM usage, i became short on space and now i want to extend the local-lvm (so the data local volume) to...
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    LVM "device is not in a usable state" Layer 8 oder Bug?

    Hallo Liebes Form, als erstes einmal vielen Dank für diese wundervolle Software Proxmox. Ich nutze sie seit Version 4 als mein Home-Lab. Aktuell bin ich auf pve 7 mit community repo und bin sehr zufrieden. Nur aktuell weiß ich nicht ob ich ggf. etwas falsch mache oder einen Denkfehler habe oder...
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    LVM drives do not get activated at boot and require to be manually activated.

    Hello, For reference I believe this started after upgrading to 7 (I also replaced my PSU at the time but not sure if that would cause the issue) but before I upgraded, it took a few minutes for my 2 HDDs to activate on boot. Now I have to manually deactivate using lvchange -an HDD-#/HDD-#_tmeta...
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    Can't proceed any backup

    Hello, i'm having an issue with my automatic script backing up 15 VMs in the same time. So i tried to specifically backup only one, so i got this message and i don't understand why it's blocking: root@pve:~# vzdump 100 --node pve --storage backupStorage --remove 0 --mode snapshot --compress...
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    Rebooted iSCSI target and now VM's are not starting

    Basically, the title says it all. We rebooted our NAS, but now, the VMs that were stored on there are not able to restart. This is the error we get. iscsiadm: No portals found command '/usr/bin/iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal 1XX.1XX.9.1XX' failed: exit code 21 iscsiadm...
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    Is it possible to create/use a striped volume for a VM in Proxmox

    I'm relatively new to Proxmox, but pretty familiar with Linux. I have three 1.5TB hard disks that I'd like to place into a single volume group and subsequently create a striped logical volume from using all 3 disks for striping. . This striped logical volume would be fully assigned to a single...
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    Restore VM with existing Logical volume ?

    Hi, After a big storm my two SSD RAID 1 crash (one dead ans one with too many bad sector) ... I'm not realy lucky ... I have replace the both SSD and re install proxmox RAID 1. My raid 5 is OK and after install mdadm all my VG/LV are ok and active. My question : How I could retore my VM with...


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