Is it possible to create/use a striped volume for a VM in Proxmox


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Dec 27, 2018
I'm relatively new to Proxmox, but pretty familiar with Linux. I have three 1.5TB hard disks that I'd like to place into a single volume group and subsequently create a striped logical volume from using all 3 disks for striping. . This striped logical volume would be fully assigned to a single VM. The VM will be installation of Openmediavault. The striped logical volume would be used in OMV as an SMB share.
All of this is merely for my experimental and educational purposes. I'd like to do the three disk stripe just to see what kind of performance results the striped volume gives. I fully realize and accept that 1 disk failing in this basic striped set will corrupt data on the logical volume.... so no need to point this out to me.... again, this is merely for testing and educational purposes.
So, my basic question is, is it possible to create/use a striped volume for a VM in Proxmox? I've been able to use the command line to create the volume group with all three disks, but I cannot find anyway of using Proxmox to create the logical volume as striped instead of spanned.
All suggestions and feedback welcomed and appreciated in advance! ☺
MDADM isn't a great solution, you can easily setup these disks as an LVM RAID 0 and use that. You can also manually use lvcreate to setup a stripped volume, but TMK this isn't in the UI
Yes, using the command line from the shell, I've been able to get the striped logical volume fully created. What I cannot figure out is how to assign/associate the striped logical volume to the openmediavault VM such that I can see the striped logical volume from within the running openmediavault VM. Thanks for the feedback always, any and all assistance appreciated in advance.
Why not simply mount it in the node and then create an folder? Or mount an LVM directly over the GUI.
Why not simply mount it in the node and then create an folder? Or mount an LVM directly over the GUI.
Thanks. I was able to do this in two different manners. 1st was by using the folder (DIR) method you suggested. That worked great. I thne treid method #2 which was to simply share each of the hard drives as a separate VG in Proxmox, assign three matched size logical volume disks to OpenMediaVault, and then use the RAID feature within the OMV VM to create the striped RAID. My home office uses a gigabit network and the the striped raid fully saturates the gigabit network when reading or it is very fast. Thanks for the feedback!


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