live migration

  1. B

    VM crash / kernel panic after live migration from one host to another

    Hi guys, I've recently incorporated a second host into my environment and have been testing the live migration process. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to work as expected. About 75% of the time, I've had to forcefully reboot the VM after migration due to crashes. I noticed a few posts about...
  2. F

    Full Disk Copy Issue during Live Migration

    Hi all, I have previous experience with Hyper-V, and I'm now trying out Proxmox. I attempted a live migration from one server to another and noticed that the disk is fully copied. In Hyper-V, only the used blocks in the virtual disk are copied, whereas in Proxmox, if the virtual disk is 128GB...
  3. J

    Live Migration stuck at 0.0b

    I'm having problems to run live migration to one of my servers. It has no error message but just sitting at 0.0b. The log is below. task started by HA resource agent 2024-02-13 10:28:29 starting migration of VM 1007 to node 'pve1' ( 2024-02-13 10:28:29 starting VM 1007 on remote...
  4. N

    Live migration

    Hi, We have a 3-node cluster that has relatively large nodes (2 x 64-core EPYC 7763's with 1TiB of RAM), and we are stress testing Proxmox in large-node configurations that have a large number of VMs. In our test scenario, we have around 440 test VMs on the first node, with the other two...
  5. UdoB

    [SOLVED] Mixed cluster with Intel+Amd: any chance for live migration? [Solved by: not really possible]

    Hello everybody, while there are already several threads regarding Intel & Amd in a mixed cluster I am not sure about the current state. Most threads I've read drift away in one or another direction. So please forgive me if you feel this has already been discussed enough... My cluster is...
  6. T

    iSCSI Live Migration Nimble

    Hi Everyone, One of my major clients is considering PVE but I've run into the same snag as earlier this year. The organization has several HPE Nimble SANs and they aren't going away as far as I can tell. HPE Nimble is block storage only, so iSCSI is basically the one and only solution...
  7. K

    Live migration failed

    Hi, I have been doing live migration (local storage to local storage) from 6.3 node to 7.2 node, there have not been any issues with 5 of the VMs, but with the last one, I had issues, and the output of the error is: 2022-07-05 23:47:53 migration status: active (transferred 29642295186...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] Live migration to directory should ask if I want to use raw or qcow2 images

    Hi, I am new to pve and pbs, so maybe I have not fully taken advantage of all the features available. I have 2 systems configured as a cluster. One server uses a thin provisioned LVM for VM disks and everything works fine. PBS can work with snapshot mode. The other server uses a directory for...
  9. H

    LXD 4.20 supports live migration of LXC containers LXD now has live migration. Perhaps recently the CRIUgenic technology has advanced a bit and Proxmox can start looking into this as well?
  10. L

    [SOLVED] (PVE 7.0-14+1) "VM ### not running" Live Migration kills VM (post-SSD move, pre-RAM move)

    Originally posted as a reply here: "We're seeing this as well, though without the overflow during RAM transmission. More info further into this reply." This problem was discovered following a...
  11. TwiX

    LXC - Virtualize PVE inside PVE

    Hi, We usually make KVM VMs. But for history reasons we still have some old containers. Openvz containers which were migrated to lxc since PVE4. Now with pve7 some LXCs refuse to start properly (mainly due to old systemd < 232). Also, LXC live migration is impossible. So I'm wondering if...
  12. robm

    VM live migration using lvm-thin with discard results in high I/O

    When doing a live VM migration (latest proxmox enterprise 7) from one server to another where both servers use local disks with lvm-thin (ext4 hardware SSD RAID-10), if the VM hard disk has "Discard" enabled, we find that the migration hammers the I/O of the target node until the first copy...
  13. J

    Live migration network performance

    After a small network upgrade, I try to tune the performance for the live migration. With the secure migration mode I currently get 300-400 MiB/s. In the insecure migration mode, I get around 1,6 GiB/s. This is still half the speed I get with iperf on one parallel test transfer... Are there...
  14. S

    no migrate mode online on PVE 7

    Hi, ich have a 5 PVE Cluster on LINSTOR and DRBD. At VM migration, It can only do over Restart Mode, No Online Mode have to choice. How can I realize live migration on linstor-drbd? thanks
  15. C

    Live migrations failing seemingly randomly over many months and versions. Device or resource busy.

    The usual failure looks like: ... 2021-08-03 15:24:47 migration active, transferred 32.6 GiB of 32.0 GiB VM-state, 120.2 MiB/s 2021-08-03 15:24:48 migration active, transferred 32.7 GiB of 32.0 GiB VM-state, 117.0 MiB/s 2021-08-03 15:24:49 migration active, transferred 32.8 GiB of 32.0 GiB...
  16. L

    Live Migration Failing

    I'm apologizing to the Proxmox admins first -- they were very quick to respond to my original post on this topic but I wasn't ready to do the testing they'd asked for. Now that I have the logs they've asked for, I'm hoping I can nudge a response. My forum post is below and I'd appreciate any...
  17. L

    Live Migration and Versions

    We added a 6th node to our cluster and its version is one (or so) ahead of the rest. We hadn't live migrated anything in a bit, but live migrations are now failing (they've always been fine). We're wondering if, for live migrations to work between any two nodes in the cluster, if ALL the nodes...
  18. R

    can't live migrate VM with local cloudinit disk

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte eine VM, die auf einem local ZFS Storage liegt auf eine andere Node migrieren. Sie hat eine Cloudinit-Disk an IDE2 angehängt, die ebenfalls auf dem lokalen ZFS liegt. In der GUI gibt es im Migrations-Dialog dann die Info, dass die lokale Cloudinit-Disk eine...
  19. A

    Migration fails (PVE 6.2-12): Query migrate failed

    Hello! First post, yay! We are in the works of setting up a cluster using this awesome software. We've set up a 3 node cluster. As backend for our VM disks we are currently running GlusterFS (A move to CEPH is underway). While live-migrating a VM we bump into the following error every now and...
  20. C

    Small homelab cluster

    Hello I'm recently start in proxmox, i have 3 small servers that i put together to make a cluster using proxmox, as all servers are limited to 16GB the ceph solution is very bad performance wise... all the vm/ct are laggy because after some time the mem isn't enought and then the swap is used...


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