live migration

  1. U

    VM live migration fails when Cloud-Init image is attached

    Hi guys, I setup a 3-node experimental cluster with LVM on iSCSI (FreeNAS) as storage. Live migration fails when the CloudInit drive is attached but it works fine without the CloudInit drive. Is this normal? Live migration with the CloudInit drive attached gives this error...
  2. S

    PVE 5.1, Netscaler guest (FreeBSD8.4) clocksource unstable leading to VM crash after migration

    Hi all, I've got an interesting issue with a FreeBSD-8.4 appliance guest (Citrix Netscaler 11.1). Ceph is the storage backend. Hosts are matching Xeon E5-2690 configurations. Everything is fine so long as the guest remains on the host it booted on. If live-migrated anywhere, the guest can...
  3. P

    Migration Problem

    Hi guys Today I've found out that I need to update my nodes and reboot them. In order to prevent downtime in my production servers, I was live migrating VMs one by one to other nodes in my cluster. and migration problem occurred while migrating two of my VMs. They got rebooted and we...
  4. L

    Live Migration Issues

    Hi, Whenever we try to Live Migrate a VM from one of our clustered servers to another, it usually works no problem. There is one VM in particular that does not migrate. It gives the following error message: 2018-03-29 06:34:42 starting migration of VM 113 to node 'proxbarw04'...
  5. S

    Migration Network multiple IP

    Hi, For some reasons I have 2 bond interfaces: bond0 4x1G for public network with PVE with OpenVSwitch. bond1 2x10G for Ceph. Note: this network is absolutely isolated on dedicated switches with no uplink. By default migration was done on the public network instead of the Ceph. Having the...
  6. T

    Live migration to another cluster (even from 3 to 5)

    All old proxmox users know how frustrating it can be to migrate your enviroment from 3 to 4 or even to 5. Ad there is many many other reasons why you some times want migrate your vm's from cluster to another. There is dirty hack for that. - copy from your local machine authorized keys your...
  7. S

    How to create CEPH storage in Proxmox?

    How to create CEPH storage in proxmox for ISO and templates?
  8. R

    Live migration different IPs for VMs

    I want to perform a live migration from Proxmox 5 to Proxmox 5 on a different server in a different data center. Both servers have completely different IP subnets. Is there a way to map the IP addresses? Or should I change them inside the Proxmox terminal on each VM before the migration? I only...
  9. F

    Successful but not easy live migration story

    Hello, I have a failing hard drive on one of our nodes. So I had to migrate my running VMs to another node. I succeeded but it was not as easy as I thought. A little summary of the setup of that server. Proxmox 5.1 is installed on an hard drive. The pve volume group is on that drive. I have...
  10. S

    Live Migration not happening in proxmox

    Hello All, I have installed Proxmox VE 5.1.3. I have created 4 other VE servers and clustered successfully. But when I try to do the live migration, It fails. The following is the error code I get 2018-01-15 21:19:34 starting migration of VM 101 to node 'r3' ( 2018-01-15...
  11. P

    Migrate VMs on outage without reboot

    we have a 3 nodes cluster which are correctly working with high availability, Last night, one of our nodes had an outage, so the HA-Manager migrated all VMs to another node as expected. But I noticed that all of our VMs get rebooted after migration, this caused some issue with VMs, since some of...
  12. M

    CRIU Experiment

    Hello everyone, has anyone installed CRIU in proxmox nodes to experiment live migration? How did you do so? I know it's not stable and I'll not install it on production. I would like to install it on my laboratory (kind of sandbox). Any guidance would be great! Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Live migration LXC

    Hello, I am serving a videoconference application and I want to compare the performance between VMs and LXC, specially in case of migrating the server. For VMs, I have an NFS server where I store the disk of the VM hosting the server. Now, I wonder how to set up the configuration of LXC to...
  14. A

    FEATURE REQUEST lxc live migration

    I know I know, not possible/stable/ CRIU has not exactly been standing still. Version 3.6 is pretty solid and utilized by Ubuntu LXD server with good results; it doesnt seem like an insurmountable feature to...
  15. M

    Configuring shared storage

    I have already a cluster of 3 nodes and I would like to enable proper VM Live migration, i.e. unnoticeable downtime. Right now I have my VMs using local-lvm (LVM-thin) and therefore live migration is not allowed (you can use --with-local-disks but there's noticeable downtime). Could anyone...
  16. TwiX

    Live migration settings

    Hi, I know it's possible to define specific interface (which is not the pve-cluster interface currently used) and bandwidth limit related to live migration. What are the related config files (with right syntax as well) ? Do we have to restart something for these new settings to apply ? Thanks...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] PVE 5 Live migration downtime degradation (2-4 sec)

    The problem found in thread, but there discussed live migration with local disks. To not hijack that thread, I open new one. In PVE 5.0 after live migration with shared storage, VM hangs for 2-4 seconds. It can be...
  18. grin

    proxmox 5.0 live migration fails

    This doesn't seem to be the already mentioned ssh problem (which is at 1:7.4p1-10 anyway): Jul 11 18:34:38 copying disk images Jul 11 18:34:38 starting VM 103 on remote node 'bowie' Jul 11 18:34:40 start remote tunnel Jul 11 18:34:40 starting online/live migration on...
  19. A

    Proxmox Cluster Migration error

    Hi, We have done new setup with 3 hosts HA Cluster, We are doing migration from Host1 to Host2/Host3, its showing error Offline Migration Issue: When we do offline migration its migrating to other Host, but while starting VM in other Host its getting below error "TASK ERROR: volume...
  20. G

    Understanding USB Passthrough Limitations

    We have a VM that we would like to attach a USB device to, using USB passthrough. However, it is also an important VM that must have minimal downtime, so we need to be able to live migrate it to other PVE cluster members when doing server upgrades etc. I would like to know if it is possible to...


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