live migration

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    Live migration with local directories

    Please forgive the dumb question(s). Hypothetical setup: 3 servers, set to cluster, and in quorum. Each have their own LVM volumes where volumes are mounted with EXT4 filesystems so directories and disks images are readable/viewable as files on the file system, i.e. each server has a mounted...
  2. L

    HA Glusterfs auto online migration

    Hi guys I have 3 node on proxmox 4.3. There are in cluster. 2 of them have glusterfs server 3.5 (official on proxmox). Cluster works perfectly, glusterfs works good ,ha works fine and online migration works fine. In HA i have one group and all vm's add to this group. Everything works well...
  3. G

    When will KVM live / suspend migration on ZFS work?

    Upon upgrading our cluster to PVE 4, I just realized that live migration of KVM guests on ZFS local storage (zvol) still does not work. Since vzdump live backups do work (presumably using ZFS snapshots), I wonder why it's not implemented for migration, and when is it expected? Is it on the...
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    Upgrade from 4.1-1 (kernel to 4.1-22 (kernel and migration issues

    Dear all, Sorry for the stupid question. I've a three nodes cluster running PVE 4.1. On one of the nodes, yesterday, the latest package upgrades were manually updated, including alle the pve debs and the latest kernel. Before the upgrade, all the running VMs were migrated to the other hosts...
  5. H

    Live Migration options using ZFS as backing store

    Hi There I have a few Proxmox Clusters with up to 12 nodes in them and want to take advantage of ZFS and l2arc. I have PCI-E SSD's configured for l2arc and ZIL and spinning disks for main storage, I then share zpools using NFSv3 (with hard,intr options) and VM disk images are created as files...
  6. S

    Live migration error - how to get more detailed log/debug

    Hi, After last cluster update, live migration is broken: Where can I find more detailed log or turn on debug for this event? Why live migration isn't working as it should?
  7. K

    Feature request?

    A previous post was taken down for mentioning a competitor so I won't mention them here and sorry if this is the wrong place for a feature request but there doesn't seem to be a place in the forums to ask. In this other hypervisor, storage was done locally on the nodes (as opposed to a central...


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