[SOLVED] Live migration to directory should ask if I want to use raw or qcow2 images


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Feb 28, 2022
I am new to pve and pbs, so maybe I have not fully taken advantage of all the features available.

I have 2 systems configured as a cluster. One server uses a thin provisioned LVM for VM disks and everything works fine. PBS can work with snapshot mode.

The other server uses a directory for VM disks. I want to use qcow2 image format here so that snapshots are available.

But as far as I understand, the VM disk has to be live-migrated using raw and then moved/converted to qcow2 format.

Is this correct?

Why is there no option to allow migration to qcow2 image format?



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the volumes will keep their current format if supported by the target storage. so if you migrate from LVM thin to dir, the source will always be raw, so the target will also be raw. you can then move the disks afterwards to qcow2, but that is another, second step. also note that if you start using snapshots, then migration will no longer work until you remove the snapshots, unless you use compatible storages on both ends (e.g., ZFS on both ends, or qcow2 on both ends is supported).
Hey Fabian,
thank you for explaining.... so I will have to use the same storage backend on both systems (this is surely advised anyway).

Thank you for your fast response and have a great day,
Hi everybody,
I now use ZFS storage on both systems and raw images on top, works great.
Thin provisioning is (somehow) enabled by setting zfs compression to on, so the raw images use up very little space.
How do I set this topic to "resolved" now?

edit the thread at the first post, then select the prefix ;)


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