1. Z

    Can't connect to Web Interface via LAN but can through Wifi

    Hello, I have an install of Proxmox that I have a few VMs running on. I recently relocated my router and switch and have had trouble connecting to the web GUI all day I was able to ping out from the server but couldn't ping into it, until I unplugged my PC from the switch. Now it connects fine...
  2. F

    Adding 2.5" SATA SSD via PCIe adapter kills ethernet connection

    I am trying to add a 2.5" SSD to my system using the Accelsior S PCIe adapter card. When I add the card to the system and boot, I can see the disk drive in fdisk as well as format, add/remove partitions etc. But then my ethernet connection is broken: Jan 13 14:26:08 pve-1 networking[887]...
  3. A

    Out of idea... and undersanding

    Hello all, I've a problem here I can't resolve. I already spend a few hours testing many scenarios and I'm out of ideas... Here's my problem : I've a DHCP server distributing IP Adresses in the range -> with a subnet mask (22). I've here 2...
  4. A

    Proxmox configuration -> devices won't communicate on lan

    Hello, I know there must be an easy fix to my problem but I have looked up for 6 months and no video, forum, or person could help me with this... I want to start a home server with and really old pc, mainly a NAS server and a plex one. Please keep in mind that I'm a noob with those things...
  5. J

    Host and CTs can't ping google but can ping gateway (WLAN and LAN)

    Hi all, New to proxmox and I can appreciate that this is yet another internet connection issue post. I've been through most posts trying to implement the changes etc, so I've made a lot of variations and tweaks so it might be a bit of a mess. So thank you in advance for your help and patience...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Connecting Ubuntu 22.04 VM to WAN

    Hi all, I know a hundred people are asking the same thing, but I've searched them all and can't seem to find an honest and easy answer. I want to setup Proxmox on my home server (it currently runs Ubuntu 22.04 as the main OS but I want to be able to create a home assistant and windows VM...
  7. S

    Separating WAN and LAN

    I'm running OpenWRT on Proxmox VM and so far everything are going fine but the Mini PC got only 1 ethernet port and I heard people say that have both WAN and LAN on single port make internet speed become lower than it should be so I decided to get a Gigabit Ethernet to USb 3.0 (UE300) but I...
  8. K

    Node to node networking

    I have two nodes with two NICS each. One NIC is connected directly to the internet, the other NIC is essentially a LAN only connection between the nodes with a linux bridge creating VMBR2. I'm manually configuring static IP address to the nodes themselves in the range. Can I use...
  9. D

    Between Proxmox, OPNSense configuration

    There are 4 Ethernet port on my PC, port1 is the Proxmox VE console page, port2 idle. port3 and port4 for OPNSense. OPNsense uses port3 LAN, port4 WAN. The LAN is connected to the WiFi router, and all the WiFi devices able to access the internet. The problem is that only Proxmox VE cannot...
  10. B

    2FA through WAN but not LAN

    Hi all! I have a domain pointing to my server, with nginx reverse proxy, cloudfare and SSL. All is working well, what I want is to use 2FA only outside my home and not on lan. Is there a way to do this? I´m not able to install a VPN on my job computer, so I need to expose the server to the web...
  11. S

    No access to web services any virtual machine in LAN

    Hello, I have a strange problem. I have some machines with services using web GUI. I don't know why but I can access only to web service installed inside PVE, but any another VM doesn't give me web access. Loading, loading and do nothing. When I connect via VPN to my home network I can access...
  12. N

    Trying to access media server on pfSense LAN

    Hi I have setup pfSense, I only have one NIC I have created a bridge in pfsense vmbr0 and a LAN connection vmbr1 the ip address of my LAN is I have installed sonarr and set the ip address of the container to when I try to connect to the sonnar container...
  13. Y

    I have 2 LAGG bonded networks. They're both supposed to be 2 Gb, but only one is per dmesg | grep -i duplex. Please Help.

    Both networks are working. However, Bond0 has one interface that's running at 10 Mbps Full Duplex and the other at 1 Gb. Bond1 is running at 2 Gb full Duplex. All 4x interfaces are on the same card. Bond0 is assigned to vmbr0 and is my WAN Bond1 is assigned to vmbr1 and is my LAN vmbr0 and...
  14. S

    Need help with broadcast bonded LAN setup

    I want to use multiple NICs on my Proxmox machine as a switch with routing across the multiple LAN NICs and to the single WAN NIC. I have them set up as a broadcast bond (see details below), with enp2s0 through enp6s0 all bonded. I can see all the Proxmox VMs and the WAN from LAN devices, but...
  15. M

    Denying the VM Access to the LAN

    What im trying to achieve is to have a VM that has no way of communicating with the rest of the devices on the LAN. The configuration below seems to work but i wanted some of your thoughts on it. My aim to have the VM accessible by another person using a remote tool (e.g., AnyDesk) but prevent...
  16. Q

    Block LAN connection/traffic on VM

    Hello, I would like to Host a Server for a friend but I don't want him to be able to have access on any local device/traffic. My first idea was to just block it via firewall the IP's. Is it best practice? How would you do it? Is there any documentation/tutorial to follow? Best Regards Quappi
  17. V

    10GbE cluster network(s) - 3 nodes without switch

    Hi, I made fresh installation for 3 cluster node with network as follows: is there any option to set up a cluster? if not anything I can do to set up a cluster? Now each node has hosts to point to other two nodes, and at OS level communication are working properly But at set up cluster seems...
  18. M

    Changing lan - add network device?

    I am about to change IP-number on my LAN where the Proxmox server is and all it's guests. Reason is that the network is becoming full... what is the best way to go about his? The server is going to be on it's own vlan, vbr0 and vbr1 is going to be on another vlan. The guests will be on...
  19. C

    Assigning Public IP to LXC and VM

    Hi, I know this topic maybe has been mentioned before but I cannot find a solution that works for my configuration. I got a /24 from ARIN, so made a Proxmox HA cluster with 4 nodes, I have my VMs working fine in my private network and i just made a 1:1 NAT in my router to have a public IPs in...
  20. P

    virtuelles VLAN erstellen

    Hallo liebe Community, ich würde auf meinem Proxmox Heimserver gerne ein virtuelles VLAN erstellen, damit ich einige VMs vom restlichen Netzwerk trennen kann. Warum? Ich würde sehr gerne eine theoretisch Windows Server Umgebung mit eigenen DNS, DHCP, Testclients, Softwareverteilungssystem, usw...


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