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    HTTP spam from my server.

    Hallo Team, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Proxmox Server. Hetzner 2 IPv4 Adressen 1x Proxmox 1x OpenSense Fehler: Der Proxmox Server Spam andere Server zu. ############################################################################## # DDoS-Attack detected from host THISISTHESERVER...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] Kernel Bug unable to handle page fault

    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing issues with my server crashing since I rebuilt it. I tried changing the RAM speed from 3200MT/s to 3000MT/s after the first occurrence, but unfortunately the issue has persisted. Once the kernel bug occurs, the server becomes inaccessible via both the...
  3. O

    ISSUE in PPPoE Mikrotik CHR installed in proxmox.

    I'm having strange problems with Mikrotik CHR on Proxmox. All VLANs are operational; however, within a single VLAN customer, certain clients may connect using PPPOE, and occasionally PPPOE requests may not reach the client's server. I confirmed the VLAN configuration is operational, and inside...
  4. M

    VM Performance Issue While Clone and Restore

    we are facing an issue and are not sure how to troubleshoot or find the exact reason behind it while we attempted to clone any VM or try to restore a backup from PBS we noticed the other VMs would get affected and not function properly like hanging for sometime already i tried to make the VM...
  5. J

    VNC Shell über API unverschlüsselt starten.

    Hallo, wenn ich eine Shell per API anfrage ist diese über VenCrypt verschlüsselt. Mein WebSocket zu VNC Proxy bietet aber keinerleie möglichkeiten dieses Protokol zu entschlüsseln. Wenn ich mir anschaue wie ProxMox die Shell selbst startet ist mir ein ``-notls`` Argument aufgefallen. Wenn ich...
  6. T

    Got brand new HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 issue booting into proxmox

    Installed proxmox fine but now when the server boots just goes to PXE and does nothing tried to go to boot menu and press enter on proxmox and just sends me back to the bios area am i doing something wrong?
  7. L

    Proxmox VLAN + Unifi - VMs don't get IP when VLAN tagged

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year!! I know, not another VLAN in Proxmox thread! But I have genuinely tried to tackle this for the past 4 days and will detail below what I've tried in the hopes that it genuinely is something silly that I've overlooked. Background System versions: Proxmox VE...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] VXLAN SDN route/MAC address mismatch after migration

    Hi all! I've discovered an issue with VXLAN and routing, and I'm not sure if it's because my setup is wrong/weird or if it's a bug (possibly in the kernel). My setup is: Three nodes in a cluster, each node has an /32 address on loopback lo: vmhost0, vmhost1
  9. Z

    PVE 8.1-1 installation fails with unsquashfs-error

    Hi Community and a happy first Advent, I can't figure out why my installation fails and desperately hope for your help My installation of PVE 8.1-1 keeps aborting with the following error: command 'unsquashfs -f -dest /target -I /cdrom/pve-base.squashfs' failed with exit code 1 at...
  10. E

    proxmox-kernel-6.5.11-4 issue.

    Upon running a basic `apt upgrade` on my cluster, proxmox-kernel-6.5.11-4 installed and when it booted all I get is: Loading Linux 6.5.11-4 Loading initial ramdisk... [ICODE] After that, nothing, except that the fact the system is continuing to boot, without display. Providing what I can...
  11. A

    Major Issue: critical target error, dev ssd.

    Hi, I need help! i cant seem to find why but when i start up my server i get this error: critical target error, dev ssd, sector 24121784 op 0x1: (WRITE) flages 0x800 phys_seg 1 prio class 2 (this continues 5 times) /dev/mapper/pve-root: run journal away /dev/mapper/pve-root: UNEXPECTED...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] ClamAV update issue

    hello everyone I get an error when I want to update the clamav database. When I access the update address via the internet browser, I encounter the cloudflare control. After passing the check (verify that you are not a robot), I can download the relevant update to my computer. pmg cannot...
  13. J

    PVE Web UI fails to load on poor network

    Hi, I'm experiencing issues loading the PVE Web UI of a remote home server to which I have a somewhat poor connection. To be more specific: I'm running a remote home server, which gets internet over a mobile network connection with quite bad upload. I have a site-to-site WireGuard tunnel...
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    Proxmox keeps freezing, out of options

    HI Guys, My Proxmox is freezing and need a reboot every 4 / 5 hours, even with low cpu load. What i've tried so far: - Switched the NVME's (they are in raid1 2x 2TB, also tried without raid, same issue) - Switched the RAM modules - Reinstalled proxmox with 7.4 - Reinstalled proxmox with 8.0 -...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8.0 / Kernel 6.2.x 100%CPU issue with Windows Server 2019 VMs

    Hi, we are running quite a large Proxmox cluster environment here (23 nodes) and have recently updated all our nodes to Proxmox 8.0 according to the official documentation. Since then we are having severe issues with all our qemu-driven Windows Server 2019 VMs, which we use to provide users...
  16. I

    [CRITICAL] | Installation Issue: Flashing Screen after First Step

    Hello, So i tried to install Proxmox nativly. After it entered the Proxmox installation Screen i had the option to select Proxmox VE and Advanced options. I selected Proxmox VE. The the Bad things started to happen. First it drew an purple line across the screen, then as the time went by the...
  17. S

    Role VM.config.networking prevent cloud init networking

    Hello everyone. Currently working on the proxmox roles I would like to report a behavior on this part. the vm config role blocks the configuration of a cloud init on the network option. Indeed I think it could be two separate things. I can restrict the hardware part of the vm on the network to...
  18. W

    All KVMs status is unknown

    Hi, On one of my 2-serwers cluster all KVMs status turn to gray (unknown). Sometimes issue dissappear by itself. Sometimes "systemctl restart corosync.service && systemctl restart pve-cluster.service && systemctl restart pvedaemon.service && systemctl restart pvestatd" help. Bellow syslog from...
  19. R

    cant login in my proxmox after updated [HELP]

    Hello pals, I have a problem for a few days that has become uncomfortable, and it is that I have my proxmox server with several lxc and vm that has been running without problems for 1 year, but because I have been away from home for a long time, I had not updated and had the version proxmox ve...
  20. U

    [SOLVED] Upgrade stuck on pve-ha-lrm.service

    Hello there, I've been running a 2 nodes cluster (no HA) for the past 6 months, yesterday I decided that it's time to upgrade them because the new version was available, I did an upgrade on both nodes at the same time, one node updated perfectly the other one was still updating, in the meantime...


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