1. D

    HTTPS Certs for 6 nodes in a cluster

    I am trying to setup HTTPS Certs on a cluster of 6 nodes. Before I added them all to the cluster I had HTTPS certs working on all of them. After I added the servers to the cluster all but the first server lost the HTTPS certs. Am I supposed to only give 1 server HTTPS certs? Do I have to do...
  2. A

    proxy https

    Hello, I have a server under proximox. everything works correctly, I can connect locally. But I implemented Nginx Proxy Manager on docker. But when I connect with my domain and using https (with Nginx Proxy Manager) I can connect to proxmox all preconfigured, but I cannot display the vm...
  3. J

    HTTPS macro includes UDP?

    Hey everyone! Quick question: Does the HTTPS macro of the PVE Firewall include UDP traffic (to port 443) or is it still just TCP? I am on PVE 7.4-17, but if it is available in PVE 8.x I would also be interested in the answer, since I plan on migrate to it soon. Thanks in advance.
  4. S

    ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when trying to access Proxmox web interface externally through Cloudflare tunnel

    Hi, I wanted to access my proxmox server externally i.e. without being on my home network, and for that reason following a Youtube tutorial I setup a Cloudflare tunnel. I then spun up an LXC Container using an Ubuntu image. When I first did this, it all was working fine and dandy. Something has...
  5. H

    How do I install a certificate on proxmox

    how do I install a certificate on proxmox in the internal network so that instead of I have I looked for information on the Internet, but did not find a simple instruction. I have basic administration skills, so I need help.
  6. P

    Exposing PVE web interface to public internet

    Anyone knows if the PVE web interface has been tested sufficiently to be secured? Do you guys expose the PVE web interface to the public internet? Just wanted to get a sense of how you guys are setting this up. I tend to try and do everything via HTTPS only as I often encounter places that...
  7. A

    Webserver VMs with HTTPS loading incredibly slow

    I'm moving from Windows Hyper-V to Proxmox and was excited, but I'm noticing that the websites hosted by these VMs (running Ubuntu Jammy) are loading incredibly slow. So much so that often on the first page load, I get an error 522 from Cloudflare (the sites are proxied through them) and then if...
  8. M

    Bad certificate for

    The non-subscription repository has a bad certificate, and it prevents HTTPS usage on `apt` related commands. The issue is caused because it uses a certificate that is not valid for The certificate is only valid for the following names:
  9. A

    HTTPS is not going to VM server

    I have a Debian VM that is running Nginx. I can't seem to make it listen to port 443 using the domain name Tailing the log files in /var/log/nginx shows nothing. But when I add port 8443, it does resolve properly Before I moved to...
  10. G

    HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. (API)

    Hi, I'm trying to create a virtual machine via API on PHP but I'm getting this error, can anyone help me? [12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] This API Request Failed. HTTP Response - 400 HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. [12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] VPS has not been created
  11. M

    Uploading certificates signed by a personal CA

    Hi, I've tried to upload a certificate+key pair signed by my own self-signed CA and as soon as I upload it I loose the connection to the management interface. I've tried to upload also a certificate with the server cert + CA cert and nothing changed. Is there any particular setting/option that I...
  12. M

    Probleme Zertifizierung von Proxmox

    Hallo Leute, ich habe aktuell Proxmox neu installiert und gerade meine Festplatten sind richtig gemountet. Danke nochmals an @Dunuin Habe jetzt ein anliegen bezüglich der Zertifizierung. Ich habe ein ACME Account eingerichtet in Proxmox als Default "Let's Encrypt V2". Da steht auch das es...
  13. R

    New to Proxmox. How to log in?

    Sorry for a sadly elementary question, but I'm stuck. I just finished Proxmox installation. The system rebooted. I'm at a text screen that says, I gather that, while the screen seems to be inviting me to log in, it's just kidding - I have to log in from a web browser on another machine. And I...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Can't Access Web UI over IPSec Connection

    Hello guys, as the title say's i cant't access the Web UI over an IPSec Connection. My Setup is as follows: Site-A: OPNSense VM at Home running on TrueNAS, ISP is Starlink so no static IP Site-B: OPNSense VM running on Proxmox on a Rootserver, static IP from Hoster When i try to connect to...
  15. O

    SSL connect attempt failed, error 500 when trying to view changelog of updates and git clone a repository TLS error

    Hello everyone, 1- Everything works fine when I update the repository list and upgrade all packages, but when I try to view the changelog, 50% of the time for the debian packages and 100% of the time for Proxmox enterprises packages, I get the error you can see in both screenshot. Looking at the...
  16. D

    PBS and Let's Encrypt

    Hello, i noticed that the command "proxmox-backup-manager cert info | grep Fingerprint" and "openssl x509 -noout -in /etc/proxmox-backup/proxy.pem -fingerprint -sha256" gives me the same fingerprint. If i now update this certificate and key with one from Let's Encrypt i get certificate...
  17. A

    PBS to use existing PVE https certificates?

    It is so ordinary question but I can't find a 'official' way to implement it: I installed PBS on existing PVE server, and would like to use LE's https certificate o PBS web interface. I was quite surprised there is still no web-based certificate acquire interface but I understand this is not...
  18. D

    Proxmox API allow HTTP connections

    Hi, We need to be able to debug network communication between an apliacation using HTTPS API and proxmox host. For it we need transmission to not be encrypted - is there any way to allow plain HTTP communication?
  19. N

    How to get remote access to Proxmox AND assigned DNS?

    Hello again Proxmox Community, I'm very new to Virtual Machine Management and Networking in general. So far I've successfully installed Proxmox on my server and spun up 2 VMs. My next goal is to: 1. Get remote access to Proxmox 2. Assign an HTTPS DNS address to Proxmox (i.e...
  20. A

    Web GUI not available after uploading certs

    Hey guys, Yesterday I have installed a brand new Proxmox VE (5.3) on a small HP server. I configured the local firewall to enable remote access for me remotely. Everything went well until this morning..I wanted to upload a LE certificate. The GUI told me that the proxy will restart now, please...


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