HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. (API)


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Dec 12, 2022
Hi, I'm trying to create a virtual machine via API on PHP but I'm getting this error, can anyone help me?
[12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] This API Request Failed.
HTTP Response - 400
HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed.
[12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] VPS has not been created
How are you trying to create the VM. Can you post the respective code, or request?

Our API Viewer can probably help you check the different endpoints and what kind of format they expect: [1]. Status Code 400 usually points to a field in the request missing or having an invalid value.

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The issue is probably with the payload you are sending via the client, not the client itself per se. So it would be interesting see which exact request you are trying to make with it.
Excuse my ignorance, but how do I show you the request?
You are probably calling the action() function somewhere in your code where you pass parameters ($action_path, $http_method, $put_post_parameters), those parameters would be interesting. Easiest would be to just post the code of yours that is using the PVE2_API class to make a request, that should include everything.
Looks like you are using this [1] to run your platform? Maybe it would be smarter to create an issue on their tracker, since this is probably more related to their project than to Proxmox. They would be able to help you faster, since it is their application.



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