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    HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. (API)

    Hi, I'm trying to create a virtual machine via API on PHP but I'm getting this error, can anyone help me? [12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] This API Request Failed. HTTP Response - 400 HTTP Error - HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. [12-Dec-2022 16:21:04 UTC] VPS has not been created
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    [SOLVED] Miss matched backup_status response from API.

    Hi, so I am developing/writing a script to send individual emails to our customers notifying them of their VM's backup status (successful or failed). While testing I discovered that depending on where the backup is cancelled or problem occurs the API's (Proxmox API & PBS API) respond with...
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    Proxmox VPE API - IP Configuration Failed

    Hello everyone, I need help please. So, today I've been wrote script for update ip configuration using Proxmox VPE APi. I've read this the documentation https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/api-viewer/index.html. From the parameter explanation, we can add the ip configuration with ipconfig[n]. It...
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    Creating VM with Specific Disk Size via Promox API

    Hi I am trying to create a VM using API. I am facing issue in creating VM with sata. this is the array of my post fields $fields = array( 'vmid' => 105, 'cores' => 1, 'start' =>1, 'sockets' =>1, 'name' => "nadiransarionline.grownstar"...
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    Get current status without table of VM/LXC

    Hello, Unable to retrieve data about the status of the machine, unfortunately no longer. The reason for this is that Proxmox version change. Before: root@prox:~# pvesh get /nodes/prox/lxc/101/status/current running root@prox:~# So I could get data with PHP but with the new version it has...
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    Proxmox API

    Hello everyone. I want to create a management interface with proxmox api but i dobt know how to use it. Can anyone help me with some examples like stopping, starting, creating a new vm etc with api ?? Thanks in advance
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    VM Create/Edit/Delete with API

    Hello How I can create/edit/delete VM with API way? I reviewed the API Documentation but I couldnt find it. Is this possible? If yes, what is the API call to do it? Thank you.
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    Proxmox API PHP

    Bonjour, Je vient aujourd'hui car j'ai un problème, je suis en train de concevoir une api proxmox en php par la suite mysql, j'ai deja avec mon api (reboot, start, stop, suspend, reset, shutdown) se que j'aimerai c'est récupérer les information du VPS par exemple (108) l'état de la machine /...


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