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    VM suddenly won't boot, can't add boot option in UEFI

    Hello, A working VM of Home Assistant is suddenly not booting anymore. I launched an update of of HAOS (from 11.1 to 11.2), and it never restarted. I'm stucked on UEFI Interactive Shell. Restoring a VM backup changes nothing. I can't add any boot option, UEFI's file explorer is empty. In boot...
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    Configure multiple subnets on single NIC

    I have a 1x4 sfp+ 10Gbe NIC in my host machine and 2 subnets, and, configured on my Cisco Nexus 5596UP switch. I have created 2 bridges in Proxmox, vmbr0 (IPv4: Gateway: on enp20s0f0 and vmbr1 (IPv4: Gateway: not set) on enp20s0f1. The...
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    Ipv4 addresses issues

    I have installed pimox (proxmox in raspberry pi) and although it was running fine for months, i had to reinstall everything because disk corruption. Now, reinstalled pimox and installed a debian VM and Home Assistant VM.. Both are working fine with ipv6..but ipv4 is not working. They dont take...
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    [SOLVED] Single NIC with Proxmox Management on Default and VMs on VLANs

    Hi, I have an USFF Dell with a single NIC. DHCP, firewalls etc are via a Unifi UDM Pro. The UDM Pro switch port connected to Proxmox is carrying all Networks. I want to be able to have Proxmox running on the default LAN but then have home assistant running of my IoT LAN (VLAN 30). I'm happily...
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    Proxmox 7.4.1 crashing 10-15 mins after launching VM

    Hi, I have a number of issues with my server that started recently - I believe it shutdown due to a power cut while I was away (it does sit behind a UPS but auto-shutdown isn't setup). We very rarely get cuts of more than a few seconds. This machine has been running flawlessly for a few years...
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    PVE 7.4 + Home Assistant: Intel AX200 Bluetooth issues

    I recently set up a mini PC to run Home Assistant and it's my first time running Proxmox. Everything appears to be working well except when I boot the machine from a cold start (doesn't happen very often). Proxmox and Home Assistant start, but the AX200 Bluetooth looks like it has problems...
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    Very high disk IO on one VM when another active

    Hi all, This has me really scratching my head. I have one VM running an instance of home assistant (hassio) which has been running fine alongside other VMs (mix of windows 10 and various linux distros) for a while now. I recently set up another VM to run Blue Iris NVR software under Windows...
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    [SOLVED] Data > Container from ext HDD [PLEX] [Proxmox]

    Hi all, very new to Proxmox, home servers etc, so please accept my apologies upfront for any frustration I may cause I promise I've tried 'googling' everything first for a solid few hours. In Short: I've set up a home server on a thin client with external HDD, Set up Proxmox to run on the...
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    New to Proxmox VE-- Seeking a path to learn

    Hello Proxmox community! I recently found my way to using Proxmox via upgrade of my hardware for Home Assistant (originally on RPi3b+) and I was drawn to Proxmox because of the option to isolate HA and run other applications as LXC though I'm very new to home servers and networking. I have a...
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    two nics with different gateways

    Hello, I have the following situation: 2 routers (IOT and Main) these are connected to each other but the IOT router only has Internet access going out via a port of the main router. And can not see the rest of the Main routers network. The main router can see all the devices connected to the...
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    Home Assistant and Kodi on NUC - is Proxmox the right answer?

    I want to use my NUC7i5 to run Home Assistant and I want to run KODI on the same NUC. Unfortunately, Home Assistant runs under Debian and I need to run KODI 18.x which requires Ubuntu (Only KODI 17.x is supported on Debian). I’ve been trying to work with Proxmox…two VM’s, one for HA, the other...
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    New to Proxmox user running before they crawl :)

    I have a new NUC7i5 with 32mb memory and 1tb storage and I think/hope Proxmox is the key to what I want to do. The hardware limitations I'm concerned about: one graphics adapter with one display (my TV) and one ethernet port. I would like to run the following on the NUC: 1) home assistant...


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