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  1. A

    HA & Network

    Hello, I am new in the Proxmox World and I am trying to setup HA Cluster. I followed the documentation + some tutorials and I sucessfully install Proxmox in HA mode with Ceph Storage. I have : Prox1 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e with : - eth0 (for HA & internet access) - eth1...
  2. Y

    Ceph Cluster Fencing

    I'm testing VM HA in a 4 nodes Ceph Cluster. I See "Use Watchdog base Fancing". I Have 4 Supermicro, is it better if i configure IPMI Fencing ? Thanks
  3. S

    H.A. freezed situation

    Hi, I've set up a 3 nodes cluster with CEPH (1 disk/node) and High availability. I'm in the testing step now (not in prod) and I spend some time to broke the config and check how proxmox recovers. I fall in a freezed situation where: - I have a separate network for CEPH - my linux VM is running...
  4. Y

    Cluster Network Question

    Hello, in a 4 nodes cluster, is it better to configure the cluaster network on the WAN (public ip) or using a dedicated (LAN) network like 192.168.1.x ? Thanks!
  5. R

    Configure Hardware Watchdog / IPMI Fencing

    Hi, We are testing a Proxmox Cluster. I want to setup IPMI or Hardware Watchdog (Intel) Fencing. However the documentation i found in https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Fencing seems to be outdated and the admin guide just refers to "/etc/default/pve-ha-manager", where I could enable the line...
  6. Y

    Hardware - Concept for Ceph Cluster + backup

    Hello, We are planning to set up a 4 node cluster with network storage (Ceph), live migration, HA and snapshot functionality. I'm planning to buy this hardware: 4 nodes each 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2630L Six Core Processor 64GB RAM 2 x 6TB SATA HD 2 x Intel X520-DA2 Dual Port 10GbE...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] ceph upgrade to jewel: HA migrate not working anymore

    Hi, I've upgraded ceph from Hammer to Jewel on 2 of 4 nodes in our proxmox 4.4 cluster. At one "pve jewel node" HA-migration (to/from) and the Ceph-log (from pve-UI) faulty. HA-migration says "HA 200 - Migrate OK" but doesn't do anything further. From pve-UI the ceph-log for this node says...
  8. T

    Creating a cluster with two nodes using DRBD

    Hello, I am setting up Proxmox for the first time and I misread running a HA cluster so I just got two servers ready. I need to setup the cluster but in next weeks I will get the 3rd server to setup the HA. Is this a possibility? To all the setup as a normal cluster with DRBD and later on get...
  9. A

    Three Node Cluster Setup recommendations

    Hi, I’m planning to deploy a three node cluster setup with Proxmox 4.3, Basically I want to use the following servers: Proxmox Servers Two Dell R710 with 128GB RAM, two xeon quad core CPU, and two sas 300gb 15k in Raid 1. One Dell R710 with 64GB Ram, two xeon quad core CPU, and two sas...
  10. S

    HA not available when using PCI Passtrough (hostpci)

    Hello I am using ProxMox as an VE for all my purposes as an CIO in the University I work. I have a ProxMox Cluster of 3 nodes where I want to make one VM high-available between two of the nodes, using the third one for quorum reasons only. I have DRBD setup and working properly. Also no...
  11. S

    Proxmox 4.2 Failover

    Hallo, ich bin neu bei Proxmox und "spiele" damit gerade etwas rum. Ich habe mir ein HA Proxmox bestehend aus zwei identischen Nodes aufgebaut. Die VMs liegen auf einem shared Storage, der mittels (replicated) GlusterFS zur Verfügung gestellt wird und ebenfalls über zwei Nodes verteilt wird...
  12. O

    Can't add node to existing PVE4.2 cluster

    Hi All, I used to have an HA enabled three nodes PVE cluster. On of the servers died and all the VMs were correctly migrated to the other nodes. Since fixing the other server will require some time, I've deployed a new one, installing PVE and configuring all the iSCSI volumes as in the other...
  13. R

    Design recommendations - proxmox 4.2

    Hi, After years of working with VMware and Hyper-V we have decided to use Proxmox for one of our smaller customers. Where the decision still is not final yet! Available hardware: 3x Dell R430 - Dual Hexa Core (12 cores) - 96GB RAM - Hardware RAID+battery - 1x 250GB SSD + 3x 1TB SSD - 4x 10G...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] creating cluster without HA in mind

    we want to have the ability to maove running VMs between hosts online - but we nodn't really need HA - so is there something to consider regarding the setup that is explained in https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/High_Availability_Cluster_4.x to achive that or am i going the wrong way? if this setup...
  15. U

    One big VM - HA

    Hi, We have a cluster with 64 Gb or ram hosts. We need to create a VM with about 60 Gb of ram, the question is can HA work with this ? In the event of a host failure, I can see two options : - We have some VMs everywhere else, so there is nowhere with 60 Gb free and some live migrations will be...
  16. I

    enabling shared storage for selected nodes of the cluster

    Hi! I have working Proxmox cluster consisting of two Dell R320 computers and quorum disk. Shared storage is DRBD v. 8 over 10g ethernet named sn_drbd_data. Cluster + HA is working as expected. Now i intend to introduce Dell MD3400 as shared SAS connected storage named sn_md3400_data + 3rd Dell...
  17. P

    Best way to put 'anti-affinity rules'

    Hello, I actually have a 3 nodes cluster, with 2 vm (load balancers : lb1 and lb2). My request is: How specify that my two vm (lb1 and lb2) should not be placed on the same node at any instant after reboot (via HA) ? I suppose i can proceed by the following way but i'm not sure this is the...
  18. Christophe Casalegno

    master : old timestamp dead ?

    Hi all, i've a 3 nodes cluster (Proxmox VE 4.1) with active subscription. On this cluster i had a HA configured for one VM. I've delete this HA configuration because of a network maintenance. But now, when i am going in HA i can see this message on the "master" line : Any idea for this...
  19. G

    Proxmox load balance start of VM's on Nodes while in HA?

    Hello Proxmox community, I'm currently running the latest proxmox 4.1 on all my servers. This is my setup: 4 Host Servers each with 48 GB of Ram running all my VM's. 4 Servers running Ceph for storage of all VM's. All 8 servers are clustered. Total amount of Ram used by all VM's is around...
  20. A

    Clustering and HA with Proxmox 4.x

    Hi, I'have been using Proxmox for few week and it's an amazing tool ! I read some documentation for implement HA with 3nodes but nohting with only 2 nodes and Proxmox 4.x Does a solution exist ? Thanks.


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