gui configuration

  1. T

    [SOLVED] Issues after removing node from cluster

    I removed a node from a cluster. Barely used, nothing important on it. I am a bit stressed out and cannot remember, but I might have left the node on during the removal with pvecm delnode mini (it was called mini). After that command, I used expected 1 to change number of votes. Got that. I had...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] I've a problem with GUI

    Hello there! I have a problem with GUI of my proxmox. When server is up it's says that it's on but when i'm trying to acces it I only see "this site is unreachable" Thanks for any help
  3. M

    Log milter in GUI

    Hello, Is there a way to add to the log postfix/cleanup[xxxx]: xxxx: milter-reject: xxxx The idea is to have reject message in the gui when my milter(Rspamd) rejects something, because now it does not show at all. I am also willing to manually edit the code pmg-log-tracker. But i cannot wrap my...
  4. J

    Two stand alone nodes with different tree view

    I have two separated nodes, none of them in cluster but in one, there is a folder "Node" and the other one doesn't. Why they are different ???
  5. O

    Web GUI not connecting of Proxmox.

    Hello, I installed proxmox on my HP MINI T730 and connected it through old router. Now, I purchased new router and connected the proxmox hp machine with it and unable to access Web GUI. I checked in my router settings and can see the pve. Need help as I don't have any knowledge about it.
  6. I

    NFS Share of Synology

    Hello everyone, I recently troubleshooted a problem with an NFS mount on proxmox VE. My proxmox was a fresh an newly installed server. I then tried to mount a Synology NFS share in the Proxmox VE. Proxmox coudn't load the export. And when I filled in the export manual proxmox gave me an error...
  7. D

    Web UI in IPv4 and IPv6

    Hi I try to activate the Web UI in IPv4 AND IPv6. I found this page to enable IPv6. So I created a /etc/default/pveproxy file and put in it : LISTEN_IP="2a01:e0a:a:b::c" I restart the service with : systemctl restart pveproxy.service...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Keine GUI mehr

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe ein "kleines" Problem mit meinem Proxmox. Nach dem Update von heute komme ich nicht mehr in meine GUI. Ich kann die Seite zwar laden, allerdings kommt nur eine weisse Seite und kein LogIn. Alle Services laufen normal, nur komme ich nicht auf das LogIn Fenster.... :-(...
  9. B

    Add route on Proxmox host through GUI?

    Is it possible to add a route entry through the GUI for a Proxmox host? I could of course add i the route in /etc/network/interfaces as a post-upp directive but this file is updated by Proxmox when changing stuff in the GUI so I'm afraid it will get overwritten. In summary, what is the...
  10. aasami

    [SOLVED] multipath on iSCSI

    Hello all! I would like to ask for help with configuration of multipath on iSCSI disk in Proxmox 6.2. I have configured multipath on the server: [hp12 ~]# iscsiadm -m session tcp: [1],22 (non-flash) tcp: [4],121...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] setup ProxMox to redirect to correct port and https

    Hello, I am new on ProxMox and i like the software. But i can't find out how to setup that proxmox redirect from http://sub.domain.extension to Can anyone help me whit this? Regards,
  12. W

    network config is it possible to use cli and gui ?

    in /etc/network/interfaces i can read is it possible to use cli ovs command and edit file interfaces what 'source' or 'source-directory' directives mean?
  13. W

    Can't access web gui to configure new install

    I just installed 5.4 for the first time following some tutorials, and everything went smoothly and I can login successfully from cli. But when I attempt to go to the displayed IP address:8006, I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I'm concerned that during the install I put in the wrong IP address, or...
  14. S

    Can PVE setup to allow web portals external customers?

    I decided to dive into PVE due to it's perceived (I may be wrong) ability to provide a web dashboard per customer. Is this possible? For instance let's say I have a cluster with 3 hosts. 'Client A' builds signs up for 3 VMs and 'Client B' signs up for 10 machines. I would like to set it up...


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