1. T

    Proxmox 8.1.4: No traffic through vmbr0

    Hi all I'm testing a proxmox installation out of the box and stuck with connectivity from a (any?) virtual guest to my local network. I have following setup. [Internet] | [Gateway (] [Management Station (] |...
  2. J

    Time synchronisation between PVE node/host and VM/guest without access to the Internet

    Hey everyone! As far as I understand, my Proxmox 7 cluster, installed on top of a Debian 11 Bullseye, uses systemd-timesyncd to keep the clock in sync via external NTP servers, configured either in /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf or in a separate file inside /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf.d/. All of...
  3. G

    Win 10 VDI w/GPU Passthru - Desktop Lag/Jitter Troubleshooting

    Hello, I'm building out a VDI model for specialized workstations for a host of reasons, but the primary being malware resilience. I believe if I build a Windows desktop platform underpinned by Proxmox, I'll be able to leverage the PVE for rapid restore of the guest in the case of a Windows...
  4. Z

    Guest LVM - Zweite Disk nötig?

    Hallo allerseits, für mich ist PVE relativ neu und ich habe eine allgemeine Frage zu LVM. Ich möchte eine VM erstellen und darauf Debian Linux installieren. Es soll mindestens 2 Partitionen geben. Eine für / und eine für /var, Die Größe von /var soll später erweitert werden können. Sollte ich...
  5. M

    Guest API clarification (network-get-interfaces)

    Hi, This question is about{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/network-get-interfaces. Can someone explain to me what these represent? "statistics": { "rx-packets": 501361, "tx-bytes": 15465504, "tx-dropped": 0, "tx-errs": 0, "rx-errs": 0...
  6. P

    Proxmox/VyOS VLAN configuration

    I’m new to proxmox and I’m having some difficulty to get the following VLAN networking setup to work. Hope somebody here can help :) The goal is to virtualize my router inside proxmox. I want clients connected to the physical network to route via the virtualized VyOS instance. For testing I’m...
  7. S

    Failed to add the EFI boot entry on Guest

    Hey folks, Trying to install some debian UEFI guests (Ubuntu 22.04 & Debian 11.5 with the same results), and I'm having issues with the installer failing at EFI install step: VM Info: ``` root@pve02:~# cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/101.conf acpi: 0 agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: order=ide2;net0...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Redundancy fails when node fails?

    We use ceph as FS on a cluster with 7 nodes. This cluster is used for testing, development and more. Today one of the nodes died. Since all the LXC and KVM are stored on ceph storage, they are completely there, but the configuration of the guests is not available since it's stored on the node...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] On Proxmox Debian 11 guest net installer has no image

    I could not figure out which forum part to put this into. But when making a Guest where i put in the "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" there is no image when choosing either "Graphical Installer" og just "Installer" I need to run "debian-11.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso" for an alternative Debian...
  10. R

    April 2022 MS updates hanging Windows guest

    We are on 7.1-8 For the April 2022 round of Microsoft Windows updates, i.e. 2022-04 Cumulative, looks like it is hanging 100% of our Windows guest VM upon restart. I.e. after applying patches within VM, restart per normal process, but the VM gets stuck on the MS-logo with swirl. Will stay...
  11. S

    USB Device won't be mounted until VM restarts

    Hello everyone; I using the proxmox 7.0-11. I created a VM (Windows 10) on my proxmox, and everything works fine. But I have problems using USB devices on my VM. Every time that I connect a new USB device to my machine (Portable Storage, Flash Drive, Wireless NIC and etc...) It won't be mounted...
  12. S

    kvm guests in proxmox VM

    Hi Im sorry Im not certain if this is the right place to post, but I noticed that a CentOS 8 VM that I was assigned to, is hosted in a Proxmox environment. I have installed KVM on this CentOS 8 proxmox VM, and intend to create a few KVM guests of my own, on this VM. Ive noticed that it expects...
  13. M

    Change Hard Disk model in Windows guest

    Hello everyone! I try to run some software, that detect virtual machine environment and stop running. I change 31bit for CPU mask, now Windows Task manager can't detect VM environment Also I add BIOS vender information, now via this commands I can see actial Computer information I try to...
  14. H

    Proxmox newbie - networking issue

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to ProxMoxVE and have difficulties with getting the networking part. The ProxMox host is connected to our physical network twice: - one 1GbE network adapter connected to our management switch - two 10GbE network adapter connected to our main switch, LACP bonded Both...
  15. C

    Question regarding guest LAN + host bridge network

    Hi, I have the following question regarding guest LAN and host bridge network: Can I setup a guest LAN in network segment if my host network configuration has default bridge auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask gateway...
  16. T

    Disable Proxmox Guest VM Mouse

    Is there a simple means of disabling the mouse entirely for a Windows 10 VM? I am connecting to my VM via a 3rd party remote protocol and I want to test the 3rd party's mouse driver (HP RGS). From what I can gather, the default mouse used by the Proxmox console appears as a PS2 Device. The...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Best Windows OS for virtualization? (XP vs 7 vs 10)

    Which operating system is the best performer when virtualized? I was told that XP is not optimized for virtualization which makes a lot of sense considering its age, so I want to ask the community even further to expand my knowledge, thanks! :)
  18. C

    Proxmox 5.0 SUSE 11 guest GUI is not working X Display Fail

    Hi we have installed Proxmox 5.0-23/af4267bf and old vm are restored which has SUSE 11 SP3 the GUI is not working after restore. I have tried setting the std display from Web GUI and Shutdown and restarted still it not working. any soultion to fix this issue
  19. N

    Access web server's guest

    Hello, I explain you my configuration : - a server with Debian 8 and Proxmox installed. It has a local address (eth0 : and access Internet via a proxy ; - a guest with Centos 7, with an address in I gave it all the proxy configuration and it can access Internet...
  20. P

    Multiple IPs and Vms - Connection problems

    Hello, I'm running a Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-2. Additional I have installed three VM with Centos 7.2.1511 Everything is fine. I can reach my servers and ping from host to proxmox works too. The problem is, that I cant ping from an vm to another vm. Errorcode: No Route to Host. My...


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