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    "Enumerating VM Files Using the Proxmox API"

    Hi everyone, I'm currently exploring the capabilities of the Proxmox API and wondering if it's possible to enumerate the files of a Proxmox virtual machine (VM). Specifically, I'm not looking to access files within the VM but rather to obtain a list of files that make up the VM itself. Has...
  2. D

    Huge backup file of VM

    Hello there. pveversion pve-manager/8.1.3/b46aac3b42da5d15 (running kernel: 6.2.16-10-pve) I've got a VM with a 96Gb disk. qm config 100 boot: order=ide2;sata0;net0 cores: 3 cpu: x86-64-v2-AES ide2: none,media=cdrom memory: 5120 meta: creation-qemu=8.0.2,ctime=1692278490 name: web net0...
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    Inkrementeller File Backup

    Hallo zusammen, zum Thema Inkrementeller File Backup gab es glaube ich in der Vergangenheit schon Anfragen/Bug Reports ob die Mechanik dahinter verändert werden kann, um den File Abgleich zu beschleunigen. Mein Gedanke geht da zu Baeros Logik wo es deutlich schneller von statten geht. Gerade...
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    cluster.fw not inside /etc/pve/firewall ?

    Hello, I was following a video named "Proxmox VE Full Course: Class 11 - Integrated Firewall" in which the teacher was showing the location of the cluster.fw file to show its the spot where you would disable the firewall should you get stuck after enabling the firewall and locking yourself...
  5. H

    backup explorer

    Hello, is there an easy way - beside downloading the backup file to the local hdd - how to open backups, search for specific files, export single files inside the backup, etc. ? best regards
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    How to copy files in a container/VM into my Host node

    Hi I would like to know if it possible to copy an SQL file or any file from one of out ubuntu VM's into out host node? Online it mentions using Rsync but I cant figure how you get it out of the VM into the host. I need to get this sql database out of the VM and onto my laptop, I can SSH into...
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    [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-file-restore ?

    Hello, I just noticed that there is a new utility called proxmox-backup-file-restore available within one of my PVE hosts updated. The description of the package reads the following: "Proxmox Backup single file restore tools for pxar and block device backups This package contains the Proxmox...
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    1 Transcend 128GB SSD + 1 4TB Ironwolf HDD = Good idea?

    So my purple western digital 2TB hard drive decided to die last week good thing I was able to still recover the data because I converted the thin volume(1.7TB of it) as an ext4 partition where I can store all my files, and the root fs took only less than 100GB where the boot partition resides ...
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    Proxmox API /agent/file-write

    Hi, how can i send amulti line text threw the api /agent/file-write? If i send -d content="test \n test2" there is no new line in the written document just test without test2 in the next line Thank you in advanced
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    [SOLVED] externes ISO File einbinden

    Hallo, ich habe eine Frage zum Themo iso upload: Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, dass ich ein ISO File nicht in das Verzeichnis /var/lib/vz/template/iso uploade, sondern eine externe Festplatte einbinde, um das ISO File von dort zu verwenden? Der Hintergrund: Das File ist relativ groß (200 GB) und...
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    Sharing my German Language File

    Hi, I've created a German language file for Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.x, feel free to have a look! -> chmaeuer -> pmg-lang-de (unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post links) Cheers Chris


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