1. B

    Unexpected fencing

    I have a 28 node PVE cluster running PVE 7.4-16. All nodes are Dell R640/R650 servers with 1.5 or 2TB of RAM and Intel Xeon Gold CPU's. They all have 2 x 1GB NIC's and 4 x 25 GB NIC's. We are connected to an external CEPH cluster. Node network config: 1 x 1GB NIC is used for...
  2. T

    HA Fencing bei Update einer anderen Node

    Guten Morgen zusammen, wir hatten letzte Woche einen sehr seltsamen Fall. Wir betreiben seit mehreren Jahren ein 10 Node PVE Cluster (inkl. CEPH) und hatten bis jetzt noch nie nennenswerte Probleme. Das Cluster läuft extrem stabil und wir sind sehr zufrieden. Aber: Wir haben letzte Woche das...
  3. N

    Enabling HA made all Proxmox nodes reboot

    Hi all Just some info about our environment: * Proxmox 7.4-3 Enterprise * 4 nodes in 1 cluster - * 1 dedicated for GPU workloads and as "extra resource when patching etc." * 3 others for all other workloads. * Each of the three are running with a 256 x AMD EPYC 7742 64-Core Processor...
  4. H

    Expected behavior from watchdog-mux with a networking outage? (HA, Corosync, and Softdog fencing)

    What’s the expected behavior here? I have a 3-node cluster with dedicated physical corosync network, and a 2nd faster network for storage and networking. The corosync network is configured to failover to the fast network if interrupted. High availability is configured on guests with shared...
  5. P

    ProxmoxVE 6.2 fencing mit HP-ILO

    Hallo Forum, hoffe es kann mir jemand helfen. Ich suche Infos zum Thema fencing. - Ist das Software fencing ausreichend? - ist fencing via ILO möglich / sinnvoll? - Ich lese von den fence_tools. bei mir gibt es die nicht. - alle Infos zum Thema fenecing sind uralt (Proxmox 2 / 3 / 4) Wie...
  6. P

    all nodes got rebooted and there is no log - Cluster disaster

    Hi folks I have added a new node to my cluster today, then I realized the new node's network configuration might have an issue that it cannot communicate with the CEPH IP ranges, I have restarted the network service using "systemctl restart networking" after this, the disaster happened and I...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] How to disable fencing for debugging ?

    We have recently added a new node in our already existing cluster. Recently while moving a VM to the new node, the server failed unexpectedly. Since then, every time the server get started it get rebooted after a couple of minute. This prevent us to investigate and fix the problem on the node...
  8. S

    proxmox reduce quorum votes / fencing

    Hi all, Today, I rebooted one node and every node of cluster rebooted... Now, the details: I have a cluster of 4 nodes, where 1 is constantly down, because it has a hardware failure and we are waiting for spare parts. So, the cluster has 4 nodes, where 3 of them are alive. Now, I rebooted one...
  9. R

    HA delays and locking issues

    We are currently running tests on a new three node HA cluster configured with 2x10G networking and shared (Ceph) storage. We are using the latest stable packages for Proxmox 5.3. The behaviour around reboots of servers is nowhere near as smooth as we would like. These are the issues that we...
  10. M

    Fencing mit Reboot

    Hallo, wir betreiben ein HA-Cluster mit 6 Nodes produktiv. Alle paar Monate wird ohne "erkenntlichen" Grund ein Knoten neu rebootet mit folgender nachträglicher Meldung "fencing: acknowledged - got agent lock for node" . Sämtliche Logdateien sind unfaufälig. Da ein Reboot immer mit Ausfällen...
  11. P

    No Cman Service and /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve

    I'm trying to run two node cluster for the first time. I'm using Proxmox latest version which is 5.1. Now I'm stuck at the fencing part. the guides says that I have to edit the following file but it does not exist on either of my nodes. nano /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve there is no any...
  12. W


    Ich finde zu Proxmox 5 keine vernünftige Anleitung wie ich das mit fencing mache welches für HA eine Voraussetzung sein soll. Mir kommt das so vor als wenn ich per hand wie mit ceph noch was nachinstallieren muss. ich habe die datei /etc/init.d/pve-cluster abgeändert. dort den Eintrag...
  13. G

    Limitation of fencing attempts

    Hello everyone, I build a Proxmox 3.4 two node cluster with two Dell R210 and a third node as iscsiTarget. This works still great. I use IDRAC for fencing and DRBD as storage. But after a powerfailure of node1, node2 tries to fence node1 with IDRAC. But IDRAC doesn't really work without power...
  14. C

    Hardware watchdog (ipmi_watchdog) on Proxmox 5

    Dear colleagues, I moved to Proxmox 5 in a dev environment and was wondering how to setup the hardware watchdog. On the same hardware running Proxmox 4, a kernel module ipmi_watchdog has been loaded. Now I can only find the following modules. lsmod |grep ipmi ipmi_ssif 24576 0...
  15. Mystray

    Faulty storage connectivity and HA

    We are trying to build HA cluster with iSCSI storage over dedicated network interface. Looks like disconnecting storage network (in any way - physical fault or misconfiguration) doent lead to any reaction from PVE HA. For example, if node connection to iscsi storage failed, we got messages like...
  16. A

    False Fencing Issue

    I came from Vmware and have been happy with Proxmox the one dark spot is it seems like my cluster is doing false fences. Where it just takes down a node randomly and fences the VM. Also if I take down one node manually it seems to restart all of my nodes which doesn't make any sense. I check the...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Watchdog fence for physical nodes

    In Proxmox 3.x I setup fencing using apc pdus. I did not have any HA VMs setup but if one of the Proxmox nodes locked up or crashed the node would fenced. Is it possible to replicate this behavior In 4.x and 5.x? I'm fine with the watchdog as the method of fencing just don't see a way to make...
  18. R

    Configure Hardware Watchdog / IPMI Fencing

    Hi, We are testing a Proxmox Cluster. I want to setup IPMI or Hardware Watchdog (Intel) Fencing. However the documentation i found in https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Fencing seems to be outdated and the admin guide just refers to "/etc/default/pve-ha-manager", where I could enable the line...
  19. grin

    temporarily disable out of the box self-fencing

    What is the preferred and safe method to prevent a node from rebooting due to (observed) loss of quorum? Or in other words: how to temporarily disable fencing on a node?
  20. W

    fencing option in datacenter.cfg

    Hi everybody, The help page for datacenter.cfg is listing this option: I cannot find any information on how to configure /etc/pve/ha/fence.cfg. I know it's experimental but we would like to look into it and see if it can bring back IPMI fencing (did work better for us). Can someone please...


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