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    Problem with LXC

    Hello everyone, I wanted to configure LXC alpine to use jellyfin in docker but I am facing problem after setting lxc.idmap forwarding. Docker works before these settings. I need to transfer 44 to 27 from the host. 101 has docker in LXC, and on the host 'input', and 104 to 104. Unfortunately, I...
  2. N

    Update/upgrade Proxmox LXC containers

    Hello, I have a "Docker LXC" container running on my Proxmox host. I just don't know how, or if it is necessary to update/upgrade it. if so, can anyone tell me how best to update/upgrade it? thanks for the help!
  3. S

    Feedback for PVE setup for large Nextcloud installation (with other services)

    Hi there, Current Situation: We have a Nextcloud install with about 1000 users (but many are inactive). Everything is currently running on a Debian bare metal server, with caddy as a reverse proxy and Nextcloud (and other services) in Docker behind. Our current server (4 cores, 32 GB RAM, no...
  4. D

    Docker to PVE-LXC conversion steps/tool?

    Wondering if anyone has a script/directions/etc to convert docker images into Proxmox Compatible LXC containers? Several projects I use are only available as docker containers, and I'd rather run it in an LXC than run docker JUST for them. I've found a few resources online that deal with...
  5. G

    Proxmox LXC, Docker, NFS, and the beast.

    Howdy! I'm sure what I'd like to do is possible, however I'm not having any luck so far. I have a Debian 11 based unprivileged LXC, pretty much everything works fine. Many of my Docker configs however, I'd like to offload to an NFS share. I'd followed this guide...
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    Networks accessible between different LXC

    Hi there, I have a Proxmox 8.0.4 running on an old Dell 520. I have implemented docker services on LXC 103. This is my main LXC, services running are Traefik, Portainer Authentik and docker-socket. I have less important LXC 110. Here I have not installed Traefik and Authentik as I would like to...
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    Starting Docker Containers in unprivileged LXC on USB Hotplug

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm using Proxmox on my home server. I have several USB Devices (DVB-S Receiver, 3D Printer + Webcam) that I want to connect to my Server and use from Docker Containers (Running minisatip or octoprint). The USB Devices are turned off most of the time and are only turned...
  8. A

    Steps to setup a new server using Proxmox Containers with Docker

    I read some threads before here with similar questions but I think I couldn't find what I'm looking. First and foremost I'm someone that is new to Proxmox and Linux. I just got a NUC to create a new home media server. I feel that there are different ways to design the server. In a high level...
  9. P

    OMV or Debian LXC - Which is best for installing Docker on Proxmox?

    I am a proxmox beginner suffering from information overload. I have read of 2 different ways of installing docker on proxmox: 1. Using omv-extras on openmediavault 2. Creating a Debian container and installing Docker on top of it. I already have omv installed in a container, which I believe...
  10. H

    Docker on LXC slow at startup

    Hi everyone ! I have some trouble at start up with docker running inside LXC. LXC boot "correctly" but docker inside take 3-5 min to lunch... It looks like similar to issues : here and here maybe there is other threads I hvan't seen... So it's clearly seems to be caused by broken network...
  11. M

    Docker in LXC / Permission failed to /etc

    Hi! Im runnin an debian11-instance by Proxmox VirtualEnviroment 7.3.-4. In this instance is docker installed: #dokcker version: Client: Version: 20.10.5+dfsg1 API version: 1.41 Go version: go1.15.15 Git commit: 55c4c88 Built: Mon May 30 18:34:49 2022...
  12. G

    Restore CT with Docker all dockers empty

    Hi, I restore a backup of CT, all is ok, not apppear errors , but when run CT not appear dockers!! Docker appear installed and all correct, but all dockers containers is not appear!! What happen?
  13. R

    After Restoring LXC Docker not running

    I had to reinstall my Server. After proxmox installation I used my backup server to restore all VM's and LXC - everything works, except DOCKER. Does anybody know what happend?
  14. C

    Bluetooth on LXC - docker - Home Assistant (Turnkey template)

    Hi! I have nonprivileged LXC (Turnkey template) and I am running Home Assistant (and others) in docker. I have Conbee and RFLink running ok AND bluetooth is visible in LXC and inside HA container. But. Home Assistant does not see bluetooth. I have tried external (Asus BT-500) also. No luck...
  15. Z

    Is PBS "compatible" with docker?

    Hello! I'm trying PBS for the first time, and I'm facing some trouble with the backup of just one of my containers. This problematic container is running docker (Portainer, Traefik and a bunch of others). There are 3 volumes attached: 1) root disk: 6GB (backup=yes) 2) /opt: 8GB (backup=yes)...
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    [SOLVED] Run Docker inside LXC

    Hi, I'm running Proxmox 7.2 want to run a few applications as docker containers but save the overhead a VM would bring by having Docker inside a Proxmox LXC. Could find those two articles on how to accomplish that with an unprivileged LXC but it doesn't work on my system...
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    Proxmox (7.1) and Docker: LXC vs VM

    The official PVE FAQ recommends to place docker containers in VM's. (LXC vs LXD vs Proxmox Containers vs Docker) There are also numerous posts here in the forum that recommend to use VM's. However, there are tons of tutorials on using CT (LXC) to run Docker containers on Proxmox. What exactly...
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    PVE 7 OpenVPN (LXC) problem: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev

    Just want to share the working configuration. I wanted to run OpenVPN in Docker container inside LXC and got the following error: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: Operation not permitted (errno=1) After some research, I found that adding the following to /etc/pve/lxc/xxx.conf solves the...
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    root on zfs overlayfs issue with docker (RENAME_WHITEOUT)

    Hello, I have some LXC containers with docker running inside them. Those work well with root-on-ext4, with the required changes in the .conf files. When I do the same on root-on-zfs, I get the following messages in the console: overlayfs: upper fs does not support RENAME_WHITEOUT. overlayfs...
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    Docker LXC Unprivileged container on Proxmox 7 with ZFS

    I'm using Proxmox 7.0-11 on ZFS filesystem and I'm trying to use Dokku (which uses Docker) on a Ubuntu 20.04 LXC Unprivileged container. On the container, I enabled the nesting and keyctl features right after created using the Ubuntu 20.04 template. Here the config: root@srv001:~# pct config...


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