1. VM's output to attached monitor though HDMI cable

    Hi everyone, proxmox noob here. I have recently started working with proxmox. I have two graphic cards; primary one is [AMD/ATI] Lexa XT [Radeon PRO WX 2100], and secondary one is GP107GL [Quadro P400]. My processor is AMD Ryzen 9. I have installed proxmox on my computer, and I am using the...
  2. Direct output to a display connected to the server

    Hi, I'm looking into installing proxmox as the primary OS on my new PC, but I wasn't able to find any way to attach a display to the machine running the server and get the output to that display. As I want to run multiple VMs on that machine, I was wondering if I can just get the output on...
  3. Proxmox 7.1 - Can't boot if screen unppluged

    Hi everyone, I have a small and disturbing problem. I have an old PC that I use as a hypervisor for my classes to run small VMs remotely. Previously I had Windows Server 2019 natively installed on it and was running my VMs with VMware Workstation. I was able to boot the PC without any problem...
  4. [SOLVED] The host shell and 2FA barcode appear strangely

    Hello! First os all, i'm a total newbie here and with proxmox. I just built a PC and wanted to try proxmox. So if i'm selecting my node and selecting >_Shell, or if i go to my settings and choosing Two Factor Authentication, i can see something, but i think it is not what i should see. Please...
  5. Proxmox PC without display is blocked

    After installing proxmox and removing the display after a short time the pc crashes, however if the display is kept on it continues to work well, what could be happening. Regards
  6. NoVNC VM console graphics corruption (Default VGA)

    I'm running a couple of Ubuntu 18.04.4 server VMs. The VMs run fine but when I try to view the VM using the "NoVNC console", I get the attached screen corruption? When starting the VM, the "Proxmox" splashscreen is shown fine in the console, but as soon as the VM commences boot, the display is...
  7. Please help to check what's the issue cause this display error

    this system is work fine before last week. I don't know what's happen inside. nomatter reboot or recreate the VM, the console display the same. Does someone could give a help ?
  8. Installing Proxmox Screen Issues VGA on HP N54L

    I am new to Proxmox and I'm currently trying to get one of my hosts migrated from ESXi over to Proxmox. The sever itself is a HP Microserver N54L. Its only got a VGA port on the back of it. When the server starts booting into Proxmox V6.0 the display complains its gone out of range at the server...


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