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    Virtual Disk with Real disks in RAIDZ1 for Truenas

    I have one primary disk for running VMs (3.8TB Samsung pm9a3 u.2) and two 1tb nvme SSDs (Samsung 980 pro). I want to create a Truenas core/scale VM using 1TB virtual disk from primary disk and 2x 1TB nvme in Raidz1 to get 2TB usable space from my NVME drives. My usecase is just to use them as a...
  2. A

    Check the disk usage of a virtual machine

    I am very happy to discuss issues with you here. But I have a problem now. After I created a Linux virtual machine in proxmox, I allocated 40G of space to it, and then I wanted to check its real-time disk usage. Rate, for example, he uses 10G in the system. I want to get this approximate value...
  3. N

    Power outage kicked my external power connected HDD out.

    Hey guys, I messed up my install. I should've debugged better before taking some knee-jerk actions. So last night, we had a storm which caused an area outage and I didn't feel too good about it. Next day when I tried accessing Plex running on one of my server, I noticed that none of the media...
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    [SOLVED] Use sda drive as storage

    Hello, is it possible to use the hard disk on which the operating system is installed also as datastorage? I have 2x 2TB hard drives. One is already used as storage.
  5. P

    Adding rust mounts within a VM

    I'm running a VM where the boot drive is on ssd's. I'd like to have one of the directories on the OS be backed by my spinning rust pool. On lxc containers I can select a storage option and a path to mount it at within the container, how would I do something similar for a VM? I may have...
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    Proxmox GUI and System Journal Errors after VM Disk Configuration Changes

    Hello Proxmox Community, I am in need of some assistance with a serious issue that arose after modifying disk configurations for a VM instance in Proxmox. Following these changes, I've lost access to both the Proxmox GUI and the TrueNAS VM. The TrueNAS VM was completely inaccessible (no TrueNAS...
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    How busy is the root disk of a Proxmox system, and which partitions are written to the most?

    Assuming a setup where there is a separate boot disk or disks, and then ZFS storage pools for the actual VMs to live on, how much traffic, on a general basis, and especially write traffic, should be going to the root disk of a Proxmox server? We have two large, multi-core hypervisors with over...
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    Proxmox Hosting TrueNAS VM - Storage Questions

    At the beginning of the year I converted my server from running directly on TrueNAS to Proxmox with a TrueNAS vm. At that time I was able to get all the physical disks passed through to the VM and reconfigure the RAID within the TrueNAS VM, this information will become relevant in what follows...
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    Hello Community, I just installed proxmox on a new server but infortunattly i can't see my SSD disk in the GUI, The result of lsblk : and in the GUI i don't see Storage2-apps and Storage3-bkp I have published this problem before but i don't find a solution yet Thanks you for support
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    How to add existing VM disk (raw) to an existing vm?

    How to add existing VM disk (raw) to an existing vm? PROXMOX 8 got a vm as 119 also old raw disks residing in usb are vm-119.raw so i want to have them recognized in openmediavault vm119 like before but i dont know how to re attach them in omv.
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    Advices and comments on planned proxmox/ZFS config

    Hi all, I am on the process of setting a small proxmox virtualisation server (around 10 linux vms). I am new to this kind of setup I was working on vmware before. I read throught the doc and forum which answered most of my questions there is however few shadowy points. Disk setups Looking at...
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    Locating Data Prior to Removing VMs and Containers

    I've been handed a Proxmox server with some configuration already on it shared to a NAS. Prior to removing the current vm's and containers I would like to confirm: 1.) where all the data is located and view if possible in it's current state. 2.) I would like to confirm the backups are current...
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    Disk option recommendation

    Hello, I'm installing the new version for the first time on an HP server with 4 300G disks, I want to know the recommended option for using the disks, keep proxmox installed on a single disk and use the rest in poom zsf mode for the vms? What option do you recommend? Thanks Best Regards
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    in pickle with storage remount

    Hello im in a big pickle i created another /mnt/data folder and my old storage where all my stuff was stored just vanished and my new sdc overtook it. the old files are possibly stored in the sdb disk any chance that i can remount it or just restore it with out any hussle and yeah i realized my...
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    [SOLVED] How to configure a cloned VM to automatically grow its root partition when the disk is extended?

    Hello, I am running a Proxmox VE server with pre-made Templates at minimal disk sizes. I have scripts that create VMs by cloning a template and extending its disk. The problem is that the extended space is not allocated to any mount point. For example, the following template has initially a...
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    Can't add external hdd drive to TrueNAS Scale VM

    Hi All, I am new to Proxmox and need some help with how to attach or add all my usb external storage, in my case I use "ORICO-3559C3" with 5-bays HDD drive. My goal is to provide ZFS storage to the VMs in Proxmox (with TrueNAS-Scale), I have VM 100 with TrueNAS Scale 22.12 on My Baremetal...
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    How to make a VM Disk smaller, because of io-error

    Hello Guys, For some time now I have a VM (running Truenas Scale) that keeps giving an IO error, because I accidentally made a VM Disk larger than the actual disk on which it is located with the resize tool. I have tried to change to size by changing the config of the VM but this did not work...
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    ZFS share

    Hi, I'm trying to mount ZFS pool, called it 'giant' (consists of 3x 12TB hdd) with the existing VM which runs OpenMediaVault, can't assign whole available space to the hard drive. Hardware Hingle mobo, standalone proxmox installation on nvme which means I have 1 proxmox node i my datacenter...
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    /dev/loop0 read-only - Cant move lxc disk from NFS share to local disk

    Just noticed that I accidentally created one of my containers with its storage on my backup nfs mount. I tried moving the disk storage in the gui and got this error: Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/101/vm-101-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=53687091200 preallocation=off Creating filesystem with...
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    Enclosure visualization

    Managing a Proxmox cluster in the datacenter with multiple nodes and multiple drives (Ceph OSD and ZFS pools) per node, I am missing an easy way to locate the drive in the enclosure. Smart data or Ceph OSD status visualized in a simple row/column fashion. Is is possible to add a simple...


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