1. G

    [SOLVED] Nested hypervisor networking issues - no traffic passing

    I'm another vmware admin who's looking at Proxmox as a potential transition option. I'm not doing anything particularly intensive, I just deployed a few hypervisor VMs (under ESXi) to get a feel for the system, deploying VMs, networking, etc. Everything is working fine so far, other than the...
  2. R

    Can't connect to proxmox server, internet is pingable

    Hello, I've been trying for hours to setup a basic proxmox server, but no luck, I can't connect to the server remotly. Tried different variations from the internet: Proxmox server commands: ip a cat /etc/network/interfaces ping google.com ping cat /etc/resolv.conf I've attached my...
  3. P

    DHCP Network Interface for VM

    Hi, I'm having some trouble configuring the DHCP network interface with Proxmox VMs. Here is my network setup. Baremetal Server comes with ESXi 7 with one network interface (promiscuous mode enabled for vSwitch0). Here, I create two VMs. One pfSense 2.7.2 and Proxmox 8.1-2 ESXi Has two port...
  4. A

    OpnSense not getting WAN IP from modem

    Hi, posting to ask for help. I've been reading a bunch of different posts and trying different configurations without any success. I'm trying to setup my proxmox node to run OpnSense as a VM and use it as router and firewall. The main problem is that the WAN does not assign an IP from my modem...
  5. S

    Proxmox PVE with DHCP for IPv4 and IPv6 on HOST!

    Hello all, I am trying to set up my Proxmox PVE HOST to use DHCP to optain both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address for its Network interface. I would then manage the actual Addresses via static leases on my DHCP server. As the Guest VMs would have DHCP active and therefor pull IPs within the network...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] SDN | DHCP Plugin für VLAN Zonen

    Hallo zusammen, da ich aktuell eine Netzwerkumstrukturierung plane, würde ich gerne das DHCP Plugin für eine VLAN Zone verwenden. Gibt es einen abschätzbaren Zeitraum in welchem wir eine Implementation des DHCP Plugins für VLAN Zonen erwarten können? Danke im voraus :) VG
  7. J

    Cloud-init VM with dhcp IP uses wrong hostname

    Hi folks- I'm new to Proxmox and I've run into a snag. I've got a script (below) to create a cloud-init template of Ubuntu Server (22.04 LTS), based on TechnoTim's video & blog. It creates the image, marks it as a template, and I even got it to resize the disk. The problem starts after I clone...
  8. P

    perfDHCP , odd issue

    not a proxmox issue,just a general dhcp issue. Running a windows DC with dhcp, experiencing dhcp issues, clients not getting Ips taking long time etc. ran perfDHCP against the server and this is the result Running: perfdhcp -x i -t 2 -r 10 -R 100 10.a.b.c Scenario: basic. Multi-thread mode...
  9. D

    Unexpected IP value leased from router DHCP

    Hello! I have a pretty simple home network configuration, where my isp router acts as DHCP leasing IPs in range - On the screenshot you cah see DHCP config with a single allocated IP for my wifi AP. So I also have a Proxmox Host on, but this is a...
  10. C

    No dhcp options with SDN

    Hi all, i just upgraded from 7.4 to 8.1 and was trying to experiment with SDN. If I add a Simple zone, i cant seem to turn on DHCP anywhere. I did install dnsmasq. It's like there is no dhcp plugin at all. What am I missing?
  11. M

    SDN CLASTER VXLAN DHCP and SNAT not worked

    Hi, I configured 2 Proxmox 8.1.3 servers in one cluster and configure SDN zones as VXLAN. 1. No option turn on DHCP 2. When SNAT checked on subnet, no snat rules /etc/pve/sdn/zones.cfg vxlan: vxlan peers, ipam pve mtu 1450 nodes pve1,pve...
  12. J

    Netzwork / Wireless Internet / DHCP don't work

    Hello, i got problems with DHCP, i can't get it running for my vm's everytime i need too set it up manuel ip's and some images that im using for vm can't not easy be setup manuel... I have read a thread of a staff, he said that Monitoring Mode is needed for Wifi Brige, i got that but everytime...
  13. G

    DHCP with vxlan in pve 8.1.3

    Hi, I'm testing the new SDN feature with some servers that are going in DC soon, I only get DHCP working with the simple zone. I can recall that I read somewhere that it was only working with the simple zone, is that still true, and if so is there any idea when it will work with vxlan? like a...
  14. G

    Proxmox Networking

    I have spend nearly a week trying to make it work. Followed several guide but nothing my VM does not access to internet. I am installed proxmox on machine and created a VM running archlilnux. The IP of the machine is assigned with DHCP. The configuration below does not work. I have tried to...
  15. G

    Ubuntu container, MAC address, and DHCP

    I'm having a bit of a hard time getting an Ubuntu 22.04 container (made from the proxmox provided ubuntu 22.04 template) working properly in regards to DHCP and IP addresses. The container is configured with a single network device and specific MAC address of 1:2:3:4:5:6 (MAC edited for...
  16. D

    PVE nodes with DHCP assigned IPs and hostnames

    As I had just followed the instructions to install PVE on top of Debian, I realised the node relies on static IP - it was kind of obvious during the ISO install, but during APT install it clearly has to go into /etc/hosts with a static IP - why is this and does it have to be hardcoded for each...
  17. J

    DHCPOFFER from pfSense but proxmox VM does not get IPv4

    Hello, I have an issue with a VLAN I created in pfSense (bare metal) and I just can't figure out what is wrong in Proxmox. I have a freshly created Ubuntu VM (with only docker installed), I have created a new vmbr1 bridge that is VLAN aware and assigned it the VLAN subnet (not sure if current...
  18. D

    DHCP and Nebula

    Hint: Nebula != Open Nebula Hello greetings, I am experimenting with Nebula (https://github.com/slackhq/nebula) in order to create an overlay network for VM that are distributed over multiple Proxmox Machines on several locations. I would like to add DHCP to the internal bridges that should...
  19. N

    Problem with VLAN and DHCP

    Hi all! I recently installed proxmox on my server, and now I'm trying to get networking in order. The problem that I have, is that for a certain VLAN, the DHCP response from my DHCP server doesn't seem to end up in my VM. It does seem to reach proxmox, but there's nothing arriving in the VM...
  20. J

    Proxmox 8 clients can't get ip from dhcp server

    I upgraded to proxmox 8 last night. All my VMs now can't get an ip adress from the dhcp server. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. Other appliances on the home network get ip addresses just fine.


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