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    Keepalived LXC Debian 9 vs >=10 (IP no ping)

    Hello, we have two LXC containers acting as load balancers which share a public IP using keepalived. This public IP is moved from one LXC container to the other using eth1 which is on VLAN 77. At this point we encountered a strange issue when we upgraded this Debian 9 LXC containers to 10 or 11...
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    Issue moving containers from LXC to Proxmox

    I am new to Proxmox and this is my first time posting, but I will do my best to provide as much information as I can. I have been running a plain Debian server for a number of years now but decided that I wanted to give Proxmox a try for it's additional features and ease of management...
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    Newbie help needed (resize VM disk)

    I use Nextcloud (NextcloudPi) natively running in a old i7 gen3 laptop but now I am moving everything to a PVE i7 gen10 machine. I started a test VM with Debian 10 with just a few GB thinking to expand later but now I need to increase the size of the partition and I can't find the solution to...
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    linux guest: weird NIC names "rename10", "rename11" ...

    I've recently upgraded one of our installations from 6.x to the latest 7.x. Because of that I have been monitoring the VMs a little bit more closely, which is why I noticed one linux VM behaving strangely. This is a debian 10 VM with more than 10 NICs and after closer inspection, I saw that a...
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    [SOLVED] PVE7 debian10 OpenStack Cloudimage fails booting (but does not in PVE6).

    Hello everyone, I was trying PVE 7 with debian10 OpenStack (kvm) cloud images and I found a problem. If the VM has serial terminal as Display the system does not boot (I don't understand if after bootloader or during bootloader) and goes in an infinite restart-loop. For triggering the error...
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    Extremely low ZFS performance

    Hi, I have an HP Proliant machine with proxmox and I am having very low read / write speeds on my ZFS drive. These problems are even capable of blocking all my VMs Mi server: ProLiant DL360e Gen8 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2470 v2 @ 2.40GHz 72 GB ECC RAM @ 1333 Mhz 3 x SanDisk SSD Plus Sata...
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    Fail2ban on PBS GUI

    Hello people ! I'm trying to setup Fail2ban for the GUI of my Proxmox Backup Server I'm running PBS over a Debian 10 on a VPS I set up Fail2ban on ssh, tested and working well For PBS GUI, I copied files like on the Github here :
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    Error while doing snapshot on LXC unprivilegied container with snap installed

    Hi I got the following error messages while doing snapshots on my Debian 10 running container failed to open /snap/core/11187: Permission denied failed to open /snap/core/11167: Permission denied failed to open /snap/certbot/1201: Permission denied failed to open /snap/certbot/1150: Permission...
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    Proxmox on Debian 10, keep losing connection after creating Linux Bridge and then rebooting

    I'm trying to install proxmox on debian 10. Following the official wiki and everything works great until I try to create a llnux bridge. The machine loses internet connection after I create a linux bridge and reboot. I've tested this out with 3 different reinstalls. I've tried it with and...
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    Installation errors on Debian 10

    Hello, This subject was already treated but I do not understand well... I am under Debian 10, I tried to install Proxmox but I have several errors. I specify that I am new on Proxmox, I put you a screenshot of the problem. I thank you in advance, and for reading this post. I wish you a...
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    noVNC connexion issue between node

    Hello, Only from today I have this issue : I have 3 Debian 10 nodes under Proxmox ve 6.4.6. When I'm connected on the node1 GUI front, I can only open the noVNC terminal of the VM from the same node1 but no more the noVNC terminal of the VM from the 2 other nodes (2 and 3) : Failed to connect...
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    Memory Hotplug Breaking threads-max in VM

    Hi All. We Have a Debian 10 installation with 8GiB of RAM. Memory Hot-plugging is enabled as explained in wiki (Both udev rules and kernel parameter are set). The Server is Used as an Ingress in Kubernetes cluster and uses nginx. Under High Load, we discovered nginx is failing to fork new...
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    DAC Passthrough in LXC

    Hi there, new to ProxMox and looking for help on a Passthrough issue with a DAC I am currently assessing whether I can have one server to rule them all. With LXC instances for diverse purposes, including a mediaserver for Roon. The idea was to connect a USB DAC (NAD D3045) directly to the...
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    Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS

    Hello Proxmox friends, I created a installer script to (automatically) install Proxmox VE with cryptsetup on ZFS using debian live image and debbootstrap. You can find it here: Maybe it might be useful for someone here. Cheers, stackcoder
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    Web panel not available

    Hallo, . Heute habe ich Proxmox zum ersten Mal gehört und auf meine alten Debian 10-Server geladen, aber auch ich unter https: // ip: 8006 auf die Website gehört wurde, ist nichts verloren und die Konsole hat den Fehler erhalten: Der Job für pvestatd.service ist fehlgeschlagen, da der...
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    My VM stops by itself

    Hello, Since this morning, my VM (which is on Debian 10 and Plesk) stops by itself without any reason after an indeterminate time. I've looked at the logs, I can't find anything suspicious. Do you know how I can fix the problem? Thanks in advance.
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    Cant change DNS settings of LXC Debian containers

    Hello! I'm trying to create OMV container and connect it to AD, but I can't change DNS setting from GUI. In GUI everything is set right (domain name and server) but in LXC /etc/resofv.conf still shows localdomain and dhcp dns server. This problem persist on Debian 9 and 10 templates but if I use...
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    [SOLVED] Debian 10.X LXC systemctl problem

    Hello everyone, quiet some time ago i have encountered a very weird problem with Debian 10 LXC containers. Every time i create a new LXC container, systemctl commands do not seem to work very well. What i mean by that: systemctl restart ssh or nginx or whatever else does not give me any...
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    IP traffic from/to VM issue after updating to debian 10.8

    Hi all, I have this machine setup: 1. LXC - corpweb - With one NIC address; 2. VM - nginx-proxy - With two NICs: ens18 with an external IP and ens20 address This VM is used as gateway for all VMs and LXCs; Both VM and LXC are on a proxmox host on a...
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    Non-PVE Ceph Cluster Member

    I'm running a cluster in PVE and ceph as my main storage as is the norm these days, but for reasons that may or may not be common, I don't want to run PVE on all my guests or several of my physical machines. I would like to be able to install just enough software however to have Proxmox VE...


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