1. U

    vma to vhdx convert

    Hi I'm using proxmox 8.1.3 I created a virtual windows machine and I want to take the backup file of it and convert it to this vhdx format how can I do?
  2. S

    Problem to add converted disk

    Hi I have convert from HyperV a Windows Server 2022 to ProxMox in RAW. I have 2 disks. We called them DiskA and DiskB. DiskA is contains boot disk and DiskB cointans data. Its working with only DiskA But when I added DiskB want the windows do not start. I'm using: SCSI Controller...
  3. K

    shell-based GUI Virtual Machine Conversion Tool

    Hello All, Recently I've got a customer that was migrating from Xenserver to Proxmox, and he had multiple virtual machines to migrate. Since the amount of machine was quite big, and for the next future migrations the customer would like to move forward by himself, I've Developed a script with...
  4. J

    convert existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox?

    As the subject states, is there a way to move an existing CEPH cluster to Proxmox? I have an existing cluster of 5 storage OSD nodes, 3 monitors, and a few virtualization hosts that I'd like to convert to proxmox.
  5. D

    How to convert VMA to a QEmu loadable format?

    So I just backed up my Proxmox VM's and got rid of proxmox since I want to use this machine for QEmu instead. The problem is QEmu don't support VMA so how can I convert VMA to QEmu without Promox?
  6. D

    [TUTORIAL] Migrating VM from ESXi to Proxmox

    Hi, I've created a video which demonstrates how to migrate VM from ESXi/vSphere to Proxmox in few steps, without any special scripts. (I hope it's OK to publish the link to the video).
  7. P

    How to convert ESX centos 7 / 8 vms to Proxmox

    I went through a lot of frustration trying to figure this out and while there might be a better way than mine, I thought I should share my method in case it can help someone else. All of the articles and documentation I came across were slightly different and it took a while to come to this...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Convert LVM to vmdk

    Hello all, I've got a VM running on LVM storage. The storage is /dev/vmstorage/vm-102-disk-0. I want to convert this to vmdk for import to an ESXi 7.0U1 host. What/which commands can I use to get this done as fast as possible? The VM is down, so there is no issue copying storage to vmdk...
  9. F

    Convert ZFS Mirror (RAID1) to ZFS Striped Mirror (RAID10)... Is this possible?

    Hi all, I'm going to be using 4x 1TB NVMe M.2 drives as my VM storage which I plan to run as a striped mirror. Currently, I only have two installed as I won't have the other two for a week or so. I'm eager to get going with the setup though. If I were to create ZFS mirror of the two installed...
  10. J

    Converting RAW to qcow2 - For Snapshots

    My current installation of Proxmox 6.3-2 is configured for my vms to run on a local SSD. I have the SSD setup as an LVM. I wanted to test the snapshot feature, but I receive an error, "The current guest configuration does not support taking new snapshots" I found I can use the "Move Disk"...
  11. ghusson

    [TUTORIAL] Howto extract PVE backup from outsite (on a Debian machine)

    Hello, I wanted to get a raw disk image for an internship working on a server migration (with virt-manager on his computer). I got the PVE backup and seen that documentation is not up to date around for extracting these backups. Thus I post an update here. Maybe somebody would like to test it...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Festplatte nach Migration von VHDX leer

    Hallo zusammen Ich habe vor einiger Zeit angefangen mich in Proxmox VE einzuarbeiten und damit herumzuexperimentieren. Bisher habe ich Hyper-V verwendet und wollte nun meine bestehenden Sessions migrieren. Im Internet habe ich diverse Hinweise gefunden, wie die vhdx-Festplattendateien...
  13. I

    move raw image, to another disc

    Hello, i am a new user - moving from VM :) I have the following issues: Q: I have some VMware VM´s that i need to put into proxo.. What i have done so far is, downloaded the vm to my windows pc.. from here i will convert it to raw. i think that is easy for me. But the issue is when it...
  14. M

    vmware to kvm convert initramfs failed boot redhat7 or centos7 (solved)

    For your help: When you convert a vm with redhat7 or centos7 and it failed boot with "dracut-initqueue timeout", rootfs, swapfs not found, then the reason is, the modules for "virtio_scsi" are not found and are not installed. Before you convert the machine do: Thanks for your work!
  15. I

    Adding an already existing virtual machine

    Hello, I am trying to add physical machine on proxmox. The problem is a data space. However, I converted physical computer to VHDX and than VHDX to qcow2. It's working fine. But hard disk of that computer is 250GB and I do not have space on proxmox - HD space(root) 1.97% (1.86 GiB of 94.37 GiB)...
  16. B

    Import KVM qcow2 snapshots into Proxmox

    Hi all, Preamble: Proxmox VE 4.4 Storage type Directory VM disk images type qcow2 imported from KVM+virt-manager Role Administrator + root in the OS To make long story short, my aim is to import/convert qcow2 images with some snapshots embedded into Proxmox VM Snapshots view. I've searched...
  17. S

    Ideas on Migrating from oVirt

    Hi, we are in the process of migrating from oVirt with iSCSI-Storage to Proxmox with CEPH Storage. We already confirmed that it is possible to use a Backup-Volume created by oVirt, copy it to a local storage device on proxmox and then convert it to ceph storage. However, this is a long...


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