1. Help for new configuration

    Hi, i'm new to Proxmox and i need some help. I am trying to create a new configuration on my server and I have done some research but I have some questions left. The goal is to run 5-6 vms Windows and Linux. 2x DC, DNS, DHCP (WS2019) 1x File Server without Database (WS2019) 1x Game Server like...
  2. Newbie Questions: How do I start?

    I'm not sure yet exactly what questions to ask... The most fundamental is - are there any sites (including pay sites) which have good tutorials (ideally video, or alternatively written) on setting up and working with PVE environments? Or do I learn from blogs and the Q&A sites such as these...
  3. Can't get IP address to interface

    Hello Before few days I was working on some project and I was able to connect with GUI on server. After few days I tuned on server and I see that it does not have IP address on interface eno1. I tried same stuff as before few days, checked cables and ethernet ports and nothing is working...
  4. Proper storage setup

    Hey virtualizers, Alright so I want to wrap my head around a proper storage setup when setting up ProxMox. I installed in on metal, on a Xeon W 3670, my boot SSD is a 1TB WD Blue with a 2TB Seagate HDD. So, should I be using ext fs? I'm not setting up any RAID volumes, so I don't know that I'll...
  5. Proxmox Configuration DNSBL SITES

    Hi, everybody, i just want to know how to configure the DNSBL Sites, for example in spamhaus site how can i know the correct url that i have to write in the text box?, in resume in my default settings i have...
  6. How to enable QEMU Barrier KVM client per VM without breaking the Proxmox configuration system?

    Hi, we want to use Barrier KVM to control multiple VMs from one PC without having to fiddle around with hardware KVM switches. Installing the distribution Barrier packages on CLI systems makes no sense as the dependencies will install all the X11 stuff. QEMU has an integrated Barrier client...
  7. 3d Acceleration Proxmox

    How can I enable the 3d acceleration to my VM to have a better performance?
  8. taich

    Backup of pve config files

    Since I could not find a way to backup most important pve config files, I made this little script. It creates a tar file of most important config files and sends the file to an email address. May be someone can use. #!/bin/bash # apt install mutt #
  9. help with first setup of new hdds

    Hi guys. I'm building my first server and I started just trying some VMs, learning Docker, learning how to passthrough iGPU and so. main specs: i5 10400 (6/12) 16gb ddr4 ram (I plan to put 16gb more) Now I bought 2 4TB NAS disks and I want to start pouring data there. I will tell you my plan...
  10. Guidance and opinions for Proxmox with PfSense Build for selfhosting 2 VM WebServers

    I don't have Proxmox and PfSense experience, but have watched a couple of YouTube videos about setup. Wonder if I can get any opinions and guidance from anyone with more experiance on a small self-hosting web hosting solution I’m imminently looking to setup. Networking Modem -> PFsense Box ->...
  11. Validation/Options for Proxmox with PfSense Build Home Webserver Hosting

    I don't have Proxmox and PfSense experience, but have watched a couple of YouTube videos about setup. Wonder if I can get any opinions from anyone with more experiance on a small self-hosted web hosting solution I’m imminently looking to setup. Networking Modem -> PFsense Box -> Managed Switch...
  12. Need Help - Proxmox with pfSense (1x NIC, 2x IPv4)

    Hello, I have rented a dedicated server. I have proxmox installed on it. Now I want to use pfSense as firewall and for internal routing of the other VMs. My goal is to: - An IPv4 for the host on which proxmox runs and is callable on the internet over it. - An IPv4 for the VM of pfSense, so...
  13. SSD setup for best VM performance

    Hello, Currently we running 2x MX500 2TB ZFS RAID 1 which are consumer SSD's, my question is if I add two additional Samsung datacenter grade SSD's which are the PM883 with RAID 1 ZFS, can I still let proxmox run on the consumer SSD's when I run all the VM's on the two ssd grade ssds? Thanks...
  14. Point domain to Container

    Hi, is there a way to point domain to a given Container or VM inside pve IP address? Theoretically what I want to do: I have 1 external IP address of my PVE node. I've got 2 containers with some websites on them. I've got two different domains. I want to point domain A to container A and...
  15. can i access BIOS in VM ?

    hello, I am looking to access the BIOS of a VM on proxmox, because to use WSL2 you must activate the option of Virtualization in the BIOS. Thank you in advance for your help
  16. How to setup Proxmox networking configuration with two public IPs and a VLAN?

    My hosting provider is Vultr; I run Proxmox on a dedicated BM server. The host perfectly connects to the internet; however, any VM I create does not connect to the network. Desired outcome: The hypervisor Proxmox has its public IP, then one VM should have its dedicated public IP (the second...
  17. python3-ceph-common repo installed and can not be removed

    I converted from no-subscription to a community license but now I have a configuration issue. python3-ceph-common is now orphaned in my apt repo and I can not remove it because of many dependancies. Does anyone else have this issue or a suggestion for fixing it? Jason
  18. Best processor configuration for each VM

    Hello everybody. What is the best processor configuration (VM performance) for these specifications? I'm using "host", I intend to create a replication with the same specifications in the future. Should I change the processor of each VM?
  19. Random Spikes in bandwidth cause buffering??

  20. Windows 10 VM Best Configuration?

    Hi guys I'm creating this thread to ask you all what are the best configuration i can use to create a Windows 10 VM. I've tested several different configurations, but i want to know what are your opinions. My Proxmox 7 Machine Hardware Cpu: Intel i9900k Board: Asus Prime z390-A Ram: 128GB SSD...


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