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    using Proxmox VE as a cloud computing platform ?

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing grate. This is the second time I visit the forum for a last 13 years :) .Why, because long time ago I install Proxmom 1.3 cluster with a few nodes and it running well even now. I provide kind of "hosting service" for a local company and they keep data on my...
  2. P

    Backup Job zu Cloud Storage Probleme

    Guten Morgen, aktuell bin ich dabei eine Art Offsite Backup zu organisieren. Habe dazu eine Hetzner Storage Box angeschafft und diese per fstab direkt an den Backup Server gemountet. Danach bin ich hingegangen und habe diesen im Proxmox Datacenter als Storage hinzugefügt. Da die...
  3. H

    Proxmox hosted on cloud server question...

    Hey guys, I just finished setting up Proxmox VE on my hosted cloud server and I was curious if I will absolutely need to have additional IPs for many of my web-facing services\containers? The reason I ask is that my current host doesn't have any available and probably won't for a few months...
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    Could you use proxmox with ceph for geo-failover ?

    Im trying to find a way to use proxmox with ceph as a multi site failover cloud setup of some sorts :). So i have 2 proxmox clusters with ceph, in different locations. They see each-other via site-to-site vpn, and have configured mirroring (journaling) with rbd on a pool (on all its images)...
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    12€ Hyperconverged ProxMox 7 Cloud Cluster with 1TB storage

    Hi community, i have created a hyperconverged ProxMox Cloud Cluster as an experimental project. features: using compute nodes: 1 Euro / month using storage node 1 TB: 9 Euro / month using LAN based on Vodafone Cable Internet IPV6 DS-LITE (VF NetBox) the ProxMox cluster uses...
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    backup failed: connection error: Connection timed out (os error 110)

    I recently setup PBS on a public cloud and have been getting these errors when trying to backup "larger" VMs(over 50GB). VMs less than this size have been backing up without issues but I keep getting issues with larger ones. I finally was able to backup a 64gb VM after a few tries but haven't...
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    Proxmox in der Cloud als Backupsystem

    Ich habe Proxmox auf meinem eigenen Server am laufen, und möchte nun ein zweites Proxmox evtl. in der Cloud laufen lassen, um bei einem Hardware Defekt schnell umschalten zu können. Die Kriterien sind, dass das Cloud Proxmox günstig ist, wenn es nur auf standby ist (also kein gemieteter...
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    Access data storage in the home server via drive mapping

    I was wondering whether it is possible to access the data cloud in the home server via Windows Drive mapping. Can I easily control the storage of my Homecloud in the home server via the networks registered in Windows? What should I do for it?
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Remote Offsite Backup options

    Hello Everybody, Great news about the PVE Backup Server. Are there any suggestions for backing up remotely? I am assisting to setup in a small office that does not necessarily have the room for additional backup scenarios like many mentioned on these forums. In another location, we setup a...
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    Proxmox from the cloud

    Hi, So my question is if there is a solution for managing Proxmox Clusters on multiple locations. One simple way would be to set up SSH, but I wish for something more like a control panel that I can access from anywhere. Is somthing like that possible? Kind regards Magnus
  11. Y

    PVE API for cloud-init drive

    hey guys, I'm working on extending current salt cloud module to support cloud-init (for qemu new vm's/clones) from a first look, looks quite simple, just add ide[n] config with the following for example: "ide0" : "local:101/vm-101-cloudinit.qcow2,media=cdrom" (this varies based on the next...
  12. L

    What kind of metadata will cloud-init use?

    Hello, First of all, any ETA on cloud-init? It's very important to us as it simplifies deployment hugely. I understand there might be support in a "testing" branch. How could I play with that, any docs? Second, will Proxmox use configdrive for metadata? Thank you
  13. J

    Help for create Cloud

    I want to create cloud vps and searching in google "HA" is this for create cloud? what need for do it? 2 or 3 nodes? i want more info, guide, ect.. Thanks


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