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    [SOLVED] Ceph update von 17 auf 18

    Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe folgendes problem: Ich habe meine Ceph von 17 auf 18 upgeadted, soweit ist alles in ornung, ausser, wenn ich eine Clone erstellen möchte, bekomme Ich folgendes fehlermeldung: "qemu-img: Could not open...
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    Container Clone, Backup und Speicherort änderung ergibt rsync Error

    Ich möchte einen meiner Container von meinem local-lvm, auf mein Mirror-1 ZFS Mirror bewegen, beomme allerdings, wenn ich den Container Bewegen, Clonen oder Backupen möchte den Fehler: TASK ERROR: clone failed: command 'rsync --stats -X -A --numeric-ids -aH --whole-file --sparse...
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    [SOLVED] Cloning/Restoring/Moving never finishes

    Hi! I recently noticed some issues with my PVE when trying to move a CT. After some testing I also realized that there was an issue with restoring and cloning as well. The issue being that the jobs never complete. If I try to move a CT to a new disk the log window just says "no content" and...
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    Cloned VM issues

    Hi! I've got 2 VMs running on Proxmox 8.0.3, VM 100 and 101. 101 has been cloned from VM 100. The problem is in that I can't power on both VMs at a time. Once I power on any of my VMs, the other is shutting down immediately. Both VMs are Windows Server 2019 Standard
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    error when cloning VM

    Hi! I'm just learning, so I created a test server. I didn’t find any information about the error when cloning and moving, so I created a post There is a server HP ML150G6 2xE5520 12x2GB RAM Hardware raid 4x300GB and 1xSSD 250GB Proxmox was installed on the SSD, during installation the...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to clone VM across Nodes with ansible script

    Hello I am new to Proxmox and don't know a lot about it tbh. I was able to clone VMs from one storage to another storage on one Node with my ansible script as well as just clone it to the same storage. I tried the same but it does not work; let's say from Node1 to Node2 I have a shared storage...
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    Stopping Clone Process Midway

    I had made a mistake with the creating a clone, so I hit the stop button. This ended up leaving two containers stuck with the lock symbol. To clear the locks, I edited the files under /etc/pve/lxc for the CT's. Deleteing the line "Lock: Drive" from the file. Don't leave a blank line. Once the...
  8. H

    Fail to clone Windows 10 VM with Input/Output error, after power loss and volume group activation

    I try to clone Windows 10 VM through the web console, however it fails again and again. ``` create full clone of drive scsi0 (local-lvm:vm-995-disk-0) Logical volume "vm-130-disk-0" created. transferred 0.0 B of 128.0 GiB (0.00%) transferred 1.3 GiB of 128.0 GiB (1.00%) transferred 2.6 GiB of...
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    How do I disable preallocation for cloning?

    I have a fairly large VM I use as a template (500GB and 1TB volumes). It is stored on a NFS attached node. In an attempt to clone it I got the following error: I found in another thread that suggests turning off preallocation for the clone process. I installed the testing packages mentioned...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE Clone and Backup Work Very Slow

    Hello everyone, I did a fresh install of Proxmox VE Version 7.1-7. Backup and clone functions do not work properly. I have a problem when I want to load a clone from a template or restore a backup file. The process is not responding and all virtual machines on the server are stopped. Even after...
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    Kernel panic after resizing a clone

    I've tried to clone a template vm and resize it's disk. At first, the clone start-up with a kernel panic. If I stop it by force and then restart it, the clone boots correctly. I've tried Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10. This is not a problem with the disk and I have tried remote storage with NFS and...
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    Issues while cloning VMs simultaneously

    Hello, I encountered an issue while trying to clone two (or more) VMs simultaneously between two nodes. Both nodes have NFS storage. When I start cloning the VMs the first starts and the second one fails with: TASK ERROR: clone failed: error during cfs-locked 'nfs2' operation: got lock timeout...
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    Cannot clone VM or move disk with more than 13 snapshots

    We have an issue in our Proxmox cluster. It seems not possible to clone a VM or move the disk to another storage, if the VM has more than 13 snapshots + current. Till 13 snapshots + current works fine. The error message I get is: moving disk with snapshots, snapshots will not be moved! create...
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    Cloning from a KVM VM snapshot fails: "Failed to find logical volume..."

    I'm seeking suggestions for debugging the following. After running a "clone from snapshot" in the web gui rev 6.2-11, I receiving the following output: TASK ERROR: clone failed: activate_volume 'pve/snap_vm-199-cloudinit_baseline_1' error: Failed to find logical volume...
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    cannot clone "unable to clone mountpint 'mp3' (type bind) (500)"

    only solution i found so far is to delete the binds (nfs mount) clone and then remake them any other solutions ? example for bind that fails: mp3: /mnt/pve/docs,mp=/mnt/docs,backup=0,shared=1,replicate=0
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    VM disk Clone/Move Failing "sometimes"

    Hi, I have a 3 node Cluster running Proxmox 6.2-10. This has been all working fine at some point. Trying to clone/move a 160Gb drive fails everytime. I can move/clone the EFI disk of the same VM without issue. Other (Non-Windows) smaller VMs clone/move fine. The ISCSI storage (w/...
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    Full clone feature is not supported for drive 'efidisk0' (500)?

    Hi There, When I try to clone an existing VM from the (not-current/not-latest) snapshot, I get the following error (with the error seemingly randomly either related to scsi0 or efidisk0)? Is this expected or a bug? The configuration of the source VM being cloned is as follows...
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    Clonezilla HD to SSD not booting

    Hi, I used Clonezilla for clone my 500gb proxmox raid (2 disks, zfs) on 2 1TB ssd disks. None of the disks boot. Loading one of the disk in a usb to another linux system with zfs utilities installed, i can see 3 partitions: sda1 type BIOS boot content unknown size 1MB sda2 type ZFS content...
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    Convert to template not working if with bind mounts?

    Hi. I was trying to test the possibilities of converting a container to template. Also wanted to test the possibilities of "linked clones" but I've discovered that as I understand no template or cloning possible if bind mounts are included on the container. unable to clone mountpint 'mp3' (type...
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    VM won't clone -exit code 1

    I have a small server with 2 ea 256G SSDs. Proxmox 4.4-24 installed on sda along with 4 VMs. sdb is used for backups (clones) of the VMs from sda. Last week one of the 4 VMs failed to clone. Unfortunately I had already deleted the known good clone from sdb. (yes you can slap me). SMART...


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