1. V

    DNS and certificate question

    Hi! I recently started using PMG, super amazing service! I plan on expanding to a HA Cluster and I wonder how to handle certificate for my cluster I want to have one dedicated subdomain for each and then one domain for users to have in their MX records. So lets say we have pmg.mydomain.net A...
  2. N

    Cert from other Host (NGINX Proxy Manager)

    Hey guys, I was able to setup PMG yesterday and my mailcow behind it. Right now I run into the following issue that I get a reject on a receiving server ehlo/helo domain. F.e. my PMG got the hostname mailgateway.internal.local right now. My 1st: Is it just enough to change the hostname in...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] PBS certificate validation fails even with updated fingerprint set

    Hi, yesterday I’ve updated the certificate on PBS with a new self-signed cert (uploaded a proxy.pem containing the cert and the root ca that signed it, I don’t have an intermediate CA on my lab setup) and my PBS backups on PVE started to fail. Then I remembered that the fingerprint changed and...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] ACME Certificate Can't Add Subject Alternative Names?

    I was able to successfully get a Lets Encrypt cert for my PVE box, using the domain: PVE.domain.com, but I am only able to access the server as such. If I connect to the server locally at https;//PVE:8006/, I get an err_cert_common_name_invalid error in chrome. Is there any way to add SANs to...
  5. M

    Uploading certificates signed by a personal CA

    Hi, I've tried to upload a certificate+key pair signed by my own self-signed CA and as soon as I upload it I loose the connection to the management interface. I've tried to upload also a certificate with the server cert + CA cert and nothing changed. Is there any particular setting/option that I...
  6. S

    Fehlermeldung beim Upload des neuen Zertifikats

    Hallo, ich möchte mein TLS-Zertifikat auf meinen Proxmox-Servern updaten. (2 von 3 sind live :) ) Wir haben ein Wildcard-Zertifikat für *.consulting1x1.info. Dazu habe ich eine Datei, die aus dem Zertifikat und darauf folgend dem ersten Teil der Chain besteht und mit nginx problemlos...
  7. B

    download.proxmox.com certificate issue

    hello, can you explain, why PVE 7.1-4 can't apt into http repos? if i set https repos like: deb https://download.proxmox.com/debian/pve bullseye pve-no-subscription it requires authorization, which i can't provide. from another side, if i set http repo, apt gives me this answer: Err:1...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Issue while adding acme account with custom acme directory

    Hey, I want to add an ACME account with a custom directory (-> self hosted step-ca) Because you cannot add an acme account with a non-letsencrypt directory via the GUI, I used the command line on proxmox-back-server, I will get the following error: root@pbs:~# proxmox-backup-manager acme...
  9. A

    Help with ECDSA certificate

    Hi! Are ECDSA generated certificates supported by Proxmox VE and Proxmox BS? I'm asking this because I'v genenarated a certificate using "openssl ecparam -name prime256v1" and once i upload id trough Proxmox GUI, it doesnt looks to be supported as it wont reload the page. - No error appears...
  10. E

    SSLCertificate problem

    Hello, After a fresh installation of Proxmox, we have taken a backup of Proxmox and restore it into new servers. But in Mozilla Firefox, we cannot login Proxmox, because their SSL Certificate are same, but in Chrome it is ok, we can login. We want to prepare an image of Proxmox for future...
  11. F

    Issues with certificates

    Today I upgraded to Proxmox 7 and noticed my certificates were expired. I built these certificates myself with easy-rsa and had no problems installing them last time. However, after issuing new certs and uploading them, pveproxy stopped working with journalctl -xy giving...
  12. D

    SPICE connection issue after cert issue

    Greetings, I have a cluster with a few nodes. One of the nodes was accessible to the outside world so I decided to give Let's Encrypt a try within the PVE web interface... and successfully got it working with a LE cert my browsers liked. Then when it came time to renew I discovered that the...
  13. 8

    [SOLVED] Try to install SSL Certificat, then no access to WEB GUI

    Hi there, Tonight I tried to install my own certificate from let's encrypt already generated. Then Web GUI restart and I have no access anymore... Then in emergency I tried to find way, I found already topics on this forum but no one resolve my issue... Then after that I found this topic...
  14. M

    Certificate of repository server / Wiki page not correct

    First of all I like to use repositories with https if possible. Today I was about to upgrade mine proxmox ve host. I was also about to finally edit the source file of pve from enterprise to no-subscription. Unfortunately I ran in to a certificate error with following line: deb...
  15. A

    PBS to use existing PVE https certificates?

    It is so ordinary question but I can't find a 'official' way to implement it: I installed PBS on existing PVE server, and would like to use LE's https certificate o PBS web interface. I was quite surprised there is still no web-based certificate acquire interface but I understand this is not...
  16. G

    GUI Login with no cert?

    Greetings The https certificate of one my nodes expired yesterday and I noticed something: in the GUI login form, the menu "realm" is mandatory, but its content is loaded by an ajax request, which fails because of the bad cert. Thus it's not possible to login. Am I missing something? Regards
  17. P

    Wildcard certificate

    I'm trying to obtain wildcard certificate using new features in Proxmox 6.2, however, the GUI does not accept my input. Am I doing anything wrong?
  18. Y

    CERT error changing node ip address

    Hello, changing one node ip address, now i have this error on the chanded node: Error Connection error 596: tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed I have tried pvecm updatecerts --force on this node, no errors but the certificate still fail.. Is it possible to solve in some...
  19. J

    FreePbx let's encrypt certificate via Proxmox

    Hey there :) I have a running FreePBX VM on proxmox and I need to install a valid SSL certificate (not a self signed). FreePBX allows to add it automatically but It can't resolve it. I'm a noob and just can't figure out how to add a valid let's encrypt certificate with this. FreePBX...
  20. M

    ACME Status 405

    Hi, Trying to add certificates to a node and followed the guide at https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Certificate_Management but I get an error as soon as I try ordering the certificate. Error is as follows: ~# pvenode acme cert order Loading ACME account details Placing ACME order Order URL...


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