1. C

    Web Portal Rendering Issues Vivaldi Brower

    Hi all, This just started happening this morning! Up until yesterday the portal was working with out issue! Vivaldi Edge: I've adjusted all the privacy settings down to 0 for the site, still having issues. Just wondering if others are seeing this?
  2. P

    Detect preferred language via browser or force default language for quarantine users

    Hello, Is it possible to detect preferred language via browser or force default language for quarantine users? I spend a lot of time making sure to translate proxmox mail gateway to our native language to make sure the quarantine usage is going to be as easy to use as possible for our users...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to autofill the vnc websocket password prompt?

    Hello What I need to do, is basically autofill (or make the password not required) when getting the novnc console via websockets) The setup is: Browser- nodejs proxy - proxmox In the browser I can't really do anything with it, because it's required before the pages render, and the vnc-ticket...
  4. R

    New to Proxmox. How to log in?

    Sorry for a sadly elementary question, but I'm stuck. I just finished Proxmox installation. The system rebooted. I'm at a text screen that says, I gather that, while the screen seems to be inviting me to log in, it's just kidding - I have to log in from a web browser on another machine. And I...
  5. W

    Cannot access webgui after update from any browser

    Hello. I'm trying to troubleshoot a login issue to my usual after updating Proxmox with the command apt-get dist-upgrade. Here is the version: pve-manager/6.4-13/9f411e79 (running kernel: 5.4.157-1-pve) I can ssh and access from mobile but not from browser from a...
  6. N

    How can I connect to Proxmox VE Browser GUI via 443 instead of 8006?

    Hello Proxmox Community, I have a Proxmox 5.4-15 Server (I would like to update to Proxmox VE 6, but I'm not sure what I need to do for this to occur, and is probably best asked in a different Topic). Currently, to connect to the Browser GUI I have to include this full URL address...
  7. P

    Broken release/installation?

    Hello, I'm new here, I wanted to try proxmox for switching from vanilla Ubuntu and Freenas and bhyve and that like => I understand the stuff quite a bit ;). The very recent proxmox downloaded today sucks somehow; my box: Supermicro X11SSL-CF, 64GB ECC, Xeon E3-1240v, 8 x 3.0TB + 2 x 4.0TB + 1...
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    WebGUI nicht erreichbar

    Hallo, habe gerade Proxmox auf meinen 2. PC installiert, gestartet und nun steht da einloggen. Habe den Stick allerdings nach dem Reboot entfernt, hoffe nicht schlimm. Auf jeden Fall steht ja beim Login oben eine IP-Adresse, welche man im Webbrowser eingeben muss. Dies habe ich gemacht, aber...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Ceph Dashboard - Pool/raw files are not shown in browser

    Hi all! i have a three node cluster with ceph. every node has 7 osds. I know that i have seen the osds in the dashboard of ceph, but today i updated pve to latest version, and there are no osds shown in the dashboard. Normaly there are the raw files listed in the dashboard, but now it is...
  10. D

    Proxmox über Browser nicht erreichbar

    Hallo, ich habe echte Probleme mit dem Zertifikaten. Ich komme von zwei Systemen nicht mehr via Browser auf Proxmox drauf. Einmal ein MacAir via Safari,Chrome und Firefox und einmal über einer Windows 10 VM. Mit beiden Systemen kann ich eingebn was ich will. Ich komme zur Zertifikats abfrage...
  11. J

    Passing a ticket to noVNC

    im using novnc to grant people access to the console of their VM through a custom UI instead of the default proxmox UI, however the default UI saves a ticket in the browser which it uses for the consoles. how to i pass a new ticket to the noVNC in my browser or how to i save one in my browser?
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Can't resize VM's Console without any OS (Operating System)

    I haven't been able to achieve this yet. Im running Proxmox Virtual Environment 3.4-6/102d4547 (PVE) and every time I try to install a new virtual machine, during installation, I can't resize the NoVNC Console to see the full screen of the Guest OS. I have tried this with Manjaro 16.06, Windows...
  13. G

    WebUI issue with firefox 48 and Electrolysis

    Hi everybody, A few month ago, I had a try of firefox developper edition to test Electrolysis, which seem, to me, to improve utilisation of the browser. Everything was working fine on every website, on other WebUI I was using (nas, etc), but not on proxmox: mouse clicks was not working on it...
  14. J

    Selecting SPICE console downloads a file rather than opening a console

    Hi, I run Sabayon 15 with Chrome as my default browser, & when I select a SPICE-based console, it downloads an extension-less file rather than opening a console. I installed spice-gtk 0.28, but the behavior persists. What do I have to do to get this working?


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