boot error

  1. R

    Proxmox startup error

    Hi, after turning off the server, when I start it gives me the error that I attach in the photo, the server has two disks, one 500 GB for the operating system and one 2 TB for the VM, does anyone know how to resolve it?
  2. J

    Boot error after reboot / update

    Hi everyone. So I made an update on my proxmox ve server, everything went well so far and I got a message to reboot it. Ok, so 3 days later, which was 1 hour ago, I rebooted the system but it got stuck. So I've tried to boot into rescue mode, but faced the same problem: Begin: Running...
  3. H

    LXC won't start

    Hello, Ran into a problem with my Proxmox VE. My LXC container, which is my go-to NAS, just won’t boot up after a reboot. Here’s the error it’s throwing at me: run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 32 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "100" __lxc_start: 2027...
  4. S

    Powercut changes something on one VM!

    Okay, so a little background information: PVE 6.4-6 Running up to 8 VMs HP ML330 G6 - X5650 110GB RAM I now nearly have all my 'everyday' VM's up and running again, however my Storj VM refuses to run.. complaining "attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'" When I go into Console, and...
  5. M

    EFI stub: loaded initrd from linux_efi_initrd_media_GUID device path

    I added another SATA SSD drive to my host and extended my one ZFS storage pool it worked great but after rebooting my host I get stuck at EFI stub: loaded initrd from linux_efi_initrd_media_GUID device path. I've created a bootable USB drive with the Proxmox 8 ISO image on it and can boot from...
  6. P

    [PARTIALLY SOLVED] Boot failed after clean Proxmox installation

    Hi to all fans of Proxmox! I am using Proxmox for a while for my homelab. I recently get an old but powerfull laptop Elitebook 8570w with 32GB RAM and 1 SSD 512GB SATA Installation from USB stick of Proxmox 7.4 or 8.0 works fine but boot loader seems not well configured as the laptop refuse to...
  7. A

    Proxmox stuck on Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.

    Hi, I recently went through an outage and when booting Proxmox I get whats in the attachment. And is just stuck after it trying to Remount. Sometimes it gives a VGA output after next, but then stays on that too. Can't figure out a fix.
  8. T

    PVE on Laptop - Kernel Won't boot

    Hi there, I have to stay offline a while and want to work offline on my LXC Containers. I have a relativlely low end (4 thread) Laptop. I installed Debian on it, as IP Address I chose (I will add a bridge later). I tried to setup it as a part of a dev station and added the sources...
  9. J

    P2V Win Srv 2016 not booting on Proxmox

    Hello everyone, It's a couple days I'm struggling with a Windows Server 2016 migration. Here what I've done: Installed VirtIO drivers on the phisical srv (even if probably it's useless) Exported a qcow2 image with Starwind P2V Converter Imported the qcow2 on proxmox and created a vm with...
  10. S

    My Windows machines fail to boot

    Hey folks, My Windows Virtual machines fail to boot; the time of failure appears to be random; but it is consistent across Windows distros (2019 - 10 - 2012). Currently I'm trying to troubleshoot a Windows server 2019 instance. The error that I'm encountering across the different distros is as...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] different disk order in VM depending on the boot method

    Hi all! I have debian VM with two drives /dev/sda which is where the system is installed and /dev/sdb1 used by nextcloud as data storage (see picture) The problem is that when I boot the VM by pressing "start" in proxmox gui and I do not do anything else, nextcloud does not work.. so I...
  12. Q

    boot hängt nach Festplattentausch

    Hallo, Habe einen NUC mit einer NVME (system/nvme0n1) und einer SSD (SDA). Möchte die SSD austauschen gegen eine grössere. Habe dazu alles von der SSD verschoben was drauf war. Dafür habe ich temporär eine alte HDD angehangen (SDB) und dort 3 VM gelagert da auf der NVME nicht genug frei ist...


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