1. Saltstack LXC Deployment not working

    Hi, we want to use salt cloud provider to deploy lxc & qemu. I am able to connect to the proxmox host, am able to list images and nodes, but when I try to deploy a container, I get following error: [DEBUG ] MasterEvent PULL socket URI: /var/run/salt/master/master_event_pull.ipc [DEBUG ]...
  2. GET vncwebsocket doesnt seem to work

    no matter how or what i pass i always get NULL back or the error property is missing and is not optional while i did pass it. im using javascript to generate a curl command curl -X GET -k -b pveAuthcookie= (ticket gotten from access.ticket)...
  3. Passing a ticket to noVNC

    im using novnc to grant people access to the console of their VM through a custom UI instead of the default proxmox UI, however the default UI saves a ticket in the browser which it uses for the consoles. how to i pass a new ticket to the noVNC in my browser or how to i save one in my browser?
  4. creating new disk image via api?

    curl -X POST -k -b...
  5. Change vm boot order via api?

    how do i set the boot order of a VM via the api?, i cant seem to find it in the config or any other documentation.
  6. Remote novnc html 5, what do i need and how does it work?

    hello, i am trying to create a remote interface for my proxmox server and i want to give people access to the console of their VM's how do i do this? is there a way for me to use the console that is in the proxmox UI and have it show on my website? or in a pop-up? and how would i go about this?
  7. Hide the 200 OK from pvesh

    Hi, Is there a simple way to prevent pvesh from outputting 200 OK to the tty ? Redirecting 1 and 2 doesn't seem to do anything so I assume it writes directly to the tty, which is very annoying in a script. Currently the script just shows a bunch of 200 OK in between my actual output lines, it's...
  8. Increase ram or CPU cores from the API

    Hi, I'm trying to finish a script to deploy and configure a VM from a template. Right now it works pretty well, it clones the template, increase the disk size to whatever value I passed as an argument and grows the LVM partitions and then mounts the / to customize the configuration files in...
  9. Container bind mounts via api

    Hi I have nfs mount in a proxmox server. I would like to bind it to container via json api. I have managed to bind the nfs directory into container by configuring it by hand into file /etc/pve/lxe/<vmid>.conf And everything works fine. When i try to create new container with mp0 mountpoint...
  10. Deleting vm via Api not working

    i am trying to delete a VM via the api using DELETE api2/json/node/<node>/qemu/<vmid> the command returns {data:null} and nothing else, and the vm just stays there the only way to delete it is via the GUI and having to enter a confirm so maybe that has to do something with it? -thanks
  11. API: force flag

    Hi all (or in this case, Hi PVE devs *g*)! Right now i'm trying to debug a new ansible module which is able to handle KVM via API (leveraging proxmoxer). It works pretty good from the start, but i found a small glitch which i'm trying to debug (if we need to take care of in the module or in...
  12. API: qemu lässt keine virtio disks anlegen

    Guten Tag Proxmox-Community German, ich habe derzeit das Problem, dass ich keine qemu VM mit virtio-Disk anlegen. Fehler: 'virtio' => 'property is not defined in schema and the schema does not allow additional properties' Ich nutze die PHP-API von Nathan Sullivan. Mein Code: Hat wer eine...
  13. Creating VMs automatically - ansible, vagrant, API .. ?

    Is anyone on here provisioning and configuring VMs on Proxmox, in a programmatic way? I'm hoping to get something going with vagrant, ansible, etc, and/or perhaps the Proxmox API. I have several proxmox nodes in a cluster. Specifying a KVM template, hardware specifics (disk size, VLAN id etc)...
  14. Bug in the API trying to start a non-existent container

    Hello, I think I found a bug in the API. When you call the start command in a container that doesn't exist, it returns "200 OK" and I guess it should return "500". As you can see below, trying to stop the container return 500 but trying to start it, returns 200. The container with id 175 does...
  15. [SOLVED] Proxmox API Create KVM not working.

    Hi, I tried to create kvm vm using Proxmox API. but I can't find the correct parameters :/ Doc : http://pve.proxmox.com/pve2-api-doc/ Endpoint : nodes/{node}/qemu what are the correct parameters please ? Thanks !
  16. dhcp lxc

    Hello ! I'm trying to use ansible with proxmox API but i have a big problem ! The module proxmox.py doesn't work with PVE 4.2... anyways i found the solution. My problem is to use the API for add a interface (eth0) with dhcp. (nodes/{node}/lxc/network) Can you help me please ? :)
  17. Bind mounts and API

    Hello, It this possible to create a mount between the host and a guest by editing the lxc configuration file. cat "mp0: /srv/directory,mp=/srv/directory" >> /etc/pve/lxc/<id>.conf it seems to be called a bind mount reading the page https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/LXC_Bind_Mounts Since 4.2 it is...
  18. How do I specify disk size using API

    I am trying automate lxc container creation using proxmox API. So far I have been able to create container using /nodes/{node}/lxc api call. Looking I'm looking at documentation http://pve.proxmox.com/pve2-api-doc/ but cannot seem to find parameter for disk size, am I missing something?
  19. Denny Fuchs

    API debug: Vagrant-proxmox and LXC = 400 Bad Request

    hi, we want to use Vagrant to create VMs on our Proxmox 4.1 cluster (with ZFS). So we use the vagrant-proxmox plugin, which works with KVM. If I try to get the same working with LXC, than I get a "400 Bad Request". I have no idea, how to debug on the Proxmox side. Is there a debug option, to...
  20. Access noVNC via API

    I had a problem , I can not access noVNC from API or external webserver. please help me. thanks


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