1. [SOLVED] Injecting QEMU SSH keys via the API

    Hello, forum! I am running into a bit of trouble. I am using the API to configure a VM (PUT `/api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/config`, as documented here). I receive the following error, only when the 'sshkeys' parameter is present: HTTP/1.1 400 Parameter verification failed. If I omit the...
  2. How do I use the Proxmox API with nodejs?

    How can I use the proxmox api to create and manage VM's with nodejs?
  3. [SOLVED] API : User does not doe get responses, while being admin

    The issue is kind of strange: I'm using a service account to provision template using packer. This user, for debug purposes, is admin (is in a "service" group that has "/" administrator permissions) I created a token for it with NO privilege separation, that works fine through packer (tho I am...
  4. Api command in node

    Hello, I would know how to execute this command 'qm set 123 --ipconfig0 ip=,gw=' in a node with the API. If you know how to do it differently (With the API) I would know it too. It's to configure the ipconfig in cloud in it on a VM I just deploy (with the API)
  5. Hashicorp Vault Secrets Plugin for Proxmox API

    I think there would be value in there being a Proxmox secrets plugin for Hashicorp's Vault. To understand what this feature would do, I am going to use the AWS secrets plugin as an example. The Proxmox feature would work the same way structurally. Vault is a secure storage system for...
  6. Disable SSL certificate verification

    Hello, I want to disable SSL certificate verification on my proxmox. The thing is I'm working on developing a script with API and I'm unable to access it because proxmox uses https and unfortunately my software has only access for http. Another thing I want to add is using postman I am able to...
  7. Proxmox and Zabbix

    I have tried everything under the sun to get this to work, from PSK configuration to API Token, etc..., but nothing works, and this is just trying to add the PVE host, not a VM. Please let me know if you need any further information. I would really like to get this working.
  8. API funktioniert nicht Anfrage von CORS geblockt

    Also ich bekomme folgende Meldung wenn ich auf die API zugreifen will egal auf welche Art "Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://censored-ip:8006/api2/json/version' from origin 'https://example.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check...
  9. property is not defined in schema and the schema does not allow additional properties, while attempting start/stop/reboot.

    Hi Team, We are doing start/stop/reboot, through the curl API, (/nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/start /nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/stop /nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/reboot) and it is throwing the below error, {"data":null,"errors":{"password":"property is not defined in...
  10. Proxmox VE API to create cluster

    Hi! I'm trying to use Proxmox VE API to init a cluster, but I've failed to find such API. So how can I find such API?(I want to use python to call such API)
  11. Proxmox VE API: 596 Broken Pipe

    Hello guys, first it might be good to know what I'm trying to archieve with my program: Currently I'm building a Backend for a Hosting Company, wich has to create and Manage multiple Proxmox KVM Servers. For changing hostname etc. etc. we're using the guest-agent wich is also documented in the...
  12. enabling qemu guest agent affects api call

    Greetings, I have a personal proxmox setup where I have 5 Qemu VPS. I am trying to enable qemu guest agent in one of the VPS via api calls which works fine, but when qemu guest agent is enabled, my network config api calls stops working. My script does the following, 1> API call to server ->...
  13. Proxmox API - Post lxc - IpV6=auto

    Good evening, I wanted to try to POST a lxc with the api proxmox and putting in the net0 that: "net0":"name=vmbr0,ip6=auto,gw6=2001:470:c8fb:ffff::,gw=,ip=,rate=100" But when it creates my lxc, I look in the network tab and I have this: It does not replace auto with ipv6...
  14. Proxmox API - POST lxc - Error code 500

    Hello I'm trying to get my code that sends api requests to work. But I have this error: Only root can pass arbitrary filesystem paths. at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage.pm line 538. I think it's a problem when I define rootfs in the request body but I'm not sure. My body: var body = {...
  15. [SOLVED] Can't create API Token: Method Post not implemented (501)

    I need your help... I already do a search but can't find the solution for this... I'm trying create a new API token but when I save the information, I got this error What I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Proxmox VE 7.2-7
  16. Using API to set NESTING feature flag.

    I'm trying to use the API to set the NESTING feature flag when creating a container. I am using a TOKEN tied to the root user and assigned the ADMINISTRATOR role for the pool. However, that is not working. In searching the forums, I ran into this thread...
  17. [SOLVED] Execute command in node with API

    Hi, i'm trying to do this : $params = array("commands" => json_encode(array( "pct exec ". $lxcid." -- bash -c 'echo PermitRootLogin Yes >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config'" )))); if($pve->post("/nodes/proxmox/execute/", $params){ echo '{"result": "good", "desc": "cmd 1 ok"}'; }else{ echo...
  18. Failed to start PVE API Proxy Server can't acquire lock '/var/run/pveproxy/pveproxy.pid.lock

    Hello My server ran some years without trouble but now I am facing a problem which I don't know how to resolve. I firstly noticed backup was buggued, with a task stucked for 2 months now. When I killed it manually by web interface I have just wait to see if the server would get it working the...
  19. ACME API endpoint: 403 Permission check failed (user != root@pam) - despite user being root@pam

    The title says pretty much it all. :) I'm writing an API client and a Terraform provider for Proxmox VE. So far the `version` and `storage` endpoints are working (albeit not necessarily complete :D ). I'm now trying to create an ACME account but I get a `403 Permission check failed (user !=...
  20. Finding total disk size in multi-disk virtual machine

    Hello there I have to get total disk size in VM which have multiple disk. How to do that from api? In documentation /cluster/resources disk -> Used disk space in bytes(for storage), used root image space (for VM) totaldisk -> Storage size in bytes(for storage), root image size (for VM)


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