1. T

    [SOLVED] [API] ISO parameter for QEMU creation

    Hello all, I'm working on a small project to create a KVM using the API, but I'm encountering an issue. In short, I can successfully create a disk for KVM by calling the endpoint /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu with parameters like virtio0: local-lvm:10,cache=none,size=10G,ro=0 Now, I want to...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Revoke API Tickets

    Hello Im using PHP for connecting to the Proxmox API. Since the construction on how PHP is build, that means that there is at every page reload a new Connection with new ticket created (i think?) So now im wondering if its possible to revoke a API ticket after every request and get a new one...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Question // API get nodes with tags/lables

    Dear ... Whoever is reading this, I just have a quick question that I couldn't find out by googling. So here is my question Is there a way to get all the vms from the api with the tags so you can sort them with the tags/lables from proxmox. Regards.
  4. S

    Clone multiple vms from a template at the same time (Proxmox API)

    Is it possible that you can clone a vm or a template multiple times at the same time? And if yes what parameter must i use in this python request. HTTP: POST /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/clone And if no what would be the best way to achieve to clone a template or a vm multiple...
  5. P

    API2: How to get the node a VM is in without using /api2/json/cluster/resources

    I was wandering if there is a way in which i can get that information using only the vm id without having to access the /api2/json/cluster/resources endpoint. This endpoint returns the info about all VMs and nodes and i wanted a more efficient way to request the information of a single VM.
  6. U

    Opening a VNC console from an external app

    I'm developing a customer facing admin panel application that talks to Proxmox in the background and I need to be able to open a noVNC window from there. Through various tutorials and forum posts, I was able to put together a URL that should open the console however it always ends with a 401: No...
  7. S

    Proxmox API Postman Post Request Error 506

    Hello guys, I am trying to create a VM with the Proxmox API with Postman. I added the Ticket in the Cookies and the CSRFPreventionToken in the Headers, which works. But I dont know how to add the parameters which are required and the optional parameters...
  8. W

    Unable to assign ISO for CDROM in VM via API

    First - I'm doing all with root API-key without limits. Previously doing with special limited key but not worked too. What I'm doing? I'm try to insert ISO in virtual CD-ROM. How I'm doing? See: ~: $ curl --insecure --silent -H "Authorization: PVEAPIToken=$PVEAPIToken" -X POST --data-urlencode...
  9. I

    Is it possible to pause a VM from API?

    Hey! So I can see from the API viewer you can reboot, reset, resume, shutdown, start, stop and suspend, but there seems to be no option to pause a VM. Am I missing something obvious? Could I instead suspend to get a similar effect? Thanks!
  10. B

    Festplatten per API auf Funktion im Raid System überprüfen

    Hi ich habe ein kleines Problem, ich will mithilfe einer API per Curl abfragen wieviele Festplatten verfügbar sind, um zu checken ob eine ausgefallen ist. Ich habe das bei Postman gemacht und es hat auch funktioniert. Ich habe folgenden Link benutzt...
  11. S

    VIP ip for cluster to connect with proxmox API

    Hello, Cluster Proxmox 7.3+ I want to setup VIP ip for API connection. - round robin dns / etc is not an option. - VIP ip must be only on Quorate cluster and active node. Is there any proxmox / corosync option to achiewe this ?
  12. Y

    Using vncwebsocket via API - LXC works while QEMU doesnt

    Hi all Been butting my head against the wall for the last few days over this issue. I was hoping if maybe someone has had the same and found a solution Summery: 1) We are using the API (tokens only, no cookies) to get the vnc credentials using the vncproxy endpoint with the added flag of...
  13. S

    Proxmox API Authentication to create VM

    Hello everyone! I'm currently developing a web application using Python requests to create VMs on Proxmox. In the POST request, I include the necessary parameters such as vmid and node, along with some optional parameters. However, I'm encountering a 401 status code when running the code...
  14. T

    I've question about API proxmox

    Hello, I want get api all vm running and stop in cluster but i don't see in document. Anyone can help. Best Regards,
  15. K

    [SOLVED] [Proxmox API]: vncwebsocket endpoint not sending data (Ratchet)

    Hello, I'm trying to make a Proxmox interface website for a school project, I have to give access to VMs and visualize them, handle permissions from my own interface... Here are the constraints : I've to use PHP 8 and Symfony 6 for the server side. The client should never have access to the...
  16. G

    "no authentication credentials provided" when using PBS API

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to authenticate in proxmox backup server API using Postman. I've already created a new user (with Admin access to / path) and then a new API Token (also with Admin access to / path). Now, when i try to GET https://pbs.example.tld:8007/api2/json/access this endpoint i...
  17. K

    Delete domains from Relay & Transport command line

    Hi there, I can add domains to PMG like so: #Add domains to Transport pmgsh create /config/transport -domain somedomain.com -host <IP> -port 25 -protocol smtp -use_mx 0 -comment test #Add domains to Relay pmgsh create /config/domains --domain somedomain.com -comment test But how can I delete...
  18. R

    Two extra bytes in ISO file when uploading via API / Proxmoxer

    When I upload the same ISO file manually through the GUI and through the API, I get two slightly different results: Manual upload: The ISO works. Upload using API: The file has two extra leading bytes, specifically `0x0d0a` (`\r\n`), and it's seen as a corrupt ISO file. More details at...
  19. Y

    cloudinit via api

    Hi:), I saw a documentation how to attach a cloudinit drive to vm, and I want to do the same from the API. 1. I have created a vm (vm id: 9000 ) 2. I have downloaded cloudinit image and uploaded it to ISO Images (/var/lib/vz/template/iso/focal-server-cloudimg-amd64.img) 3. ?? I want to add...
  20. parrotassassin15

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up noVNC on a web application.

    A little back story I have had many issues with setting up noVNC after countless hours of research I finally got everything working as designed. I would like to post a quick walkthrough of how I did this so people in the future will have less issues. I am using the following API Wrapper for...


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